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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 406

406 River


We're pressing on uneventfully. The coachman ran the stagecoach faster a few times but the road was so flat, an accident wouldn't happen.
What's weird is how we have never come across anyone else. Even though this road supposedly has a heavy traffic.
Yet there's nobody coming from behind or ahead of us from the commercial city.
The coachman muttered 'Something is not right', with a serious look on his face, so I suppose the kingdom isn't responsible for this.

(I don't believe in myself. Therefore, this must be yet another calm before storm.)

I stay alert as I survey the surroundings. Knowing that something will definitely take place ahead.
I've gone through this song and dance so many times already. So when I saw a river ahead of us, it hit me and I shouted at the coachman.

"Oy! Stop! Don't cross that bridge! Stop the stagecoach!"

Surprised by my desperate plea, the coachman put a sudden brake, almost sending me tumbling down.
The river is quite wide. Think it's around 50 meter long from bank to bank. The water is clear you can see the bottom. So translucent, you'd think it's safe to drink as is.
It's around two meter deep with a very gentle stream flowing. The still water feels as if it washes your mind.
The coachman is looking at me dubiously as our stagecoach gets parked in a spot before this river. His eyes keep darting between the river and me trying to figure out what makes me so frantic.

The bridge built over the river looks really sturdy with stout pillar supports. It's wide enough for three wagons to run in parallel and looks well maintained.
It's on the most heavily used highway after all. The bridge is really well built, indicating the significant monetary value it brings.
I can't even imagine the amount of manpower and money funneled into its creation.

As we stood before this seemingly unshakable bridge, Linda who had been staring at me asked impatiently.

"What is it that makes you so worried? ...You have this grim look on your face..."
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The coachman who seemed to be of the same opinion also kept staring dagger at me.

"Ah, rather than worry, it's like, how do I say this? Something will definitely happen when I cross this bridge, I dunno what, I just know it will. Try not to let it surprise you."

Everybody present here put on a 'What is this guy going on about?' look.
Even the ladies and underling inside the stagecoach couldn't understand.
Of course, I'm the only who gets it.
A phenomenon I'm all too familiar with after going through so many.

This stagecoach will undoubtedly get dragged in it if it keeps going.
But I should be able to minimize collateral damage if I cross the bridge by myself. I'm convinced.
A river that seems so peaceful and uneventful, and a bridge. All the peace and quiet from this morning up until this point will definitely see the recoil here.
My instinct is ringing me something is coming. That's why I stopped the stagecoach.

"I'm going. You guys, wait here. See ya."

Nothing would get resolved standing around forever. I steeled myself to smash any and all complication that'd crop up as I made my way toward the bridge.






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