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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 396

396 Simple and Clean is Important


I took a bundle of rope out of my magic bag and started tying up the nearest bandit.
They didn't try to resist, some briefly yelped when I got close but I ignored those and finished tying them up no problem.
There were five of them. The rest of the bandits had been turned into indescribable lumps of meats in pools of blood.

There were only around 30 people that attempted to gang up on me. They were a small time band of bandits at only 50 people strong.

"Hm? That's all of you huh. You guys are the last then. Any regret? Done praying to your god? Well then, you can now curse yourself on your trip to the afterlife."

Utterly terrified by my words, the man who had been casting healing magic fell on his knees prostrating while trembling furiously and begged for his life.

"Sp-! Spare me! Don't kill me! I was threatened by these guys, I've never killed anyone. I-I only obeyed them because I didn't want to die! F-forgive me! Let me live!"

That's a pretty common story. Bandits capturing someone useful and having them work under them.
This mage man healed the boss's arm.
Users of healing magic like him must be in high demand.

"Fine, I'll have you put on a collar later. Declare that you wish to be a slave yourself, and work the rest of your life in a clinic."

The mage had a mixed look of despair and relief at my demand.
Apparently clinics in this world are akin to a humanitarian effort where people who work there are paid not unlike volunteers.
I have never been in one. I only found out about this after leaving the village.
From overhearing some guests while having a meal in an inn.
But it was the bandit boss who got mad at this.

"Who died and made you the boss! I'mma beat the crap outta ya!"

I was a bit taken aback at this bandit boss's refusal to look at reality, but it seemed he was getting deranged as his eyes turned bloodshot.

"In the end, you simply can't accept reality and refuse to see the enormous gap in our powers due to your hubris."

"Shut your trap! You're! Gonna! Die here! And now!"

Apparently his bloodshot eyes weren't only because he was getting frenzied.
The boss's body swelled up, transforming into a two meter tall giant.

"Fuhahahaha! See this! My trump card! Physical boost! With drug! And this traitorous sorcerer's! Buff magic! I'm the strongest in the world! I'm invincible! The power of this great meeee! Second to none in this world, I'm unbeatableeeeeee!"

I didn't pay any heed to all the noise.
Something else piqued my interest. He must have the buff cast on him during the third time he got his arm healed.

(There's plenty of ways to call people who use magic huh. Even though it's all inherently the same thing.)

Mages, sorcerers, wizards, those are some examples in fantasy work. Wonder how many of them are applicable in this world.
Perhaps it depends on the local customs where those people live.

As my mind was preoccupied with that completely useless trivia the bandit boss seemed sure of his victory.
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"What got into ya!? Terrified of this great me's figure? But it's far too late to beg mercy! Fearing this power that'd even break the kingdom's hero in half is a natural response, but the only thing that awaits you now is death! How dare ya kill my lackeys I painstakingly gathered! I'mma make a mince meat outta you!"

He swung his arm up and then down toward me. This guy seemed to believe I was paralyzed by fear when I fell silence from pondering that trivial stuff.
Still ignoring him, my mind wandered off again.

(Break the hero in half eh. Somehow I just can't picture that though? This guy's got the beefy looks sure, but I just don't sense him being that strong.)

That was my impression as someone who had seen Hero Zordak before.
This was all due to my lack of mana, a fact I was unaware of at this point.
To people of this world who do possess mana, the pressure they felt from this bandit boss was such that his words sounded plausible.
The healer mage, sorcerer? fell on his rear at the pressure emanating from the bandit boss in front of him, his bottom scraped the ground as he desperately tried to move backward and get away.

(His mind must be in chaos from this world's lack of unified name for magic users.)

Perhaps both names work just fine, but having a unified one is ideal, I truly feel that.
Meanwhile, the swinging fist aimed at me is moving in super slow motion.

I'm using a different stage of Acceleration where everything doesn't stop for once.

(I'll stop thinking if I get used to that. Mustn't turn all brawl no brain.)

Now I'm coming up with a good way to give this bandit boss a lesson.






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