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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 393

393 Midnight Visitors


"The chump who killed this great me's lackeys today must be here! Bring 'im to me! Or else we're gonna burn this village to the ground! I don't care if I hafta make a mincemeat outta y'all!"

A man loudly shouted, threatening the villagers. It's the boss of a bandit gang who's just relocated from the kingdom and made this area their new turf.
A huge number of his underlings got killed just when they started so he took the matter in his hands.
One of his underlings was watching from afar when it happened, which brought him here.

Shaken by this threat, a lot of villagers came to wake me up and so now I stand in front of my inn. They've made a semi circle in front of me.

"The heck did you guys do!?" "Why'd you antagonize those goons!"
"How're you gonna take responsibility for our village crisis!" "We're handing you over! Don't resist!"

They all kept blaming me. As for me, getting waken up in this cacophony is a bit, no, quite bad for my mood. To the point my character is crumbling apart.
The villagers kept shouting and screaming without realizing my inner state of mind.

How did they know I was the culprit right away? Because we're the sole visitors in this village today. Simple as.
So they immediately piece the two together when the bandits told them. There's only one truth!

(Oh geez, I so can't wait what kinda mess I'm getting thrown into this time!)

I forcefully roused my MAX drowsiness with a certain saiyan's line.
I'm so fed up by this point, I might as well enjoy it, my mind is tilting to 'whatever' state.

I'm the only one out. I was the one who did the deed after all. So I told underling and the ladies to stay put in their rooms.
I put on my hood to avoid my face being seen. It's dark out which should serve well as a cover.

(Getting seen will just invite more trouble later. Gotta hide my face whenever I can.)
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Several villagers are holding torches to light the surrounding area, but it's not enough to shine under my hood.
I start walking toward this bandit boss while ignoring the villagers who are still busy disparaging me.
They shut up at once and make way for me. The sight of a parting crowd was exhilarating, but the fact that thought crossed my mind alone proves that my mental state is not normal right now.

Walking straight leads me to the center of the village brightly lit by bonfires.
A pompous-looking man was waiting there, he spoke thus the moment he saw me.

"You huh? The guy who killed my men? What the hell, yer' just a brat. But that doesn't matter."

The bandit boss figured I'm a 'brat' right away despite my hood.
Hearing him say that, it hit me, 'Oh yeah, I'm still 15. But how'd he know when my face's hidden?'
There are around thirty men equipped with leather armor, swords, short bows, spears, daggers and some even holding wands seemingly mages, besides him here.
They're all grinning while looking at me curiously, waiting to see what's gonna happen next while also serving as a restraint for the villagers who have gathered here.

The boss resumed speaking, but his words caught me off guards because it wasn't a declaration to have me dead.





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