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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 395

395 Atrocity


It's nothing much. I simply used Acceleration to slice off the boss's arm.
Grabbed the dagger on his waist, did a slash and put it back.
To all other people here, it must look like I haven't done anything, not even moving a muscle.
It's simple and yet nobody can perceive what I do under Acceleration. This is my 'Power'.
If I were to follow this bandit boss's creed, I'm free to exterminate this entire bandit gang.

"So? What now? Have you gotten the memo on the gap between our powers? Still wanna go?"

If they turn tail and run away, I really am not going to go after them.
But that's not happening. This kind of people won't back down just from one painful lesson, they don't have a good sense of self-preservation.

"Men! What're ya spacing out for! Surround him now! Don't let him pull off any crap! Change of plan, kill him now! Do it!"

The moment bandit boss was done shouting, I repeated my action.

"Wha! Hoooooow!? Damn! Damndamn! My arm's chopped off again... Oy! Healing magic, now! Quit dawdling dammit!"

His underlings stopped moving toward me yet again with their boss's scream.
They must think it weird. How could it happen again. This inexplicable turn of event is gradually encroaching their mind. An alarm signaling a life threatening danger must start ringing inside them. Starting small, gradually getting larger to a deafening volume.

"Now then, still wanna go? Though well, I no longer plan to let any of you get off alive though."

I'll teach those who don't get it a lesson they'll never forget. But there is no mercy to those who won't get the hint.
I'm in a foul mood right now. I was never into tormenting people and yet my irritation would abate whenever I cut this bandit boss's arm.

"Kill him now! Move it, get to it! Damnit! Just who the hell are you!"

Third time. I sliced bandit boss's arm. And moved back to my spot.
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"Uooooooo! My arm! Bastaaaaaaaard! What the hell's going oooooon!"

The mage-looking man cast the same spell again and stuck back the arm. Bandit boss is looking pale seemingly from the blood loss. Or maybe due to something else.

The underlings seem to have gotten used to the scream by now, they didn't stop walking toward me. They all had this expression like they were facing off against an unidentifiable foreign object.
Not sure why none of them is attacking despite their boss's order to kill me though.

"So? Who wanna be disposed of first? Anyone's fine. I don't mind ridding you all at once either."

After I said that confidently, one of the bandits turned around and started running.
The man's alarm must be at maximum level. But I won't let him. I took my katana off magic bag and slashed horizontally.
Under Acceleration state of course. I'm not letting even one bandit flee this place.
My attack also sliced two bandits next to him.

(Ah, that was sloppy. I was going to slice them off one by one, carving 'regret' on them as I go, leaving the boss until the end.)

I did think this train of thought was extremely atrocious. It wasn't the normal me.
It seemed my anger truly reached its peak from having my sleep disturbed, my cold side surfaced up.

Three bodies fell down without even affording them to scream.
Those who noticed the sound and those who didn't. The people here were split in two.
Those who noticed immediately dashed off. An alarm foretelling of crisis must be overriding their mind.
Their instinct telling them to get away from this place asap. 'Stay away from this man'.

Sadly, it came all too late. Those who turned their backs on me immediately got sliced off.
The me at this time didn't care about the splatter scene it would entail.

Those who became delirious from all the ghastly bodies, those with stiffed screams as they stepped back, those trying to find a chance to run away, and those who couldn't accept reality and started attacking in frenzy.
All kinds of reactions ensued. Those who lunged to attack me got turned into lifeless bodies right away.

Several people deemed that I wasn't paying attention to them as I focused on counterattacking, they turned around altogether before dashing off in all directions as if they had consulted on it beforehand.
However, nothing exists here that can escape my Acceleration. A tragic end to these bandits perhaps?
Those who attempted to escape soon joined their friends as bodies.

This awfully cold action instead put a brake on me.
The next thing I did was tying up the remaining bandits who were in delirium or had fainted.





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