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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 466

466 Side Story, Escort Story 3


"Now then, I'll go and take a peek, you two come with me."

This place is near the stronghold of the dumbarses our intel network had pinpointed from the kingdom's intel. Somewhere between the kingdom and the federation.
I've left the ladies in a carriage with three of my subordinates, while I'm gonna go and cut open some pitiful criminals.

"Captain, please make it quick. Or else, it's gonna be a pain catching up to us."

My subordinate holding the wagon's rein warned me.

"I know, I know. I'll get it done in a jiffy, won't take long at all. You can go on ahead now."

"Understood. Please be careful."

The wagon sped up and left us. I stretched as I saw them off.

"Captain, let us have like 20 of them will you?"

"Haa~ you're way too bloodthirsty. Ah, captain, I don't need any, go give 'em all hell."

The two subordinates staying with me are both skilled in their fields.
The youngest one is among the best of my combat personnel.
And the senior one is the most 'out of box' thinker.
I'm proud of them both.

"They're apparently a bunch of men who survived the recent bandit culling, there might be some toughies among them. Those are my prey. Get it?"

"Eh? I don't wanna. I'm super irritated m'self. I wanna beat the crap outta those tough guys."

"Are you an idiot? We're her supports, supports I tell you. Don't you forget that."

We jogged through the off beaten path while cracking jokes.
There's a big forest far from the highway. Their lair is over there.
There's supposed to be a big abandoned house deep in the forest and that's where they've settled in.

"Ah, that must be it. Welp, I'll go ask them straight."

I walk up to a dirty man standing watch. All smile and neatly.
Greeting as lively as I could.

"Hello! I'm here to kill y'all! Drop your weapons, and grind your foreheads on the ground before me!"

"...What? This twerp spouting some crap. Well whatever. Even a brat like you will do to get some pleasure."

A moment later, the man's forehead had a knife lodged in.

"Seems like there's no saving these trash. Good, means I can hunt 'em all I want."

The other guards couldn't react. 'Wha?' as he looked at the killed man dumbfounded.
So I ask him.

"So? What you gonna do? Get done in by me without resistance?"

The man finally came back to reality and started calling for his friends.

"Oy! It's an emergency! Come on out, men! Buzz got killed! Surround and kill her!"

A filthy gang of men with faces to match came out of the house one after another. They quickly encircled me.
Once they all drew their swords, they dropped their glares and put on baffled looks instead.
But that too soon changed into grins. Not a single one kept their guard up against me.
Even the man who called them seemed to think he had won with the number. His face no longer stiff.
He just got one of his friends killed too. He couldn't even see the knife I threw.
Guy has no caliber. None of them noticed my lurking subordinates either.

"Is this all? One, two, three... OK. Three more than the intel. Well, guess it's still within a margin of error. Welp, let's do this. Gimme a good warm up ya hear?"

I grabbed a dagger hanging on my waist. I usually use two, but I haven't retrieved the one I threw. However, this is just right.

These guys and their disgusting glances still haven't started attacking.
I took a light step and cut off the throat of a man in front of me.
Then, I immediately went for the man next to him and stabbed my dagger deep into his abdomen.
They still couldn't react even after losing two more men. These guys are too dull.

(This is it, this is how it should be when I'm up against a group of mobs.)

I still can't understand how that brat managed to win against me.
I'm confident of my strength. But all that got smashed into pieces.
It's recovering bit by bit as I go wild here though.

(I should forget about that brat... That's it. I just gotta quit poking my nose on that unknown brat's business.)

Eltros said it too. Don't get involved. Things should be back to normal as long as I follow that.
All I need is to completely forget about that unidentifiable brat and keep doing my usual stuff, and all is well.

The bandits gradually lost more men while I was lost in thought.
Unable to follow my movement, each swing of my arm hit their vital, erasing their life.
They got thrown into chaos, moving erratically toward my daggers, like moths to a flame.

"I'm bored. You guys can have the rest."

I stopped moving when there were only eight left. One of them saw this chance and charged at me but his arm was already gone. Cut off.
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"Gyaa!? My arm!? Oooooouch! Uooooooo!?"

"Captain, you done already? I'mma go wild then!"

I took a breather as I left the rest to my subordinates. I picked up the dagger I threw in the beginning, wiped off the blood and put it back in its sheath.
All while paying no heed to the death wails resounding in the background.

"Couldn't find a single tough guy, but whatever. I'm all refreshed up now."

"How should we clean this up? I have burning tools with me."

I waived my hand at my subordinate asking that.

"Okay, I got you. I'll take care of it. Aah~ aah~. You sure made quite the mess."

===  ~~~  ===

Thus ended my 'Ally of Justice Play'.
We went back to the highway after the clean up, back on track. The federation is already right under our nose, so it feels more like a stroll.
Once we're in, we're gonna get busy in our effort to build our base and set up networks.
Our footsteps were light like we were in a pleasure trip, ignorant of the spine chilling reality waiting for us at the federation.





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