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Skill? Nee yo Sonnamon! Chapter 205

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After the defeat of boss rat, we reported the threats were no more to the guards.
With a sigh of relief, they went on to inform the evacuees that everything is alright now.

And now, let's look back on things to improve.
First of all, how we let those beasts raid the town.
We could have prevented it if only I had anticipated that the survivors including the boss rat would come out after initiating the nest cave-in.
We could use many hands like shooting high powered magic when they rushed out or setting up traps near the entrance. Gotta reflect on that point.

Then there's me who went to take on the boss. I took my sweet time because I was making it about me.
Looking back, I should have dealt with the boss rat quickly and gone straight to culling out the raiding beasts in town.
According to Reina, some of the rats almost killed the red haired boy and girl.

I had deemed that I shouldn't butt in and left the remaining rats to the two girls + one chicken, everything went okay with zero casualty in the end.
Nevertheless, using the opportunity to test out my Pseudo Kempo Skill was really not commendable of me.
Work is work. I shouldn't have brought my personal circumstances in it and prioritized the townspeople's safety instead.
...I'm still not good as an adventurer and a leader, aren't I.

There's no end to this kind of reflection. Gotta be careful not to lament endlessly and focus on moving forward.

Lastly, I sensed some ominous presences some distance away while I was dealing with the boss rat.
Leaving them alone felt icky, thus I flew off to check but the presences vanished before I got there.
That sinister mana was probably...

"Hikaru, what's up?"

"...Nah, it's just I get depressed thinking on how many things I could have done better. I'm really sorry for playing around with the boss..."

"I think being able to play around with that giant rat is weird in itself..."


Really? It was big sure, but it's nowhere near as ferocious as an ogre.
Forget me, even Alma can probably take it on solo. Reina and Hiyoko might have a tough time tho'.


Ferianna-san rushed over while calling out her daughter's name.
...She looks like another Reina no matter how many times I see them, would be very easy to mix them up.

"I'm back, mom."

"Welcome back, Reina. Are you hurt anywhere?"

"Nope. Not even a graze, just feeling a bit peckish."

"Thank goodness..."

She seemed really anxious but seeing Reina looking fine put her at ease.
Seen from the sideline, it's Ferianna-san who looks unwell instead.

Not long after, the red haired swordplaying boy... Who's it again? Eh, I'll just call him sword boy. Along with the red haired girl came over as well.
Their angered faces back when we were heading for the rat nest have been replaced with apologetic ones.

"R-Reina. You really saved our skins. It was my fault for putting us in danger... I'm sorry."

"We're sorry, Reina-oneechan..."

"It's all thanks to Reina-chan my idiotic son and daughter got out with all their limbs intact... We cannot thank you enough!"

What seemed to be their father bowed gratefully with them.
Yup yup, being able to say sorry for your mistake is a good thing.
If there's one problem, it's...

"Umm, I'm not Reina..."


"Here here, Reina here!"

"O-oh my bad, you two look really alike..."

Bowing to the wrong person. Silly.
Can't you guys tell from the clothes and all? Maybe these three did it on purpose.

"Ahem... Well, the two of them did something so reckless out of worry for me, so I get it. I won't be too harsh on them. But promise me you won't ever do anything that dangerous again!"


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There was a hint of gentleness in her angered expression. What is this, so heartwarming to watch.

"Also, Kajikawa-san, was it. Forgive us for making you out be the bad guy on our own..."

"Don't worry about it. I should say sorry for playing along with it as well."

"Kajikawa-san looks the least repenting here..."

"Still, you look like a real big girl scolding the two of them."

"D-do I really?"

"It's hard to tell cause you're smaller than Anvi-kun though."

"Anvi, this man's a baddie through and through, feel free to go for a punch."

"...Clearing the misunderstanding, for nothing."

Alma muttered at the comedy skit.
Um yeah, I'm sorry.

"...Well now that we're done, we just need to report back to the guild."



"You're going already?"

"You should stay a bit longer, I mean who knows when you can come back to your hometown."

"Hmm, point taken. Let's postpone our departure for three days shall we?"

"That's fine by me. Taking too long will make it hard to leave..."

"I remember you saying that at the orphanage."

Normally, you should make haste reporting completion of a commission.
Other adventurers might see it unfinished and come to assist and stuff.
But taking too fast to complete a commission will draw suspicion, without Fast Travel and considering the time it takes to travel by carriages, three days should be just about right.

"Besides, I'm not done yet with ingredients around these parts. Like the flying shrimps and co."

"It's always about food with you..."

"I mean, good food makes for a good tomorrow."

"...Valid point."

"...Well, I guess, no argument there."

"Fufu, would you like to have meals together again?"

"By all means."

Today we feast on fried prawns.
I only made side dish and pudding the last time, comparing our cooking might be nice for a chance.
Eh, what, I only ever make fried dishes you say? Shaddup, or I'mma fling fried shrimps your way.

There's still one point of worry, yet the bad premonition doesn't feel urgent.
But just in case, I'll go and check this area out on a regular basis from now on.

If they dare to make a move on this town's people, I'll exterminate y'all bastards like we did those rats.


"Aa~ ah~, all that hard work for nothing? It's cause you didn't manage them well so some wandered off to the town. Would have drawn quite a lot of blood too if you let it ripe."

"I was planning to make those rats attack altogether once they entered the nest. Who could have expected they'd bring down the entire nest... Damn! Letting those rats loose on some town near a Stampede would have netted us many strong adventurers' death..."

"Who cares about that boondocks. We have plenty other nurseries don't we?"

"Well yeah. Several have already been destroyed, but it's nothing more than a minor setback relative to the total number."

"This strategy has been proven effective on the third continent. Although it's unfit for this continent and its comparatively weak magic beasts."

"Nevertheless, the feat of producing magic beasts over Lv50 alone makes it worthwhile. If only we managed to produce five, six more specimens... No, no point crying over that now."

"No point indeed. All we need to do now is to patiently wait and see as everything is gradually set in motion, like a delayed poison, parasite, and cancer."

"You got it. Until next time."

"Ou, see y'all at the next hunting ground."

"Indeed, until the next manhunt."






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