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Skill? Nee yo Sonnamon! Chapter 131

Hunting Fest (8) Dead Chicken Alive Soarer Run


Few minutes later.
The ladies have decimated all the Iron and Silver Cocks. So strong.
Seems like Hueytt was working around the clock protecting them both, neither is hurt. Hueytt himself is all battered up though... Seriously, good work.

Their leader Greggna was having a good match against Golden Cock but he ran out of mana and stamina midway through, sending him spiraling down.
My mana was fully restored from the level up after beating Platinum Cock so I went in and cut off Golden Cock's neck from the side.
...Why did that Golden Cock's attacks feel lighter compared to Platinum Cock when it was that big anyway.
Its neck was even the size of my thigh, yet Platinum Cock's felt so much sturdier.

I'm done eliminating all the magic beasts around these parts.
The issue comes after.
First of all, my Illusory Mask broke so this party found out about my identity.

"...So Soarer was the man of that black haired brute couple."

The leader murmured when he saw my face.
What the heck is a black haired brute couple!?
Was the thing about me and Alma forcing Reina to work for us still not cleared up?

"Ah hey leader, that rumor was a misunderstanding you know?"

"Is that really how you speak about our rescuer?"

"Heck, someone this strong could easily defeat two, three B-rank magic beasts on his own. They don't need that blond girl to work for them, don't you think?"

The other three covered for me for some reason.
It might seem like they were returning the favor but upon closer inspection, they're looking at me with a tinge of fear in their eyes.
I guess someone who could slice off Platinum and Golden Cock's necks bare handed (Mana Blade Rev) would be scary...

"Forgive me, I didn't mean to blurt that out. I know the rumor about you was unfounded."

"Oh, I don't really mind... More importantly, please keep my identity as Soarer to yourself..."

"I get you, I get you. Somebody out there might set their eyes on you if peeps find out you can solo Rank A magic beasts on top of flying."

"Like say, maybe some affluent noble would order you, 'Be mine'."

"Lots of people are gonna interrogate you on the secret to obtain Flying Skill."

"At worst, you might even become a test subject of the Royal Research Institute."

Who wants that! Way scary! You guys absolutely don't tell anyone you hear me! Seriously!

"Well uh, thanks to you we'd manage to go home safely now."

"If Soarer didn't come, that chicken would have killed us all good..."

"Yeah, that's for sure. Thanks a bunch."

"Think nothing of it, I'm just doing my job."

Looks like my secret would be safe, I think.

『Pi pi.』

...Now then, what should I do about the other issue.

"...By the way, it's been bugging me, just what's up with that chick riding on your shoulder..."

"...An egg came out of Platinum Cock after it died. It hatched just when I was pondering what to do, and now this thing follows me around."

"It probably thinks you're its parent cause it saw you right after being born..."

"The so-called imprinting eh, who knew that stuff was real."



Yep, I'm honestly at my wit's end about this memento left behind by that platinum chicken.
It keeps following me everywhere I go, I'll get attached to it at this rate.
...Can't I just leave it behind here?

<<There is an extremely high chance of it dying from starvation from being unable to feed, or becoming fodder to other magic beasts-->>

Okay I get it! My bad! I won't abandon it!
Dang, this is way more troublesome than any of that platinum chicken's assault.
Thought I beat it with my trump card, turned out it got the last laugh. How'd it come to this.


Don't look at me, don't tilt your head. Dangit, so cute.
...But this thing is a magic beast right. Can I really bring it into towns...?

<<It is possible after registering at the guild as a pet beast and putting on the pet beast collar.>>

Really... No choice, guess I'll raise it as a pet.
Meaning, I gotta teach it toilet etiquette, gotta make sure it doesn't poop in public.

Whoops. I gotta go and deal with other area breachers.
From here, Alma's spot is the closest. I should go help her first.
Wait, I just realized she's fighting two of them. Gotta hurry!

"Sorry, I've got to get going now. There are other area breachers I gotta deal with."

"Yeah? Take care now!"

"Don't push yourself!"

"Hatchling-chan too, stay safe."

"H-hey! Don't you want those chicken mats!?"

"I've got enough with Platinum!"

I want the mats but there's no time to waste.
No telling how long can she hold out against those two powerful beasts, please be safe Alma!

"Let's go!」


...I'll envelop this hatchling with mana just to be safe.
It might die from shock with all the high speed flying otherwise.

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~~~~~~Alma's Point of View~~~~~

There are two wolves in front of me.
One has a silver fur, silver eyes and glimmering sharp silver claws.
The other one has a golden fur, golden eyes, and glittering pointy golden fangs.
I can't afford to let up against neither. They're obviously stronger than Yellow Area pack bosses.

As their appearances suggest, the silver wolf excels in Claw Arts, while the golden one Fang Arts.
...However, I must not easily be misled by such obvious traits.
As they both constantly swap between one another in the blink of an eye.
I can't tell which one is silver, which one is golden even now.

One wolf fights in a close range while the other covers its partner with ranged attacks, they're very tricky.
Very fast too, I can't catch up if I don't use [Storm Sword] so I can't use [Ocean Sword].
My magic is fully dedicated to defending against the ranged attacks too, my mana has been diminishing by the clock.
This can't go on.

I tried creating a pitfall and sent one of them down, but the moment the ground caved in, it escaped with Air Step.
Enemies with high Perception can seemingly read when Spirits stir, Spirit Magic can't deal decisive blows on them.
...I can't win, alone.



Oh no, they swapped again while I was needlessly lost in thought, no wait, it hasn't changed? Which one is this again.
Claws, or fangs.

It's holding its claws aloft so....

No, it's fangs! A blade of mana stretched out of its fangs before its claws reached me...

My shoulder. Intense pain.
It must have been gouged out. I can tell my blood spraying.
I can tell liquid as warm as my body temperature is seeping on my clothes.

The wolf is going for me with its fangs.

Aiming   for   my   head

Can't  dodge


"The crap you're doiiiiiiiiiiiiing!!!"


As I watched the fangs about to pierce through my head like I was a spectator, waiting for my death.
A really angry looking unmasked Hikaru kicked away the wolf along with,

『Pi pi!』

...A small yellow object riding on his shoulder.

...A hatchling? Why, a hatchling?






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