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Skill? Nee yo Sonnamon! Chapter 133

Hunting Fest (10) Mirroring Unique Monsters


Now then, what should I do to this restrained golden wolf.
...I don't derive pleasure from tormenting animals but I'm surprised at how angry I am seeing it hurt Alma.
But man, I don't really feel like slowly chipping at it either~.

『K-kuun, kuun...!』

I won't show mercy even if you make that sad sound.
I'm sure you never show one to all the prey you cornered either, don't be spoiled.
...No well, if you were an altruistic magic beast, you would.

You might find those beasts if you tour the world. Right, why don't you go look for one?
I remote controlled the mana wrapping the wolf and raised its altitude.


Golden sounded perplexed at the sudden jump.
Crashing it down the ground would end it but I'm not letting it off so easily.

I made it spin really fast like a spinning top through remote mana control!


That should afford you a 360 degree view of the world, yep. Do your best to find this altruistic magic beast out there.
It looks more like a boomerang than a spinning top though, kinda surreal.


The wolf screamed while scattering tears and drools everywhere.
Would have looked like a certain wolf if it got a more dignified face.

"Okay, golden's been taken care of."

"...It's screaming in pain..."

"Never mind that, we've gotta deal with silver right now."


"...I mind..."

Slightly dumbfounded, Alma looked up at the golden on the verge of becoming butter.
I know that it's noisy, but we really have to focus on silver right now, you know?


The silver wolf is glaring at us, flinching ever so slightly.
It might be in a dilemma between, 『I've got to save my partner somehow』, 『I might end up like that too...』.
I'd have cheered for it if only we weren't its opponents. But we're mutual enemies right now.
...Let's check its Stats once again just in case.

Beast: ★Mirroring Silver Wolf

Level 46

State: Normal


HP (Health): 821/867
MP (Magic Power): 299/551
SP (Stamina): 250/577

STR (Strength): 712
ATK (Attack): 712
DEF (Defense): 601
AGI (Agility): 736
INT (Intelligence): 411
DEX (Dexterity): 501
PER (Perception): 579
RES (Resistance): 301
LUK (Luck): 99


Beast Lv. 5, Martial Arts Lv. 9, Claw Arts Lv. 10, Sharp Claw Arts Lv. 3, Fang Arts Lv. 7

[Master Skill]

Revenge Claw

[Unique Skill]

Trace Trans


Stronger Slayer, Shared Lot, Magic Beast Killer, Unique Monster, Skill Master

[Kill Log] (Today Only)

Silver Cock ×2
Mad Lizard Large

Thanks to the Menu function update, I can now check Titles and Kill Log.
This alone doesn't really set it apart from Appraisal Skill, but there's another cheat function added. Let's save it for later.
Seeing as heroes can use this function too, most magic beasts should be no match to them.
Well, just like me and Alma, there's a limit on what you can do alone though.
...Wonder if the present day hero has managed to find companions.

Whoops, more importantly, this Silver and Golden Wolves appear to be a pair of Unique Monsters. It's even got ★ on the name.
It's good with Claw Arts and its derivatives, Sharp Claw Arts and Master Skill Revenge Claw. Gotta pay attention to those Skills especially when you're low on HP.
The golden one has Fang related Skills instead of Claws with same everything including levels.
Come to think of it, what's the condition to become unique magic beasts anyway.

<<There are many conditions to evolve into Unique Monsters, such as acquiring specific Skills or Titles, defeating a specific amount of Unique Monsters, or relating to the environment they grow in.>>

Fumu fumu, I see.
These guys must be due to having the titles 『Shared Lot』.

<<For your information, materials procured from Unique Monsters are used in the manufacturing of equipment that grows, it is preferable to minimize the damage on them. In case of this pair of wolves, their fur, claws and fangs are the corresponding materials. However, it is advisable to kill them with a certainty if you cannot afford to not damage them.>>

Well, I'll try to but safety still comes first.

And killing these two wolves without damaging their bodies isn't really a tall order.
Gonna be pretty cruel though, forgive me.

"Alma, may I?"


"These two are Unique Monsters whose mats are used in evolving equipment, let's try to kill them without damaging them too much."

"...I don't think they're the kind of opponents we can afford to go easy on."

"Yeah, that's why we won't hold back or go easy on them. It's gonna be pretty cruel but this method ensures a certain death with minimal damage."

I told her the method which took her aback for tad despite her agreeing to.


Right after I finished laying out the plan, silver wolf roared once and sent a Mana Claw Farslash our way.
Alma and I split up to dodge the attack before going after the wolf in two separate directions.
Silver wolf used quick step to get away as it attempted to avoid being locked in close quarter combat.
Too slow. It's far too slow compared to the speed-specialized Platinum platinum chicken and its Ground Shrink.
We caught up to it in no time and launched a pincer attack.

I've got my strength powered up with Energy Control, while Alma is using Storm Sword.
We have the superiority in number and raw strength. While the silver wolf was busy dealing with Alma, I caught and restrained it.
I've put a lot of energy and mana into the mana binding, there's no escaping that. Checkmate.

Eh? Why is my energy recovered already when I used it all up during platinum chicken's battle?
It's all thanks to the new Menu Function [Mana and Stamina Mutual Conversion].
Exactly what it says on the tin, it allows me to convert mana to stamina and vice versa.
...You might think that there's no point in two gauges being split with that kind of function, but a conversion halves the amount converted.
In other word, 100 mana will be converted to 50 stamina. Vice versa.
It's still very helpful even with that drawback... I no longer need to eat food for several people just to restore my stamina.

Now then, time to deliver the finishing blow.

"Alma, if you would."

"U-un... I'm, sorry about this."

『Gu-gurua!? Gugagobagoboa...!!』

Alma enveloped the bound silver wolf's head in a sphere of water created from [Ocean Blade].
It will cease to breathe before long.
I was the one who came up with this method to minimize damage, but it really is cruel...

Ah, it's dead. RIP.
Oh my, the wolf above spun so much it went to the afterlife as well.
...It's not my place to say this after putting it through hell, but I still feel kinda sorry for it.

"Yup, no damage anywhere. Should make for fine equipment."

"...But, it was in so much pain..."

Yup, honestly I feel bad too.

『Pi, pi.』

"...By the way, it'd be nice if you could tell me what's up with that little birdie."

"Ah, this huh..."

When I think about it, I gotta ask permission from Alma and Reina first.
What if either of them can't stand birds and tell me to send it back to the wilderness
...Why am I, the grown up of the group, stuck asking 'Can I keep it as a pet?'. This should have been the youngest one's job...






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