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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 472

472 Luxury


I gathered intel this time around. I had Eltros's butler prepare me a map to a high-class inn at the kingdom.
I walked around while relying on my unreliable memory of the kingdom before finally finding the place.
The inn was one grade higher than the inn I stayed with Aryl last time.
I felt out of place at first but I was keen on getting accustomed to using the black card. I steeled myself and got in.
But seeing the lobby stopped me in my track. The beautiful gradation of lights and shadows inside was too awe inspiring.
All the carefully placed magic lamps produce exquisite shadows. Then it hit me.

(There must be a reincarnated person from earth. And they must be a famous architectural designer at that. I'm sure of it.)

I have no proof, but there's just no way this world's common architectural style can produce something like this.

"Welcome to our establishment. How may I help you?"

A beautiful woman in a neatly ironed suit walked up to me.
She must have seen me spacing out in the lobby.

"Would you be staying? Or perhaps are you waiting for someone? I'd be glad to show you the way to our cafe."

I was impressed by this. I must look like a suspicious individual no matter the angle, yet she's interacting with me like a normal guest without giving the side eye.

"I'm booking a room for one night. Oh, and dinner too. Also tomorrow breakfast."

I had prepared that line to deal with places I'm not used to. Concise and clear.

"Understood. Would you like to have your meal in your room? Or at the dining hall?"

The dining hall looks like a high class restaurant. I'm sure there's a lot of rich people having meals and mingling there. Must be a joint establishment with the inn.
Eating alone in that kind of place would draw all the attention of those people enjoying their meals.
My black hair and eyes are unusual in this world. I'm not masochistic enough to let myself suffer through that.
I asked her to bring the meal to my room. And gave her a coin for chaperoning me.
Yep, it's a tip. Dunno if the practice exists in this world, but I'd rather do this than getting bothered by it later on.
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"E, e, err...? Is this?"

Looks like tipping custom doesn't exist in this world. Thus I explained. Just the rough image of it though.
Most Japanese people don't do tipping anyway, the opposite in fact.
Japanese people aren't used to receiving things. They love to be the giving end instead.
Making your guests comfortable is the mentality of a pro. To excel at their job and know what their guests want. The will to improve oneself. Giving instead taking, like to be proud of servicing more than giving I guess?

"That's my gratitude for your hospitality. Guess you could say it's my wish for you to treat other guests as well as you do me?"

That my sounds pompous but I really mean it.
I'm kinda bewildered myself how bewildered she is just from one silver coin, but I said what I wanted.
Also, that's probably not what tipping is all about but my past me didn't know much about the custom either. Give me a break. I don't have experience as the giving or the receiving ends.
Also not like I'm trying to proliferate earth's custom here. This is a world in a different dimension. It's not fun if everything is the same as earth. I'm not here to make a change.

I'm just honestly grateful to this staff member treating me politely and so well at that.
Thus I gave her one silver coin, a pocket change.

"T-t-thank you so much! I shall endeavor to give you the best service, honored guest!"

I could only laugh dryly at her exaggerated reaction of tearing up and bowing.
I'm much younger than her after all. This exchange looks weird.
Me, who's loudly thanking this staff member. And then other staff members and guests who are watching us.
We're still in the middle of the inn's lobby. We're really standing out. This staff member treated me here without showing a hint of displeasure on her face. Thus I'm thankful to her. Most everyone usually acts surprised so having her treat me 'normally' is delightful. No matter if she's feeling suspicious of me inwardly. I had never believed anyone could treat me this way without showing it outwardly.

"Allow me to complete your booking process over here."

I went to the furthest counter and fetched my black card.
The reason I'm confident I could stay in this high class inn is because I have this. No point in not using it. I believe the card has no credit limit.
I'm afraid to find out just how much is a night stay and two meals cost here. It must be far more expensive than the last inn I stayed at.
The staff member who saw my black card let out a '...Hyo!?' with a look of shock on her face.
She took the card with trembling hands and put it in a box that seemingly read the card, like the one I saw at the commercial city's clothing store.

"Your registration is now complete. Let me lead you to your room."

I got the room card in front of the door and got in.

"We shall shortly bring your meal. If you could please wait."

The room looked like a super high class room I often saw in travel tv shows that cost hundreds of thousands yen a night.
The window gives a view of a neatly cared garden. One living room and one bedroom. One bathroom. Obviously high-class tables and chairs, carpets and decorations.

"I might be a bit hasty..."

My mind is alerting me about getting used to such luxury not befitting of my stature, even if my card has no limit.

My meal was carried in while I was calming myself. They put it on the living room's table.

"Please take your time. You may push the button over here once you have finished and we will clear the table for you."

All kinds of colorful dishes were brought upon me. The unfamiliar food and appetizing scent warmed my heart.

I 'bon appetit'ed once the staff left the room and started working on the food.
I was afraid the taste would degrade if I let it cool, but my mind cooled down instead now.

"How much are all this food...? Oh crap... They're so good... I'm falling..."

I have a mixed feeling about all this food delicious enough to blow away my fatigue.
But I can't stop eating. Every single plate was cleaned up by the time I came back to my sense.

"So this is the start line of depravity... Frightening..."

I pushed the clear-the-table button while harboring a bottomless fear towards 'luxury'.





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