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Skill? Nee yo Sonnamon! Chapter 200

Years Long Reunion Dinner


I came across Reina's mother while buying ingredients for tonight's dinner.
...She's her mom right? She looks the splitting image of Reina, in fact she looks so young I'd believe you if you told me she's her sister.
No wait, looking closer, her countenance kinda looks more grown up? The difference is very subtle though.

"...Please excuse me, you look very much alike to Reina. Err, nice to meet you. Am I right to assume you are Reina's mother?"

"...Yes. Umm, pardon me but what are you to Reina--"

"Ah, found Kajikawa-san. This store is as big as I remember, looking for you was an or... deal..."

...Then at this timing.
Can't say if she's got luck on her side or what, Reina found me while I was talking to her mom. You can't afford to mentally prepare now. What do?

Both of them opened their eyes wide in surprise as they looked at each other.

"...M....Mo, mom..."


They both opened their arms wide as they ran.


"...Welcome home, Reina...!"

Thus a teary reunion of a parent and her child fulfilled.
Both are happily crying in each other's embrace as they make sure the other is there.

"Uu...! Uee...!"

"...You look, well... I'm so glad, you're safe and sound...!"

Yup. The schedule's off, but at least they're reunited now.
...I wish it was in Reina's house, not inside a grocery store though.
I may be lacking tact thinking that, but the onlookers' eyes... They're looking at them warmly, making it all the more awkward...

"...There's, two Reina...?"

Ah, Alma saw us too and tilted her head in confusion when she saw the parent-child reunion.
I get her, I mean they're like two peas in a pod. I wouldn't have realized if not for Menu-san too.

After a while, both of them turned to look at me while wiping their tears.
Looking slightly embarrassed for being seen crying.

"D-Do forgive me. I cannot believe I cried in public."

"Please don't mind us. It's very understandable."

"...I always tagged along with mom whenever she came here since I was small. I can't believe this would be where I reunited with her."

"Uh no, you're still small now."


"Fufu, I'm really glad you're doing well for yourself... Oh and she's grown so much already you know? The last time I saw her, she was only this big."

"No no, that's below your knees! There's no way I was that baby sized okay!?"

Looks like her worries were all gone she could even crack a joke.
...By the way, Reina's speech is a bit different than usual. Is it cause her mother is present?
That must be her original before she met Director.

"I'm very much delighted to meet you. I'm Reina's mother, Ferianna. Are you perhaps Kajikawa-san and Almatina-san whom Reina mentioned in her letter?"

"Yes, the pleasure's mine. I'm Kajikawa Hikaru, one of Reina's party members."

"Same here, I'm Almatina. Pleased to make your acquaintance."


"...I was wondering what kind of people you were like since she wrote me how she was picked up by adventurers in her letter. As it turns out, both of you seem very kind."

"Yup. They've been very very kind to me. Kajikawa-san even made the meals we ate everyday."

"My, you're an adventurer who cooks?"

"As long as I have recipes, yes."

Impressions can greatly change just from speech alone huh.
Both the mother and Reina. Had their clothes and speech been the same, they would be indistinguishable to me...

Reina's mom invited us to dinner at least for today, which we happily complied.
But having to make 3+1 portions of people out of the blue would be tough, so I decided to help.

"Um, I'm truly grateful you offered to help, but are you sure?"

"Yes, I'll do my best not to get in your way while I make some simple dish on the sideline. I feel bad for imposing on you to make our shares of portion."

"Please, you've always taken good care of Reina. This is the only thing I could do..."

"Oh not at all, that's quite plenty. We've been eating nothing but crude man's cooking, this will be a feast for us."

"Oh no, please you're too kind. You look like you know your way around in a kitchen."

We're entering an infinite loop of 'Oh no, please'. Someone stop us.
Reina's mom, Ferianna-san will be making our main dishes, so I'll make the side dish and get some puddings out as our dessert.

Speaking of which, I've bought up more Vanisoi beans by Fast Travel-ing to Keruna Village. I won't have any issue making vanilla-flavored snacks for a while now.
I profusely apologized to the villagers for leaving the field behind, but they were very understanding about it. Which made it all the more painful to my heart!
They even told me to just take the vanisoi for free, I was almost crushed by their sheer kindness and the guilt I had.
In the end, I bought up half of the harvested vanisoi beans while leaving the field to the villagers to take care of from now on... I plan to turn up there every now and then.

Welp, guess I'll make stir fried spina (spinach), ham, and garlic.
...Side dish with animal protein is a bit weird. It should be okay though, I won't be making much anyway. Yup.
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I cut the tip of a bundle of spina, cut up the root and washed off the dirt in a bowl of water.
I sliced up four more bundle of spina. Followed by dicing up ham and garlic.

I fried the diced garlic in an oiled frying pan, and put in the ham once it wafted a nice aroma.
Then I put in all the cut spina and poured in sake while flipping the dish over with chopsticks to spread the heat.
Once it heated up nicely, I poured in soiso (soy sauce) and a bit of sesame oil, and stir fried it to completion.

...I feel bad for only being able to make a super simple dish like this.

"You're done with your portion already? That is really quick of you. Might I presume you possess Cooking Skill?"

"Oh no I don't. I'm eyeing the recipe as I cook so anything simple is doable."

"But you were so quick with your hands, and that was without a Skill..."

Despite what she said, Ferianna's performance far outstripped me.
Seeing her cooking twice as fast as me drives home how clumsy I am. Dang.

Tens of minutes later, we carried the finished dishes to the table.
Feria-san made Lamb Chop with herb sauce and Tomato Stew.
Both are wafting this superbly appetizing aroma. They look so good.
After putting bagel-like bread on the main dish, meal is ready to be served.

"Fuwa...! It's mom's lamb chop, how many years has it been...!"

"Reina, don't forget to say your prayer first."


"Not to forget your thanks to Ferianna-san... Bon appetit."

"Thank you for Kajikawa-san too. Bon appetit."

""Bon appetit.""


First of all, let's have a bite of the Lamb Chop.
I-it's so good...! I can't sense the peculiar stink of lamb meat at all. In fact, I can't get enough of the herb sauce.
The heat passed well into the meat too, it's so tender. This is way better than some random diners.

"Om, nom, nom, hmm...! Eating mom's cooking finally makes it feel like I'm home at last."

"Fufu, we have plenty more, eat to your heart's content."

"The tomato stew has this gentle flavor about it too. It's really good."

"Thank you. Please eat as much as you'd like Alma-san... My, this Stir Fried Spina is unlike my version, it's quite tasty."

"Oh not at all, it's a very simple dish. If you don't mind, would you mind exchanging recipes with me later? This lamb and stew are simply irresistible."

"My, thank you. Of course, I'd be delighted to."

『Pipi! Pi!』

"What a hearty eater that little chicken is. Am I just seeing things, or is it taking in more than its little body could hold..."

"...I believe you'd be better of not digging deeper."

Feriann-san is looking wonderingly at Hiyoko eating.
I'm not one to talk but I do wonder just where'd all that food go into its small body. What a mystery.

When I presented pudding as the dessert, she had the exact same look as Reina as she ate in relish.
She looked so happy I ended up fetching my entire stock of pudding... I've got vanisoi stocked up and all anyway, I'll make more later.
...But she's really her mom, she even asked for third serving.

I got more recipes after our post-meal break, a big harvest.
On the other side, Ferianna-san's eyes were literally gleaming when she received the pudding recipe. Guess she likes it that much...

Well now that we're done with dinner, time to talk about the future.
It's been some time since Reina is home after all, we can take it slow in this town.
...I haven't forgotten about the pest extermination commission okay. I swear.






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