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Skill? Nee yo Sonnamon! Chapter 129

Hunting Fest (6) Frantic Efforts




Right after platinum chicken gave its order, the chicken corps unleashed their Skills all together.
A barrage of shining mana slashes let out of their claws. Mana Blade Farslash, no, Mana Claw Farslash! Oh no, there's too many to defend against!

"All of you, get behind me!!"

As the silver haired young man, Wall Shielder Hueytt shouted that, he stabbed his greatshield on the ground and activated a Skill.
A mana shield, no a mana 'Wall' expanded out of his greatshield and blocked the barrage of slashes.
On the receiving end, Hueytt was in agony, desperately holding on, looking like he'd succumb soon.


"Kyaaaaaa!! H-hey leader! Are we gonna be all right!?"

"Don't ask me! Huey, endure it! We're all done for if you don't!"

"I-it's no good...! I won't last 10 second longer...!!"

Oh crap, there's no time to formulate a detailed strategy!
Can't be helped, I'll play it by ear! AKA shooting in the dark! ...Strategy?

We're dead if we don't stop this storm of slashes.
However leaving this wall will turn you into a mince meat, yet you can't attack from here either.
...That may sounds contradictory, but I do have a way to get back at them!

"Oy, can you hear me!? Plug your ears, all of you!!"

"Eh!? W-what are you--"

"Just do it! Unless you wanna get hit too!"

"W-wait! I'm!?"

"I'll plug yours, don't worry!"

Our shielder Hueytt raised his concern, but I plugged his ears with remote controlled mana, no problem.
Now then, just gotta pray it works!

I concentrate on explosively reinforcing my respiratory organs and throat with energy for a brief moment.
I could feel myself breathing in much more air than usual. In fact, there's an incredible volume of air going into my lungs, my chest has swelled up unnaturally.

I make my palms in the shape of a megaphone to direct the sound wave and let out all the air in my lungs as I scream!!


A roaring voice loud enough to seemingly rupture my eardrum came out of my mouth.
It even made Hueytt's mana wall to form a crack from the intensity. These four would have likely passed out if they didn't plug their ears.
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『G-glu! Gluck!? Gluuuuck!!?』

The chickens fell into chaos after getting hit by my voice.
Only the golden and platinum ones seem fine, their high resistance must have staved it off.
But, this is good enough. It succeeded temporarily neutralizing all other chickens.

"W-what was that loud yell for, you..."

"I-I plugged them yet my ears are still ringing...!"

The party of four looked at me reproachfully as they grumbled. Oh c'mon, bear with this much.
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"Those chickens are in disarray, this is our chance! Squeeze out the power you have left and exterminate them! Leader, you take care of that golden chicken! You're the only one here who can deal with that!"

"O-ou! Leave it to me!"

"Kill the iron and silver ones by raining them down with arrows and magic while they're still running around like headless chickens!"

"I-I only have little mana left, no guarantee it's enough to kill them all okay!? I don't have mana recovery pills left too!"

"M-me too...!"

"Give me your hands! I have a magic tool to transfer mana! Quickly!"

I grabbed the Sorcerer and Pinpoint Archer's hands and transferred my MP.
I gave them each 140 MP, I'd like to believe that's enough.
And now I only have 50 MP remaining. But it's no issue as I throw some mana recovery pills into my mouth straight from Item Screen.
I was so panicked during that battle with Red Boar, I never thought of this but I'm capable of such handy little techniques now. You've gotta stay calm and composed.
Eh, then why didn't I just give these two those pills? I'm sorry I was panicking I forgot... I'm a dumdum.

"My mana really came back...! Now I can!"

"I-I'm gonna skewer them all with arrows!"

The two go on a revenge quest as they rain down arrows and wind magic on the chickens, nice, keep at it.

"You protect those two from their attacks."

"I-I got it... What about that small boss chicken?"

"I'll take it down... No more holding back, no mercy."

I was wrong trying to save my mana and energy for later encounters.
It's not an enemy I could defeat while holding back, gotta go with all my might. Even if it's just a chicken, even if it's just a chicken! What's this mysterious sense of humiliation for having to go all out against a mere chicken!

I close our distance with pseudo ground shrink again! Now what are you gonna do, play another game of tag?
I'm quite fine with that. Would make things easy to me if it self-destructs.


A sharp glint in its eyes you wouldn't think coming from a chicken.
Seemingly ready to take me on, it turned its spurs toward me.
This chicken's Attributes are far above mine. I'd normally have no chance in a direct clash, but I'll get it done somehow by making full use of mana control, energy control and all the tools I put in Item Screen!

I wrap my entire body in Mana Armor, and strengthen my body with all the energy I have left to close the gap in our Attributes!
I've got the first strike, High Powered Pile Bunker!

BOOOM! The sound of explosive liquid hit by the pile roared.
With little to no difference in our Attributes, landing it wasn't too hard.
But the chicken survived. A mere rank B magic beast would have died in one hit, but this platinum chicken blocked the attack with its spur.
Not to mention, the recoil from that High Powered Pile Bunker was only at 50% the usual. It must have activated some sort of Skill when the spur took the hit.

<<Sharp Claw Arts Skill Lv2 Ability [Counter Mana Claw], an ability to burst mana when claw hits an object, landing a strong impact upon contact.>>

That sounds handy for parrying enemies attacks. In fact, that impact blew it several meter back.
But I have to say, it's a bad move. The leg that blocked my pile is not only bloodied, it's also bent out of shape.


Still unrelenting, the chicken shoved the ground using its broken leg and closed in on me with Ground Shrink.
It must have judged that trying to take a defensive approach would only result in its unharmed leg getting broken or its damaged leg getting torn off by my High Powered Pile Bunker.
...A sound judgment coming from a birdhead. This chicken is strong, no two ways around it.

It swiped at me with its unhurt claw, but sadly, the reach of a chicken can't possibly outstrip my--
No, wait!



A blade of mana got me before its spur could!?
Extended Mana Claw? ...No that ability merely extends reach. But the attack earlier got to me before it swung its spur.

<<Claw Art Skill Lv10 Ability [Prepost Mana Claw] a rapid multi-step mana blade attack that manifests before or after the swinging of claw. User can freely choose which.>>

Not another troublesome ability! This chicken's got way too many tricks up its sleeve!
It must be super effective in close quarter combat.
...Guess great minds think alike huh.

I fetched certain things I bought from Weapon Store.
Now then, let's see if this petty trick works on this chicken.

...Why am I having a good fight against a chicken anyway.
I'm putting my all on the line here, yet this whole thing must look so surreal seen from the sidelines...






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