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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 471

471 Getting Suspected Again After So Long


Chimera 'meow'-ed once and disappeared once we got close to the kingdom.

"Haa, haa, haa... Haa~. Ou, had its fill huh? ...Or maybe it's only done for today. Well whatever..."

I regulated my breathing to ease my not physical, but mental fatigue and walked to the gate.

"...I got here just by running all day long... How fast was I anyway..."

I know my realization came late and all but watching Chimera only looking like it had a nice warm-up made it clear how it's a magic beast, not an ordinary cat.

As I was spacing out about that fact, I barely made it before the gate closing time.

"You're the last one huh. Alright, your ID... Hm? Second Class Pass... Are you kidding me. Ain't never seen one before. Who the heck are you?"

The young gatekeeper doubted me with eyes full of suspicion.
Not expecting that reaction, I didn't know how to react but then an old guard with a splendid beard came and smacked the young gatekeeper.

"Ouch! Why'd you do that!? Captain!?"
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"You fool. Who died and gave you the rank to act commandeering huh? Fool of a took! ...We offer you our deepest apologies. Please go ahead. Welcome, to the kingdom."

"Hold it right there! A brat trying to enter right before nightfall is way suspicious! He's even got a black hair and black eyes! Everything about him isn't right! We gotta interrogate him. What are you thinking captain!?"

The old guard called captain is quite brawny with a way overwhelming pressure than the young gatekeeper.
Apparently this youth couldn't take watching this captain man bowing at me well.
He started listing why I'm suspicious.
But the captain wouldn't take it.

"Did you not hear me? Where is your greeting to this gentleman. Get it? There is no second time."

Reprimanded by the captain, the young gatekeeper bowed at me with a frustrated look.

I had a conflicted feeling watching that.

(Ah, did this raise a flag for later? Or will this end with this fool? I get why he grew suspicious of me trying to enter at this time of the day though.)

I kept my mouth shut since it's not like I don't understand the young gatekeeper's point of view.
Once I got in, the soldiers started running around to close the gate.
As the sound of a huge metal door being shut reverberated behind me, I started walking to the inn where I'd stay tonight.

(Hm? Where'd Chimera gone off to? Well guess that's the norm for it anyway.)

I relied on my memory of the kingdom to find my way on the darkening road. Almost getting lost in the process.
Without realizing a shadowy figure tailing behind me.





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