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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 465

465 Side Story, Escort Story 2


Passing through the narrow path below and opening the door at the end revealed a big room furnished with high class inn facilities.
First class sofas, tables, chairs, beds. The fluffy carpet on the floor is soft and soothing to your soles.
We put a lot of money into this kingdom's base of ours in order to rest hard.

"You ladies are to stay here with us. Well, just behave and you can relax, we've got everything in this room from toilet, baths and even good food. However, I'll have you promise to keep this place to yourself. Escort's just a side job fer' us. You've been invited to our most trusted inn."

The ladies timidly sit down on the sofa. Contrasting to them, my subordinates are making themselves at home right off the bat.

"Anego, you planning on staying in the kingdom the whole day or what?"

The man earlier asked me. He's one of the staff members in charge of this hidden inn.
He seems to be bringing us tea on a cart.

"You got any job I can go wild here? Had a run-in that kinda, hm~, really pissed me off the other day. I wanna blow off some steam."

"Ah~, naw there ain't any. This kingdom's stabilized outta nowhere, ya see. All the shady matters got sorted out in one fell swoop by the PM. Guy did it so quick we didn't even get a turn. He musta laid the groundwork for quite some time beforehand. Think they got one matter left or something? But it's not the time yet, so I've got nothing for you Anego."

Hearing that, I put my hands on the back of my head and plopped down on the bed below.
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"Nothing, really~. This murkiness ain't going away if I don't go on a rampage soon. Ain't there anyone who coulda died and nobody's complaining?"

"What kind of person managed to anger Anego that much? I cannae even imagine it. I know how strong Anego is. Ah, right, there's this one case, the intel's a bit shaky tho', apparently we got a bandit gang forming along an off-beaten path on the highway to the federation."

"Oh! Gimme the detail! What's the scale? What kinda weapons they got? They got mages among their ranks?"

I jumped off the bed and bit on it.

"Err, I gotta ask you to wait. We should finish gathering more intel by tonight. I'll hand it over to you tomorrow morning. You can take it easy here tonight, Anego."

"Alright! You guys don't butt in ya hear me? I'mma take care of errythin'. I'll let some go your way if they got numbers. Got it?"

I warned my five subordinates not to steal my prey.

"...Captain, you realize we're all quite irritated thanks to that brat as well right? What is he anyway... Knocking us out before we could react. We admit our defeat... but we just can't accept how unreasonable it was, can't help but getting annoyed."

I had these guys run around the entire city after that brat disappeared.
We couldn't find him anywhere then he just showed his mug at Eltros' mansion out of nowhere after three days, annoyed the hell outta us.
Where the heck did he hide. They're still angry 'bout that.
After our defeat, I asked Eltros about it and got a dumb answer.

『That man seems to have returned here after finishing a  job at the federation. He had completely forgotten about his match with you. It all only adds to my headache. I'm even taking more stomach medicine than usual. Please don't get involved with him anymore. Please don't make any more problem related to him. Do it for the sake of my stomach!』

(How many days he thinks it takes from the federation and back? Good grief. Has Eltros gone senile? It's our loss yeah but that got nothing to do with that. You telling me he got to the federation the same day we started the 'game'? Ridiculous. There just ain't no way. Nobody can do that. A round trip in less than three days? Make up a more believable story if ya wanna tall tale, dangit.)

I decided to forget about all that while enjoying the tea's aroma.
Nothing good comes from mulling over that crap.





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