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Skill? Nee yo Sonnamon! Chapter 127

Hunting Fest (4) Cleaning Up of Red Area Breachers Begins


Crackle! Crackle! Crackle! Three volleys of Explosion Coral resounded.

It's a signal Alma and I had decided upon to indicate me requiring her assistance. We've checked that you could still hear the sound even separated over one or two areas.
Alma's icon immediately went toward the direction of magic beast after it was fired. Looks like she got it no problem.
She stopped for a few seconds before rapidly moving toward Orange Area. She's heading for the closest and most powerful magic beasts to her.
That's what we had agreed upon previously.

『Once you have confirmed the signal, please check with Mana Search. If I'm heading your way, please stay put where you are. But if I'm moving away from you, there must be multiple magic beasts breaching Orange Area, so please go to a separate magic beast. However, you absolutely must not take more than you can. If you're too exhausted to go, please stand by in Yellow Area.』

So I told her, but considering she's going, I guess she's still got some peps in her.
Oh, Alma's mana has been restored. She must have taken the mana recovery pills I gave her. She won't run out of gas easily now.

Now then, I'm currently hurrying toward a party that's under attack.
They're not only up against a powerful magic beast, they're also in a state of exhaustion.
You can replenish mana and energy with items and food but not fatigue. Wonder if Alma's gonna be fine.
Still, the timing feels amiss.
One or two breachers are one thing, but five of them all at once right when everybody is at their limit near the end is just weird.
...Is someone pulling the string behind the scenes? No way.

Now then, the party in question is finally in sight, time to deal with this magic beast.
The party seems to be having a tough time, just who are they fighting anyway.


Magic Beast: Platinum Cock

Level 50

State: Normal


HP (Health): 931/953
MP (Magic Power): 654/698
SP (Stamina): 423/600

STR (Strength): 816
ATK (Attack): 816
DEF (Defense): 634
AGI (Agility): 987
INT (Intelligence): 318
DEX (Dexterity): 455
PER (Perception): 654
RES (Resistance): 407
LUK (Luck): 140

Magic Beast Level 6
Martial Arts Level 10
Ultimate Martial Arts Level 3
Claw Arts Level 10
Sharp Claw Arts Level 2
Fang Arts Level 8

[Master Skills]
Aura Mitigation
Revenge Claw
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Yet another chicken. Aren't there way too many chickens in this prairie?
That thought crossed my mind only for an instant, as this specimen is clearly on another level compared to your average chickens. I mean it's glittering in platinum color and all.
Right at Lv50, it must have just evolved. It's two stages above Silver Cock with an overwhelming presence you wouldn't believe coming from a chicken.
Unlike Bronze and Silver, it's the same size as the chickens you see on earth, but I can sense an enormous power emanating from this thing.
Its Attributes are stupidly high especially AGI at almost four digits, what the heck. In fact it's probably at four digits effectively when factoring Skills, scaaaary.
It's got two Skills at Lv10, two seemingly higher tier Skills, and two Master Skills. What's the deal with this chicken, how is it so strong. Heck, strength-wise, it's second only to that Slime so far! But it's just a chicken!

"O-oy! Something's coming this way again! It's flying!"

"Wait, isn't that one of the staff members, that Soarer mask guy?"

"It's our cavalry! W-we're save--"


Platinum Cock dashed at the party as they sounded relieved.
F-fast!? It's moving way too fast! My eyes could barely follow!

≪Usage of Ultimate Martial Arts Lv3 [Ground Shrink] Confirmed≫

S-so that's the real Ground Shrink. It's even faster than my Mana Flight at max speed.
...The first time I saw it used and it was by a chicken. It's kinda...

"Uowaaaaaa!!? W-watch it!"

"Hey, don't look away now! We've seen first hand how monstrously strong this chicken is!"

"I can't anymore with this chicken! It's so strong, tough, and small which makes it harder to land a hit!"

The party is seemingly quite skilled themselves. They managed to dodge that attack but they can't seem to last much longer due to exhaustion. I've gotta hurry and back them up.
For now, I'll try an ambush like with that Silver Cock earlier.
...The problem is whether my Stats can put a dent on it.

Kajikawa Hikaru

Level 28

Age: 25

Race: Human

Job: ERROR (Indeterminate)

State: Normal


HP (Health): 550/550
MP (Magic Power): 330/380
SP (Stamina): 176/186

STR (Strength): 412
ATK (Attack): 412 (+15)
DEF (Defense): 411 (+90) (+15)
AGI (Agility): 410
INT (Intelligence): 411
DEX (Dexterity): 416
PER (Perception): 419
LES (Resistance): 405
LUK (Luck): 405


Bloodfang Wolf Leather Breastplate
DEF +90

Concealed Blade Boots
ATK +15 DEF +15

...The most important stats are about half of that chicken, kinda vexing.
I can explosively raise them above this chicken's if I use Energy Control, the Reina way, but it likely won't be enough.
I'm gonna have to work together with that party if the ambush fails.

I closed in on the chicken with Mana Flight.
Hit it with high powered Pile Bunker at point blank and--


It saw through my approach!?
The chicken used Ground Shrink right as I got close and managed to get away.
This isn't all due to its high Perception alone. It could precisely predict what's happening all around it.
No wonder the thing's Lv50. It must have an abundance of combat experience on top of high Attributes.

"S-so fast...!! How did that thing react to that mask guy's speed."

"There's no way we can beat that! We gotta run!"

"We would if we could! How do you expect us to outrun that speed in this vast prairie!"

Yeah, and I can't exactly carry them all off with Mana Flight.
Including equipment, four adults are simply too heavy for me.
Now then, what do.






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