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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 401

401 Watchdog, Threat, Money


(Which means I can't just beat all these powerful magic beasts effortlessly, gotta make a good show out of it.)

I think to myself while shifting Accelerated state to the lowest stage, preparing to break the encirclement.
My surroundings gradually change as I enter Acceleration. The noisy clatters of threatening magic beasts disappear.
Their flaunting of claws and fangs also become slow motion.

(Now then, there's a lot of them, I'll just treat this like a stroll.)

Just right, we have a nice weather today. I slowly walk my way toward the magic beasts.
A world where only I can perform. To these magic beasts, I must look like I'm moving at a speed beyond their understanding.

(Wonder if the watchdog can follow my movement? Well, he should at least understand that I did it.)

Being optimistic that even the dullest man would get it, I fetch my katana from magic bag and slowly draw it to perform an iai slash.
The blade sunk into a bear's torso without resistance. By the time it came off, the damage was fatal.
Its torso was very thick being a magic beast and all, its skin would have been impenetrable to ordinary swords.
However, my katana easily sliced through it all.

(With this, my watchdog should understand that they cannot make an enemy out of me. But I might as well clean this whole mess up. Our stagecoach can't go on with these beasts around.)

Afterward, I carefully and slowly swung my katana on the wolves, low altitude bees, spiders and all kinds of magic beasts here.
A boar seemingly noticed what I was doing as its eyes turned into a look of shock and proceeded to point its fangs toward me, however, it could never catch up to the Accelerated me.
There's no way I can't dodge something so slow. These beasts look like they're moving in super slow motion to me no matter how hard they try.

(It's survival of the fittest out there, don't blame for this okay? Go curse that ape instead.)
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In the end, I sliced apart all the beasts besieging our stagecoach without missing any.
By the time I was done with the last one, the first bear I cut had finally turned into two chunks of falling meat.

(The original world only experienced that much time despite how long I spent in this Accelerated world huh...)

Really shows how much gap there is between the two world's time axis, I'm getting a new perspective on my power yet again.

"Hey coachman, is this enough to alleviate your concern? Let me take care of that ape now."

As I undid Acceleration, the magic beasts fell apart one after another.
I spoke to the coachman in the meantime. A threat to the kingdom's watchdog.
All that's left is to send a 'know your place' message by taking care of the ape.
This coachman is a watchdog the kingdom sent to orbit around me. I don't really mind it, but neither do I approve.
The kingdom must regard me as a threat. This coachman is here to ensure that I don't pose a risk to the kingdom itself. This must be the prime minister's handiwork. I have an agreement with the princess, and I don't see her as someone who'd plot up something like this.
Being treated like a fugitive doesn't feel too nice.
Hence this serves as a warning to them, 'Don't annoy me more than this, capiche?'
'But won't that put them on high alert instead?', that thought crossed my mind, however, I prioritized all the piled up irritation they caused and anger venting.

"How should I go about this? ...Come to think of it, does that thing fetch a high price? If I recall right, you can sell magic beasts materials. My financial situation should be set if I do just that at the commercial city."

I finally realized a way to solve my monetary issue now after all this time. A realization that came so late. Especially when there were many past opportunities for it.
There's no need to take valuables off criminals, I can earn more with magic beasts.
I had never considered that since I was never fixated with money. Just no interest whatsoever.
Now that I've finally realized that getting the fund is a necessary step toward finding somewhere I can build my home at, I'm pondering the best way to cut up the cash, I mean the ape magic beast ahead.





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