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Skill? Nee yo Sonnamon! Chapter 134

Hunting Fest End A Passing By Winged One


I told Alma what happened before I got here.
I was inwardly bracing myself for a scolding when I got to the part where my head got pierced by the platinum chicken during our death match, but she only grimaced, she must understand that it was inevitable considering the situation.
The chick distracting her with its cuteness might have contributed as well. She's even gently poking it with curious eyes. Good job, little birdie.

Among the five area breachers, we took care of platinum chicken and the silver-golden wolf pair, so there's only two left in the orange area.
With my Illusory Mask gone, I can't exactly go around as Soarer, what do.
As I was thinking that, I saw high level staff members and other participants taking on those two beasts. They seem to get it under control, no need for us to head there anymore.
I can finally see the end of this fest.

"There are two breachers left but other staff members and participants are hard at work to deal with those. Seems like things will be fine now."

"Thank goodness... Is there anything else that seems suspicious?"

"Suspicious, like say?"

"...Magic beasts going over their areas are not uncommon these days and I've encountered several as well. But five completely different types of magic beasts breaching at the same exact time isn't normal... The two wolves we just beat were paired Unique Monsters, them moving in a pair was not weird but what about the other magic beasts?"

"Hmm... According to Map Screen, it's an evolved form of Horn Rabbit and a Cyclone Wing. You're right, I've never seen these types of beasts working in tandem."

We can't say that the possibility of this happening naturally is zero, yet it's only right to suspect that someone may have a hand on it.
If someone really did, who would it be?
...If demons were behind this, I could see them attempting to kill strong participants under the guise of incidents, but this method just seems plain, or rather paltry coming from demons.
Apparently reviving an ancient weapon like in Vinfitt town was an extreme case even for demons, yet this case feels too small scale.
I mean, I also don't sense any reaction resembling demons nor does my Map Screen show any. They might be hiding in Red Area though.

"Even if someone is behind this, there's no proof anywhere to be found so we can't draw a conclusion yet."

"...It's kinda, ominous."

"Agreed. It's unpleasant when you don't know who, how or why anyone would do this."


"...I'm even stuck having to look after this little one due to this whole thing."

It's cute and small now, but it'll gradually get bigger as it grows for sure.
It'll be fine if it's the size of a chicken, but once it's evolved into something as big as that golden chicken, I wouldn't know where to keep it.
Well, I'm not going to dump it even then... I don't get the minds of people who dump their pets when they get bigger.

Eh, what is  this

<<Warning: Immediately get down, hold your breath and erase your presence.>>

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"Alma! Get down now! And don't move!"


Alma seemed to have sensed it as well, she stayed still while trying not to breathe.
I did the same.
The chick seemed to instinctively get it as well as it jumped to hide in my bosom. That's good, don't wanna have it move around and draw attention to us.

The presence blares out danger to me and Alma even without Menu's warning or mana search.
Boasting overwhelming quantities of mana and life force that easily outstrip Vinfitt's Gluttony Slime. We must never go against it. We'd be dead the moment it found us.

The owner of this presence is flying high up in the sky.
I know even without seeing, or hearing the sounds of cutting winds.
I had the slight urge to look up but my body refused to listen due the sheer terror that froze it.
Even the sound of flapping wings is frightening me.
Get away, get away, get away, get away, fly away somewhere far away quickly....!!

My stiff body that couldn't even tremble from the terror gradually regained its heat.
The owner of that presence has gone far away in the horizon. We've got through it somehow.

Wonder how long did that presence pass by.
...Probably didn't even last a minute. It felt like an hour to me.
It was just that fast, and that overwhelming.
I had tasted the fear of death many times by this point, but all of that felt nothing compared to being near that presence.

Once we couldn't feel it close anymore, both me and Alma crumbled listlessly.
Whoops, almost crushed the chick on my bosom.

"...What, was that..."

Alma murmured with a trembling voice and a pale face.
That's what I'd like know. I could hear the wings, so maybe that was...

<<[Dragonkind] Black Dragon verified.>>

So that's, a dragon...!
They're almost always treated as the strongest creature in fantasy work, but experiencing that first hand really can't compare how dangerous it is.
Cheat? Bug? Nowhere enough to describe it. That thing must have been born strong.
Dunno what I'd do if it found us. I don't think I could get away with my flying speed.
Or maybe it'd just ignore me for not being worth even a glance... Against that thing, I won't be offended.

Heck, where'd that spring out from anyway. I'd probably have sensed that thing 100KM away. In fact, I can still sense its presence even now despite how far it's gone.

<<It was summoned over a long distance by the Black Dragon's owner through Tame Skill [Familiar Summon].>>

Hee, you can warp your faraway familiar to your side with Tame Skill huh, handy stuff.
...Wait what? Tame? Who is? 'Owner', eeeeh?

<<That Black Dragon was a tamed familiar of [Super Tamer] Ranaia Souma riding on its back.>>

...No way, how'd you even tame something like that.
Feels like you'd turn into its fodder long before you got a chance.

<<This Black Dragon was tamed by a past hero, and then by way of Tame Skill Lv 10 [Familiar Authority Transfer], it has been passed down through generations. [Familiar Authority Transfer] is an ability that allows user to transfer their familiar's ownership.>>

...By the way, how long can a dragon live?

<<Dragon lifespan differs by individuals, but on average they live for several thousands years.>>

The number's so big, it doesn't feel real.

...Menu-san, can a Tamer tame multiple magic beasts?

<<The number of possible familiars corresponds to their Skill Level. The owner of that dragon earlier has Lv9 Tame Skill, as such he can tame up to nine beasts.>>

Can they undo the Tame state on those familiars and cast them aside?

<<It can be done.>>

...The Tamer, no the Super Tamer riding on that dragon's back? Do you know how many magic beasts he has under control?

<<At the time he flew near Kajikawa Hikaru alongside the dragon, four.>>

So he had five slots open huh.
...In all likelihood, that guy's the culprit behind this mess.
I'm gonna tell scarymast on him later, go to sleep trembling.

"...That was apparently a dragon."

"A dragon? First time I saw one... Long ago, mom and dad told me they often hunted dragons down, so my image of them wasn't quite as that powerful..."

Alma muttered in awe as she looked up into the sky.
Oh right, Daijel's guildmast mentioned something about that too.
Can't believe anyone is capable of hunting that thing, I get how extraordinary those two are now... No, I still don't. I can imagine how amazing a feat that is but I just don't get it.

"...The idea of fighting did not even cross my mind when I felt that dragon's presence. My head kept alarming me to get as far away as possible..."

"Same goes for me. That thing's seriously bad news, no two ways around it..."


I'm worried this chick gets desensitized to fear from now on, tasting that terror right after birth.

"...The hunting fest is over already. Let's head back to town."


"Hm, but still..."

"What's up?"

"Uh well, I'm wondering if dragon meat tastes good."

"...To harbor that thought after that experience, you're really incredible in a sense, Hikaru..."

Alma smiled wryly as she looked at me.
I mean you know, isn't dragon meat just a lump of romance taken form? I'm definitely gonna feast on one someday.
To that end, I've gotta get stronger and learn the knack of dragon hunting from Alma's parents.
Ah, thinking of meat reminds me how starving I am...






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