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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 400

400 Backfiring


Our stagecoach slowed down to normal speed. Perhaps that backfired instead?
A pack of beasts led by one magic beast ended up surrounding our stagecoach, near a forest in the middle of the highway.
The ape-like magic beast leader looks like a giant orangutan, like a powered up version of the bandit boss from last night.
All kinds of animals are in the pack the thing is leading.
Wolves, spiders, bears, snakes, bees there are even insects. And all of them aren't just normal animals, they seem to be magic beasts.

"Wha! Why is there a Round Ape here!? Damn! How could it be...!"

The coachman looked flustered when he noticed that magic beast. I have no idea why thus I ask.

"What's the big deal? Isn't it just one magic beast? How bad can it be?"

In this world, it's common sense that magic beasts are equal total devastation. This coachman bases it off that common sense. That there is no surviving this situation.
But not me. I've taken care plenty of magic beasts already. All in a day's work. These magic beasts are no threat to my power.
Hence I cannot understand his agitation. The difference in our attitude is in how I don't perceive magic beasts as a threat.
The coachman explains.

"We have no idea how but this thing is able to control living beings as it pleases. Then it uses them like playthings to slowly torture its prey. If we don't do something here!"

Thanks for the explanation, coachman. So apparently this ape beast possesses the ability to take control of living creatures.
The coachman doesn't know how it compares to my power.
As such, he's fully convinced that we're doomed.
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"There's no record of Round Ape appearing here! In fact! No magic beasts had ever showed up on this highway regardless of their threat level, just how come!?"

Looks like the coachman is losing his mind because this highway was supposed to be safe from magic beasts.
There will be many more victims if we can't get away with this information. If we succeed, many lives would be saved.
The coachman must be wracking his brain trying to find a way out of this.
The four people inside the stagecoach aren't particularly perturbed in contrast to the coachman.
The coachman noticed them and had a 'what's with these people' look on his eyes. But he immediately thought of them as 'resigning to their fate' and got back to watching the magic beasts besieging the stagecoach.

Of course, the ladies as well as the underling are afraid.
Not toward the magic beast but me, I just don't know. The same with the coachman.
These four who had witnessed me fighting before could not imagine me losing no matter how many enemies I'm up against.

"Anyway, I'll take care of these things, they're in the way. Can't get any more behind the schedule."

I got off the stagecoach since the magic beasts wouldn't come this way for some reason.
The coachman popped his eyes wide seeing that.

"Not even you could possibly take that thing on! Don't needlessly throw your life away!"

The way he said that convinced me that he really is a 'watchdog' sent by the kingdom.
He must know my strength. But only from hearsay. He's never seen first hand the fate of those who opposed me.
That's the difference between this watchdog and the ladies.

I'm guessing this watchdog must have muzzled the villagers on me when he went to deliver my message earlier.
Also, he must know the end result of my encounter with the bandits last night, but not the flow of event.
I never told this coachman to not leave his room. He probably went out and contacted another kingdom spy stationed in the village to convey the matter with bandit gang during that time.
The incident itself was resolved while he was busy, thus he didn't witness it on site.
Or else he wouldn't take this stance insisting me that it can't be done.

This gave me an idea.

(Should I give this watchdog the front seat of a nicely impactful show as a deterrent for the kingdom so they'll stop messing with me?)

With that in mind, I surveyed the magic beasts while thinking how to 'conclusively' and 'flashily' crush them.





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