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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 397

397 Fourth Time


I flicked the incoming fist with my finger. While being conscious not to put power behind it.
My 'consciousness' seems to affect what happens during 'Acceleration', even if I thought I shouldn't, the strength of my action would still bolstered if there was 'I wanna beat them up' somewhere in my mind. It's obvious now.
Hence I'm lightly warding off the fist while focusing on the mage instead.

(I'll break his nose first before I get rid of him.)

I still couldn't let go the want to torment the bandit boss due to my anger.

Once I undid Acceleration, the bandit boss's fist missed me by a hair and hit the ground next to me instead.
A depression of around 30 cm in diameter got created with his fist in the center.

"I missed!? That shoulda hit 'im straight!? Tch! Fine, I'mma mince you with a barrage!"

I had already made my move by the time the bandit boss lifted his arm.

"Wha! What the crapppppppp!? My arm! Oooh!? The crap didja do dammittallllllll!?"

His arm was cut off before he could lift it up. On the same exact spot I cut it thrice before.

"Oy! Magic!? Heal my arm! The hell you gawking for!? Get the hell to itttt!"

However, the mage wouldn't move. It wasn't only due to the pressure from the physically boosted bandit boss, but also at me and how easily I overwhelmed his powered up boss.
The mage gets that it was me who cut the arm. He would after the fourth time.

"I said you should go to the afterlife all while cursing yourself, but that's too good a fate for a small time villain like you. Well, whatever. Wait, what am I acting so self-important and spewing out those cheesy lines for?"

I finally regained my composure. There's no need to let this bandit guy live for one second longer.
I slowly approach him as he tried to stick his arm.
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"Get the hell awayyyyyyyyy! Uwoooooooooo!"

In desperation, he swung his right leg back in an attempt to kick me.

"Nothing easier to dodge than such an obvious attack. No need for Acceleration."

I easily sidestepped the furiously swung leg at the right timing.
It was just a basic karate move as I then proceeded to slash at his torso horizontally.


The bandit boss fell on his knees while yelping. It didn't cleanly cut him in half but with my blade sunk into half of his torso, blood gushed out.
Yet he still clung on to life as he kept groaning.
I offered my help here. With his neck now hung helplessly, I simply swung my katana down there.
A moment later, the bandit had his head parted from his body, leaving only the sound of crackling bonfire in this place.

(Ah man, I'm completely dyed in this world's color. Who the hell wanna lead a life full of bloodshed...)

I delved in martial arts in my past life. But who would have guessed I'd end up having to use them in this world?
And for it to eradicate evils at that.
I'm not an ally of justice. I do feel disgusted and indignant of evils. But only at an average level.
It's now far from average with all this constant vortex of trouble I'm pulled into.
Someone must have laid the 'groundwork' for it, my head is aching just thinking I'd keep finding my way into trouble.

Meanwhile, the one mage who saw everything in full detail from start to finish kept laughing 'Ha, ha, hahahahaha...' like a broken puppet as if laughing at my woe.






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