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Skill? Nee yo Sonnamon! Chapter 126

Hunting Fest (3) Knew It


Why'd I go and spout all that smug stuff....!
I feel so cringe now... I wanna die, so embarrassing.
What the heck is 'Justice without substance is worthless' even. Who am I trying impress? Am I dumb? A fool? Wanna die? ...I wanna die! Right here and nowwwwwwww!


I mean you know? Wasn't he an annoying pest who falsely accused us back when we clashed at the guild? Yet guy risked himself to help someone earlier.


Why'd he try to show his cool side now of all time. Like you know? I think the courage to save someone at your own peril is a great quality to have. In fact, standing up against an opponent stronger than you may be more commendable than fighting your match in a way.

『Kyaaaaaaaaaa!! Kukyaaaaaaaaaaa!』

But I can't just change my impression that easily. Why didn't he show that cool side from the beginning anyway. I'm getting really conflicted now. How do I vent this irritation.



"Shut the hell up already dangit!!"


[Storm Wing] an evolved form of Blade Wing had been buzzing around me in the sky, shooting magic my way in its attempt to appeal to me all this time.
It was getting so persistent when I was feeling irritated so I gave it a good whack with an Energy Control-boosted fist. The bird's head got squashed, killing it instantly. Oops, didn't mean that.
Aah, that was one magic beast less for participants. No points is awarded to beasts defeated by staff members.
Well, guess it was an act of self-defense?
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"...Oy, that guy just killed a Storm Wing with one punch..."

"Not only can he fly, guy's also an incredible martial artist, just who in the hell..."

Some of the staff and participants were watching without me realizing, I feigned ignorance.
How long till the end now? I just wanna go home. Taking a break alone in my room.

<<Two and a half hour left until the end.>>

That's so long, it's only the midway point huh...
What's the scores like I wonder, Menu-san do you know about Pea Green and Yellow Area scores at least?

<<...Presently, the top spot in Pea Green Area belongs to D-rank party [Quiet Nights] at 21 kills. However, as they are a three-man party, their effective point is 7. As such, the real top spot belongs to Reinamiure at 19 kills. Followed by Radiasta at 16 kills.>>

Figured being in a party gets you high scores, but Reina is pretty bad news herself narrowly winning despite running solo.
Not to mention the green haired boy's guts trailing her by 3 points. Is he really a mere Daggerist? What an amazing kid.
Heck, 21 kills in two and a half hour is the same as our usual pace. Why'd people call us abnormal and stuff then?

<<...The top party has been perusing powerful Scrolls, irrespective of costs. Their pace will likely drop considerably once they run out of Scrolls.>>

...I didn't pay attention when hot uncle party mentioned it, but what's a Scroll anyway?

<<[Scrolls] are scroll-shaped one time use magic tools that contain sealed Skill Abilities such as Offensive Magic. They turn into a blank paper once those abilities have been used, losing their effects in the process.>>

So like disposable instant items huh.

<<Perusing Scrolls allow one to use Skill Abilities regardless of their Job types, however Scroll creation demands high cost making them fetch for as much as 10000 en even for one Lv1 Offensive Magic Scroll.>>

That's pricey alright, well I can see some people still opting to purchase Scrolls that contain powerful offensive spells.
Pea Green Area should have either Reina or green haired boy as the winner. It turned out to be a good match for her, good to see that. Just gonna hope she doesn't overdo it and hurt herself.
How about Yellow Area.

<<Presently, the top spot is held by Almatina at 34 kills. She has hunted multiple Orange Area breachers hence her kill quality is also excellent. Second spot is held by [Wars Roses] party at 20 kills. It's a party of three, hence the effective point is at 6-7. Third spot is a solo archer, [Welkanus] at 18 kills.>>

...Alma-san's got a huge lead over the second spot. She's really not pulling any punches.
On top of that, she's been proactively going for area breachers so even if she loses by points somehow, she'll still take the lead from kill quality. She's simply on a whole different level.
Of course her strength plays a big role but being able to use Mana Search and Energy Search must have been a huge advantage. I mean she can keep making a beeline to magic beasts.
As you'd expect though, both of them are exhausted now, they're currently having a meal. Mana is restored with a level up, but not energy. Make sure to eat well girls.

Afterward, more magic beasts breached through the line in all areas, but only the woman Blue protected ended up dropping out of the fest.
...Actually, no magic beasts from Red Area has breached Orange Area yet. This is probably... no, definitely the pattern where the breach happens late.
We've decided on a signal for Alma to help me in case of emergency but who can say it'll reach her.

One and a half hour passed since then.
Everybody moved around even more erratically during the last spurt.
Where'd they get all that energy from, they must all be exhausted by now.
There's much fewer magic beasts around too now. Isn't this environmental destruction? Is it gonna be okay?
...I suppose there's a danger of Stampede like half a year ago if they don't get culled this excessively. Guess overhunting is what you want.

<<Warning, confirmed magic beasts breaching from Red Area.>>

...Knew it, had a feeling it was just about time, dangit.

<<Five magic beasts confirmed breaching their area. Each is located far apart, going after them alone would be difficult.>>

Oy oy, even just one is bad news, and you're telling me there's five of them!?
And they're all separated ways away. This can't have been done on purpose, can it!?
...What to do.

<<Currently the closest party to the area boundary, [Stairway to Heavens], is under attack. They are in a state of exhaustion, they are unlikely to deal with it.>>

...Blast it, who could've guessed the breach from Red Area would happen during the endgame.
These participants might have a chance if it was during early and mid stage, but it's a different story now that they're all exhausted.
Even Alma only has half of her MP and SP remaining. Alone might be tough for her.
Nevertheless, I cannot not ask for her help. It's impossible for me to do this alone.
...Ah, I'm really a magnet for trouble aren't I, damn.






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