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Skill? Nee yo Sonnamon! Chapter 135

On the Way Home


"Ah, welcome back~!"

We came back to the signboard ahead of the Monster Prairie where Reina greeted us.
...She's got dried blood all over her body, but she doesn't seem hurt.

Oops, next to her, is that

"..Eh? Reina, you were in that black haired neechan's party?"

"Yep I am, and that man next to her is our leader, Kajikawa-san."

The green haired daggerist boy, Radiasta.
Fumu, I see they must have got along after working together to defeat that area breacher.

"Hello, I'm Kajikawa Hikaru, party leader of [Tomorrow of Hope]. Nice to meet you."

"...I remember seeing you fighting on the front line during Daijel Stampede. My name is Almatina, pleased to make your acquaintance."

"A, ah, you remember me? Thanks a lot for saving me when that Werewolf caught me... I'm, Radiasta. Just call me Radia, the pleasure's mine!"

For now, we introduced ourselves. Even Kojiki says it's important to... Or is it? I never read Kojiki so I dunno.

"Reina's friend?"

"Yep he is. Radia-san saved me when a magic beast from yellow area got in and almost got me."

"...Facing off against a Werewolf-class beast was honestly nerve wracking. I'm just glad my ambush worked..."

"Radia-san is amazing! He stabbed his dagger on that beast and then he activated Extended Mana Blade right away, piercing the beast from inside out!"

"Daggers have a short reach after all, can't always hit the vital with them. But Extended Mana Blade's not that strong as is, it doesn't really work on magic beasts over Lv20 so you gotta come up with tricks like that."

Hee, can't believe someone thought up of that.
...Mastering that tactic with a lightweight weapon may someday make him even stronger than the average swordsmen.
Huh, aren't daggerists strong enough as they are? Or maybe it's just cause this tactic sounds that good?

"Thank you so much for saving Reina."

"O-oh I really didn't do much... Besides, I think Reina would have won anyway with that shadow diving Skill of hers."

"Naw, I'd have a hard time running from a magic beast that strong, you really were a great help."

"See, even Reina said it. We have to return the favor... Right, how about having a dinner together with us tonight?"

"Eh? A-are you sure? But..."

"Of course. Ah, perhaps it's too shabby? The other options would be..."

"No no, I'm fine with dinner! Please, I'm looking forward to that feast!"

The boy was hesitating when I offered him dinner together but relented when I was considering other options.
He's in a near Starvation state, there's no need to be reserved.
By the way, the reason I'm using polite speech is to avoid him suspecting me of being [Soarer]. It's absolutely not because I'm being sarcastic.
I absolutely don't feel like a father who's being introduced to his daughter's boyfriend, nope. Really. Truly.


"By the way, Kajikawa-san, what's up with that little birdie riding on your shoulder?"

"Our dinner tonight."



"I'm sorry, I'm just joking please stop poking my back... I picked it up somewhere in the prairie. It would have died left alone, so I decided to keep it. Reina, are you allergic to birds or anything?"

"Not at all. Fuwaa, it's so cuute..."

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Reina poked on the chick with an enraptured expression.
The chick squints its eyes in content.
...Come to think of it, what does this thing eat anyway? What do magic beast younglings even eat?

<<Larval form of magic beasts possesses an extremely sturdy digestive system, capable of digesting most organic matters. It can eat human food without any issue. However, one needs to ensure the proper quantity of fodder given.>>

Ah, can't feed too much and fatten it huh.
Like goldfish, they die if you give too much.

<<Nay, magic beasts have an extremely high metabolic rate to ensure rapid growth and survival. Too little fodder may result in death by starvation. At its current stage, the same portion as a human for each meal is preferable.>>

Eeeh, where would all that food go in this palm-sized chick?
Fantasy creatures ignore laws of conservation of mass huh... I'm not one to talk having eaten multiple people worth of food though.
How many dozens of plates I cleaned up during that eating contest again. The frying pan I got as a reward was even better than a teflon at being non sticking. So handy for cooking egg dishes.

"I see you have returned, Kajikawa."


"It's good that you seem unharmed. A relief indeed."

Turning to look at the voice, it was Scarymast who showed up out of nowhere.
She suddenly spoke behind me, my heart almost jumped out of my throat...

"Sca... Guild master, thank you for you hard work."

"Sca? ...Dunno what you were trying to say, but you look weary. Did something happen?"

"...There's some matter I wish to discuss with you."

But stuff about Menu and such are not something other people could hear, so I can't tell her right away.
Perceiving that, Scarymast put her forefinger and thumb on her chin.

"Fumu... Sorry, I'll be borrowing Kajikawa for a bit."

"You guys can go back to the inn ahead of me. Don't worry, I'll cook dinner on time."

"Eh? I-is that so..."

"...Was there a trouble?"

"A bit... It's nothing much, really."

"Let's go, Reina. Radia, you too."


Of course 'nothing' is a lie considering Scarymast is involved.
Alma smoothly urged the two to go back with her. Good job Alma.

We went somewhere with no foot traffic and sat down on some rocks.
...Wonder why, my heart isn't at all throbbing even though I'm alone with a beauty. I'm nervous for a whole different reason instead.

"...Now then, let me hear it."


This is just me giving a report right? Not an interrogation right?
How is this person so intense. I'm scared. I wanna go home and make dinner...






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