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Skill? Nee yo Sonnamon! Chapter 123

Hunting Fest Begins


Hello, good morning.
Today is finally the day of Hunting Fest. Adventurers and skilled looking combat Job people have been hanging around the seaside hut, I mean the adventurer guild since morning.
Think there's around 200 participants. It's more than twice of people who turned up during Daijel's Stampede, dunno if it's because Daijel is small or Randorainam's big.
There's the full range of levels too, from Lv5 beginners to 2-3 people of around Lv50 like that hot uncle. From those who just want to have fun and those who take it seriously.
They'd be culling magic beasts to prevent a Stampede so all of them will contribute regardless though.

There's around 50 staff members responsible for running the fest.
I was confused where these guild people were hiding usually at first but apparently Scarymast had recruited adventurers, mercenaries and the likes to help just for today.
Well considering she also came for me, this was only natural.
The recruited people are mostly around Lv20, they look rather strong. The strongest is only at Lv40 though, the participants are stronger.
Us staff members have a badge clipped on our chest to distinguish us from participants.

And then among them, there's someone wearing a mask and a hood, totally standing out, me.
You can tell they all have the same line of thought, 'What's with this guy's deal, let's stay away', I'm feeling left out.
...Better than getting my cover blown though, endure it endure it.

Oh, Scarymast finally made her entrance.
Looks like she's greeting the participants before the fest begins in earnest.
Make it quick please, I can't take it anymore.

"It is to my great delight to see so many of you taking part in Hunting Fest. A Stampede occurred right after the cancellation of the last Hunting Fest, which may have been the reason. I must apologize for that."

Scarymast bowed deeply.
The guild staff and adventurers stirred at this... Well I guess you don't see her lowering her head often.
By the way, during the last Stampede, Scarymast spent many sleepless nights running around to gather skilled personnel while also simultaneously evacuating the town, resulting in zero casualty. Pretty good.
She's hard on people and harder on herself... I'm reminded of my superior at Japan. I'm worried they overworked themselves to death.

"As an apology for that there will be prize rewards up to third place in each area instead of just one for this Hunting Fest. If you missed your chance last year, this is your best bet. Use it as a motivation to spur an even greater result."

Wonder what the prizes are?
The crowd obviously got livelier when she mentioned prizes up to third place. Wonder if last year's prizes were just that good.
...Kinda regretting I can't participate now.

"The rule is the same as last year. Hunt magic beasts in Monster Prairie for a period of time, you get points on the quantity and level of magic beasts you hunted, the final tally will then decide your prize. For those participating as a party, the point will be split by the number of members. As I said before, reward prizes are given up to third place, it should be easier to nab them now. However, make sure you do not overexert yourself."

That's worth repeating for sure.

"Several points of note I'm sure you all are aware already, first prioritize your safety. Do not lose yourself over reward, and stay alive. Prime example includes taking on an area beyond your level. We will give you recommended areas based on your level and Kill Log, I ask you to refrain crossing over unless you truly have to."

Don't try to eat more than you can chew huh.
Though those who are high leveled taking on lower leveled areas could pose a problem as well.

"There have been cases of magic beasts invading lower level areas these past years, if you find yourself in one such situations, call for help. We will distribute an emergency signal bead, use it when the need arises. There is no penalty on its usage... Unless you use it as a prank."

The smile she put on with that mutter in the end was super scary.
Can't imagine what terrifying thing she's got in store for pranksters like that...

"Our helper staff dispatched in each area will come for you after the use of a signal bead. They wear a red badge on them to easily distinguish them."

...And then there's one suspicious individual mixed among those staff, which is me.

"You may notice someone wearing a mask among the staff. He's 'Soarer', and yes he can fly as his name implies. If you see him flying around during the fest, pay him no heed and keep your hunt on."

I know I'm not one to say it, but that's kinda a tall order...
Both the participants and the staff are looking at me dubiously. Please, just leave me alone.
Just gotta hope nobody complained they got distracted by me flying.

"Anyway, that's all I need to impart you lot. Ask our staff if you have questions. Well then, once you're all set, move out to Monster Prairie."

She bowed once before exiting the stage.
She mentioned how she didn't want to make it long winded and dampen the enthusiasms, but she really ended it abruptly just like that.
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Afterward, the participants went to ask the staff on stuff like rules, equipment and tools.
The staff also confirmed their posts. I'm in yellow and orange areas.

I'm pretty much done mapping those areas.
My Mapping function may be convenient but the prairie was so vast it still took me around three days.
I can immediately tell the movements of both participants and magic beasts in those areas now. There's a limit to mana and life force search alone.
Orange area is full of magic beasts on the level of Bloody Fangs and High Cave Bears. One-on-one is fine but against multiple is a bit toughie.
Well, it's easily doable if I use Energy Control to explosively boost my Attributes like Reina, but I'd like to save on the food expense if I could help it. Making food takes time too.
I've prepared meals to resupply my Stamina but I hope I won't get to use them. I mean they're usable for normal meals if they're kept around.
I won't hesitate to if it comes down to it though.

"Hey you, can I?"

As I was thinking that while reading a pamphlet for staff, one of the participants called out to me.
It's a green haired boy. I said boy but he looks like he's come of age already though.
Eh, what? I know it's weird coming from me, but why'd anyone go out of their way chatting up someone who looks this suspicious?

"You're the Soarer that was in Daijel's Stampede aren't you? Or what, is there another Soarer out there?"

Of course not. 'Flight' Skill doesn't even exist, 'Soarer' Job is imaginary.
Someone out there might invent a tool that lets them fly though.

"...No, I am one and the same."

"I knew it! I was there too you see. If it weren't for you and that black haired girl beating that Werewolf, I dunno what'd become of me...!"

Ah, this kid is that. The dagger user boy that Werewolf grabbed to use as a shield.
Think I also came up with the plan to carpet bomb using rocks from above after watching this kid throwing an empty potion bottle at a goblin or something, sure takes me back.

"...Glad to see you're safe."

"Ou. I'm alive thanks to ya. I finally managed to buy decent equipment with the reward money. Been steadily leveling while taking on culling commissions lately."

"I didn't do much. Your survival was thanks to your ability and good luck."

"Don't give me that man, someone woulda definitely died back then if not for you... Me included."

This kid really seems to have been working hard on leveling, it's only been three months since Daijel Stampede and he's gone from Lv5 to Lv13 in that time.
He must be pretty desperate. Hopefully he won't get hurt in this fest.

"You're a helper huh. Will you come to my rescue if things get out of hands?"

"I'm in charge of yellow and orange area, where are you taking part in?"

"Eh, for real? I was gonna go for pea green area, but maybe I should give yellow a try."

"Don't. That area has packs of beasts stronger than Werewolf roaming around. You'd be an easy bait."

"Ah, let's not, yup, let's."

The boy turned pale and immediately reconsidered. Wise.
Even the pea green area might be a bit too much for this kid. Unless he can use Energy Control like Reina.

Looks like everybody is done making preparations while I was talking with the boy.
Now then, I've done everything I could, now I can only pray there won't be a big trouble brewing. Oh man, I'm not confident on that.






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