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Skill? Nee yo Sonnamon! Chapter 128

Hunting Fest (5) Platinum Chicken Army Corps


Damn, this chicken's got no opening despite its size!
Heck, being small not only makes it hard to hit but the thing is fully utilizing its speed and size in its assault.
It's got twice my Attack power too, a direct hit would melt my HP.

"Damn, I was sure that'd hit! It dodged by a hair's breadth! How, it's just a chicken!"
"Just when it looked like we finally got it cornered, the thing zoomed away at incredible speed! This chicken can definitely use [Ground Shrink]!"

"Magic won't hit at this distance too, yet it keeps running away with Ground Shrink if you try to get close before immediately returning to attack back! This chicken is super irritating!"

"And it's too small to target and too fast to keep up!"

"Also, what's up with that smug attitude anyway! Chicken magic beasts should be clucking noisily yet this guy's acting so calm and composed, it's getting under my skin!"


That's about sum it up, thanks for the exposition guys.
It's exactly what they said, how our attacks keep missing is the biggest roadblock.
[Stairway to Heavens] looks to be a skilled party of four, their levels are around 30-40.
I'm sure they could have managed to deal with the chicken if they were still in a tip-top shape.
But worn down and battered like they are now, this chicken is proving too much for them.

I would constantly wedge myself between them right as the chicken went for the party and went for an ambush but it would get away with Ground Shrink every single time.
Also it'd dodge the party's attacks by a hair's breadth yet always make sure to deploy Ground Shrink to evade me.
I mean I guess narrowly dodging would be bad for the chicken as I could drive Pile Bunker from anywhere within my surroundings.
But I'm bothered by how alert it is to my attacks even though I haven't shot a Pile Bunker once. Is it its wild instincts or intuition working?
Hm, wait a minute? The fact that it always uses Ground Shrink when it's me attacking must mean...


This chicken might just be a dumdum. I can't say for sure yet but I think I've glimpsed the path to victory.
I don't think it'd go that smoothly but might as well give it a shot rather than keeping this stalemate forever.
There's still four area breachers left after all. With that said, I flew toward the chicken with Mana Flight!

『Cluck, cluck.』

"Ah, it went away with Ground Shrink again!"

"Hey you! That chicken's just gonna keep getting away, come up with a new move!"

The chicken kept dodging me with Ground Shrink while calmly clucking.
I'm getting booed somehow, but this is part of the strategy just you know.

I keep giving chase to the fleeing chicken with Mana Flight.
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Chase, chase, chase.


Chase, pursuit, keep on keeping close!

『Cluck, cluuck!』

Why does this chicken go out of its way to use Ground Shrink to deal with me?
Probably because it's wary of someone that's going as fast as it is, but I'm guessing it's also doing this as a form of 'training'.
Ground Shrink is an Ability of Ultimate Martial Arts Lv3. It probably had just learned it after evolving.
In order to master this new ability, someone moving as fast is the perfect sparring partner.
But an ability it's not accustomed with must mean it doesn't have a complete understanding on the downsides as well.

My Mana Flight consumes barely any MP if I'm just floating around.
Moving at high speed is simply me moving the mana wrapped around me, hence it also doesn't consume much as long as I'm not traveling over a long distance.
But what about the Skill Ability this magic beast uses?

Even the lesser version, Quick Step eats up around 5 stamina per use.
Then how about the upgraded version, Ground Shrink?
According to its Stats, each usage consumes around 15 stamina points, it has now lost about 30% of its max stamina after so many uses.
You're gonna run your stamina dry at this rate, how do you like that?



The chicken suddenly let out an earsplitting shriek.
A frantic cluck that's unlike its usual smug ones.
I thought it was finally getting desperate, but apparently it's something else.

"O-oy, what's the deal with that echoing shriek."

"G-guys, are you hearing some sorta of noise? It's getting gradually closer..."

"...No, was that a 'Call Howling'!? We're barely holding out against just one chicken too, hell no!"

...Menu-san, what was that shriek?
I can sense more than a dozen life force reading coming this way.

<<Magic Beast Skill Lv6 Ability [Call Howling] an ability to summon same type magic beasts located within the howl's range. The summoned beasts will act in accordance to the summoner's will.>>

Our hands are full enough dealing with this platinum chicken!
Is it cause I drove it to the corner? ...No, it'd have used it either way once it felt threatened.

『Cluck! Cluuuuuuuuuuuck!!』



While I was lost in thought, chicken magic beasts came in drove from all directions.
14 of them in total.
There's six greyish ones, seven silver ones, and a huge one the size of an ostrich, colored gold.
The greyish ones must be the form before silver. Ah, they're called Iron Cock. Shouldn't iron come before bronze? Well whatever.
Seven silver is like having seven High Cave Bears. That alone makes this situation dire.
The clincher is the big sized chicken, Golden Cock. It's way big, and it doesn't even cluck like other chickens, is it even a chicken?

...What do, really what do I do now.
I should have told the four to leave while I was dealing with Platinum had I known this.
Then I could have found the right time to escape myself... No point in crying over spilled milk, let's check our hands and plan out how to overcome this.

First of all, let's see the party of four's strength.

A blond middle aged Swordsman [Gregguna] Lv43. No wait, he's a mid grade Job holder [Swordsmaster] not just a Swordsman. He's the only one who can possibly handle the golden chicken.

A silver haired shielder young man, [Hueytt] Lv38. He's also a mid grade Job holder [Wall Shielder]. Not only can he block attacks, he also has a Skill that draws aggro to himself, he should work as a good tank against mobs.

Blond haired mage woman, [Jesyferl] Lv36.  Offensive Magic at Lv9 huh... Too bad, just one more and she could have used advanced level magic. But she's apparently specialized in wind magic, capable of wide area attacks and high powered single point attacks to deal with a variety of enemies.

The last one is a long haired ponytail archer woman [Navicia] Lv36. Mid grade Job [Pinpoint Archer]. Despite that name, she couldn't even land a hit on that platinum chicken but I guess that thing is way out of her league. I'm sure she can hit other chickens just fine.

However, all of them are worn down with little MP and SP left.
Even if they weren't, they likely would have a hard time against this many beasts.
...No choice, there's no holding back now. Let's go at this with everything I have.






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