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Skill? Nee yo Sonnamon! Chapter 125

Hunting Fest (2) Uncharacteristic Sermon


...It's been an hour since the start of the fest.
All participants are spending a lot of time seeking out magic beasts, most have hunted 5-6 beasts on average.
Yet, this pace is still considered fast relative to normal.

By the way, presently Reina's tally is at eight, while Alma's at 16 because she ran into, no, more like she kept zeroing in on packs of beasts.
Reina aside, it's likely taking Alma longer to retrieve the bodies than the battles themselves.

There have been several more magic beasts that breached their areas but thanks to the staff members as well as the participants themselves dealing with those beasts, nobody was hurt badly.
Yellow area in particular has Alma going out out her way to rush toward those breaching beasts, it's probably the most trouble-free area.
Just hoping she'd still have energy left for the latter half...

The period of beast culling is to last for about five hours. Dunno if that's long or short.
Each participants are free to choose when to take a break, have a meal, drink potions or do maintenance on their weapons. Even now there are people who are taking a breather and those who are running around looking for beasts with a bread in their mouth. You're gonna throw up.
Alma seems to be conversing her energy well, she's still got 80% on MP and SP. Quite the leeway she's got.
Reina's got her MP at 90%, and SP at around 60-70% mark, a bit slanted on SP consumption. She's gonna run herself to exhaustion in 1-2 hours.
Well, she could take a break and have a meal midway through I guess. This is nothing compared to her first two days of leveling.

Magic beasts breaching their areas may be bad, but participants aren't actually prohibited from doing so.
They pick which area to hunt in at the start and only get points by culling beasts found there, but them crossing over between areas doesn't break any rule.
There may be no penalty on killing beasts located in areas outside their pick, but they get no point in doing so.
Also, picking a different area once you've started is not against the rules either however you will have to start over from zero point.
This puts you on a time disadvantage over other participants, hence, almost nobody does it.
Those who give up mid way, or suffer serious wounds can retreat to safe zones set up in every area for treatment and such.

Some participants spread out individually all over the area, while some are staying close to each other.
If I had to say as a staff member, it'd be nice if they could stay together like that as that'd make it easy to handle things when magic beast breaches happen.
We won't say it outright as this is a competition after all, but getting attacked by a strong magic beast when you're alone poses a huge risk.
That's why us staff are here though.
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Speak of the devil, a lone participant has just been attacked by a breaching magic beast.
Signal bead confirmed, I'm the only staff member heading there, 30 seconds until arrival. Make it in time!
Hm, there's another participant nearby. Guess they saw that signal bead and went there.
They were much closer, and got there before me. Should be fine then.
...Wait, the first victim's been knocked out! Must have been hit bad!
The person helping could be in danger now, I've gotta hurry.

The first thing I saw at the site was a silver haired woman lying on the ground, and a chicken magic beast with an awfully lustrous silver fur. Ah, of course the name's Silver Cock.
And the person standing guard between the chicken and the helpless woman was Blue, aka that Willclause guy.
...So you were the one helping. I kinda look at him in a new light now.
The silver chicken is a Lv35, while Blue is Lv30, might be a tad tough for him.
Would be a cinch if he could use Energy or Mana Control like Alma and Reina, but Skills alone would only get you so far.
In fact, his HP is gradually getting chipped down every time he blocks the chicken's attacks with his sword and shield. I gotta help.

As I'm fast approaching with Mana Flight, I wrap my right arm with Mana Cushion and Mana Armor, produce explosive liquid and a Mana Stake at the tip and--


"Kuh! You! ....Wait, what is that!?"

I get next to the beast and detonate!

BOOOOM! Mana Pile Bunker hit its target and exploded with a loud booming sound, blowing the silver chicken's head to smithereens.
Hm, alrighty. The body didn't get pulverized unlike that time with Red Demon in Vinfitt. Aiming only for the head was a good decision. Its meat and feathers look of good quality, I can get them with this.
In cases the staff members intervene like this, participants don't get to collect the mats or points. Not a good result to them surely.

The unconscious woman seemed to have been kicked by the chicken, she managed to defend against the attack but hit her head when she fell.
Fortunately, her injury isn't serious. Only a bump on her head and slight bruises on neck.
Done confirming, let's get her to the safe zone. I don't wanna get involved with Blue, heck he might suspect my identity.
Ah, seeing as he helped, I guess I could throw him a wound salve or something.

"...Sorry, I got here late. Here's some medicine... Or perhaps you didn't need my help."

"...No, you were a great help. I alone wouldn't have been able to save her."

Blue took the salve and smeared it on his wound.
He's unexpectedly honest, quite different from my impression of him.

"May I hear how things got to that point?"

"...I saw that woman being attacked by a breaching magic beast and rushed to help, but I failed to protect her and she got hit in the process."

"Then, I came in the picture while you were guarding her."

"Yeah... You're, incredible. Killing such a powerful beast in just one blow. Look at me..."

And now he's getting depressed. Well, guess he got through a lot of shock today alone.
First, Alma dumped him... No, she probably didn't even pay him any attention. Huh wait, isn't that worse? ...Well whatever.
...It's not my style, but I guess I could give him some advice.

"...Trying to help someone without the strength to back it up is indeed more akin to recklessness than courage. You might get eaten along with the person you tried to save instead."

"...! But I'm...!"

"Justice without substance is worthless. You might end up troubling the people you try to help instead. Does that ring a bell?"

"...W-what do you know about me...!"

He looked sheepish despite his rebuttal. Well, of course that rung a bell.
Even though I'm sounding high and mighty, I'm only using this chance to get back on him for that matter at the guild. Man, am I petty.

"However, it is true that I might not have made it in time if you didn't come to her rescue. I am not saying your justice is entirely wrong. Nobody would object as long as it's backed with substance."

"...What is, substance anyway..."

"That's for you to ponder. Perhaps it's intellect, or connection to go against unreasonableness, perhaps it's might to defy violence, it's your ideal... Forgive me for this sermon. I have to carry her to the safe zone, if you'd excuse me."

It may look like I'm running away, but the woman really does need treatment. I've healed her with Lifeforce Control though.
Now then, fall back, fall back.

"O-oy! Tell me your name--"

Blue said something, ignore!
I ran off at blistering speed not unlike Alma earlier. Bye bye~.
Ah, guy is dumbfounded again. Eh, just gonna leave him alone.

Haa, that sermon sure wasn't like me.
Acting so high and mighty when I'm nothing great myself.
How do even define 'substance' anyway. Is it red bean paste like anko? ...Man I haven't had one since I got here. Wonder if there's someone cultivating red bean somewhere out there.
The fact that I'm always falling back to food related topics shows my substance. Ah, I'm hungry...






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