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Skill? Nee yo Sonnamon! Chapter 210

The Right Time


Well now that the demon's done for, time to resume my snacking stroll.
I don't have much appetite after killing that demon, but well it should come up again after a short break.

"Well then, I'll take my leave here."

"H-hold it! I'm not done talking!"

"Eh? Ah, are you referring to that demon's body? I don't mind handling that thing, but I believe it'd be better if you hold on to it as a proof of demon's subterfuge in this town."

"No, I mean that's important yeah but that's not what I'm talking about!"

Ah, sheesh, what do you want anyway.
Me personally, I just wanna get out of this blood stinking alley and breathe in some fresh air asap.

"Considering your ability to swiftly see through and deal with a disguised demon in the middle of a town as well as your past accomplishment of killing demons, loathe I am to admit, you are very much qualified to join Anti-Demon Army. No, you absolutely must join!"

"Is that so. But I cannot give you a reply right away, please ask again another day."

"Aren't you just trying to shoo me away because you don't actually intend to join!?"

Yup, absolutely not willing to. It's a pain.

"You will work under the king directly, get it? Don't you realize how prestigious that is!?"

"No, I don't get it. I mean, I do see the army as a respectable group of people for your service of protecting the populace from the threat of demons."

"...That sounds like a sarcasm coming from someone who can easily dispose of demons."

"I'm not being sarcastic. I think you are all worthy of respect. But I want to live freely as an adventurer, not a soldier."

Whether that sounds like sarcasm or praise, I'm only telling the truth.
Risking your life to keep public safety from demons is a honorable job.
My problem is how that means being tied to army.

"Freedom over prestige huh. Don't you wish to eliminate all demons and regain peace as soon as possible?"

"Of course, I'd like nothing more than to get rid of every single demon. I just think there's no need to have all the efforts towards that objective be concentrated in one place."

"...What do you mean."

"I'm saying that the freedom afforded from being an adventurer gives another vantage point to cope with demons. I mean, I did find a demon by chance just from strolling around, didn't I?"


"It might be nothing more than a coincidence, yes. However, the only reason I stumbled upon this chance is because I don't belong to the army."

...I might be pushing it a tad.
Yet ponytail is taking it seriously.
I'm spouting stuff at random simply because I don't want to join the army, get it. No, he probably gets it.

"A selfish person like me joining the army is only going to sow discord there. These differing vantage points should give us advantages toward the common goal of eradicating demons. Would you mind putting my recruitment on hold for now?"

"...You have a fair point, but I cannot make the decision alone. I'll return to base and consult with captain for the time being."

"Please make it clear that I am against it. Oh and, I'd eat up the entire army's food supply if I ever get to join."

"...I shall relay that."

Ponytail gave his acknowledgment despite twitching a bit. This was unexpected.
I was sure he'd unilaterally deny everything I said since he didn't seem to like me.
Has he seen me in a new light after catching a sight of me defeating a demon? Well whatever.

Ah, guy left while I was lost in thought. The demon's body is gone too probably got stuffed in his item bag. Man sure works quick.
Guess I gotta get going too. This bloody smell is nauseating.

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~~~~~~~~Silver Haired Ponytail's POV~~~~~~~~

"...That is the end of my report on that man."

"Fumu, to think he already has experiences killing demons. We must have them in our unit no matter what it takes."

"However, the man himself has signaled his unwillingness to join. Perhaps, we should reconsider for now--"

"What they want matters not. Our unit is lacking capable men, their recruitment must be done even if it means taking a slightly forceful approach."

"That's too... He also professed that he would disturb order within the army, and the girls are too young to..."

"The army will simply reeducate him if he rebels! Those brats can hold their weight too! Ages don't matter! We lack personnel three days ago, but all members of Unit Five should arrive at their posts in this town by tonight. We shall take them by force if they resist!"

"...! Why would you go that far, captain! It's as the man said, the vantage point afforded by adventurer's position is necessary if we want to oppose demons! He proved that by finding a demon today!"

"Shut your trap! I'm through getting ridiculed behind my back cause my unit doesn't have personnel and achievements! All because of your incompetence! Our unit will finally gain footings with him under my command, go get them, now!"

Captain yelled loudly before violently shutting the door and trotted away.
...What's going on. Wasn't Anti-Demon Army formed for the sake of protecting the populace?

We can get achievements from here on once we start fighting demons for real.
We may be getting ridiculed now but there's no helping that because we don't have experience yet.
The way captain phrased his words, it's as if achievements are more important than actually fighting demons.

...My hometown was destroyed at the hands of demons and I joined this army to prevent that tragedy repeating anywhere else, but how about now?
I'm a yes man of a captain that only seeks achievements and forcefully making a man that has killed several demons join the army, is that really what I want?



"Aah~ aah~ shucks. Knew that guy sucks... Oh dear, there he goes to mister black hair's inn. He seems eager to tell him on that man... Haa, guess I got no choice. It's a bit earlier than the plan, but it's time to prepare a send-off party for the traitor."

~~~~~~~~Kajikawa's POV~~~~~~~~~~

We're currently resting after dinner.
Snack strolling alone has its charm but a lively meal together with everybody is still the best.

"I saw some big windmills and a clock tower touring the town. It was fun just watching them."

"I see, we usually only walk through the same route day in and out. Might be fun going off paths and discovering new things every once in a while."

"I went to an amusement center with Hiyoko-chan and played target throwing all day long! I got lots of proficiency points and even raised my Throwing Skill Level by one!"


"Sounds really fun. Actually, I had no idea this town got an amusement center. Let's go there in our next holiday and compare scores."

"What were you up to Hikaru?"

"I went and snacked around. Oh I also found a demon and took it out."

"Demon, in this town...?"

"Aren't you treating demons too lightly!? That's a huge incident!"

"I left the handling to that man from Anti-Demon Army, but looking back, I should have taken care of it myself. He kept nagging me to join again as a result."

Just gotta hope that silver ponytail managed to convince his captain.
I'll keep a tab on those three just in case.


Just as I was thinking that, I saw silver pony approaching this inn on Map Screen.
Did something happen. Aw man. I wanna hit the sack already, you know.

Ah, he noticed us. Go away, shoo, shoo.

"...Sorry for coming so late. Do you have a moment now?"

His thorny attitude from noon is gone.
Instead, he's now looking sorry and a bit dispirited. What's up?

"Is there a problem?"

"I'll make it short... You should leave this town tonight if you don't want to join the army."

OH, guess his persuasion failed.
Haa, I've been thinking it's about time for us to leave but I never imagined it would be another getaway. Kinda reminds of the time we fled Daijel.






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