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Skill? Nee yo Sonnamon! Chapter 132

Hunting Fest (9) Danger in Half a Pair and Impatience


...I probably had gotten conceited without realizing.
Learning how to rearrange my Skills with Mana and Energy Control, acquiring powerful moves beyond my level, and Job Changed to a new stage, all of that must have gotten to my head.
I should have run away when I found out I was going up against two Rank A wolves. Why did I believe I could take them on head-on, that was stupid of me.

"Alma, you're hurt badly...!"

"...I'm sorry, I didn't think they were so strong..."

"Never mind that, let me tend to your wound."

As Hikaru said that with a worried look, the pain on my gouged right shoulder gradually receded.
A gentle feeling like a warm fireplace flowed from his hand. Once the pain was gone, there was no hint of wound anywhere.
Ordinary potions or healing spells cannot achieve this... He can't use Skills yet he can do so many things.

"...Thank you."

"...Alma, it's not my place to say this as the one requesting your help, but I did tell you not to push yourself, didn't I..."

"...Forgive, me... I was careless, just because I got a bit stronger..."

...It's also partly because I was happy thinking I could finally lend my strength to Hikaru.
Yet this is the end result. Hikaru had to rush here.
...I'm just dragging him...

"...Well, I mean this chick's parent stabbed my head clean along with my mask, thought that was it for me too. I'm not one to talk."



Did he just blurt out something outrageous?
Or rather, what is that hatchling anyway?

"We're both aware that nothing good comes out of doing things alone. That's why we have to work together when we're up against clearly dangerous foes. Just run away when it looks dicey and you're by yourself."


...No, self-loathing gets me nowhere.
I should look back on this failure and make sure the next one doesn't turn out the same.
I'd drag his feet for real if I don't pull myself together.
Let's think what I can do here and now.


"...By the way, what is that little birdie?"

"...I'll explain later. We've gotta deal with these wolves."

Hikaru smiled wryly... I'm curious about what happened.



They're planning to go with a combination of ranged and close-quarter volleys of attacks like earlier.
The golden wolf is coming for us. This one specializes in Fang Arts... No wait, that might just be for show, and the silver one could be the one skilled in Fang Arts--

"Hmph, this guy's good with Fang Arts and the one in the back Claw Arts huh. Oho? What is this Trace Transfer thing... Unique Skill? That's a first."

"Hikaru, can you tell which one is which wolf?"

"Yeah, looks like these wolves have a Unique Skill to mime each other, also when miming they can use the other wolf's Skills on top of their innate one. Just think of them being good at both Claw and Fang arts when they're miming."

"...Which means, we can't just watch out for either Skill and have to always be on guard for both?"

"Yep, although maintaining the miming eats up their mana, they can't just keep doing it forever."

So the reason why they keep shifting forms isn't only for dazing me but also to save MP.
I'm disappointed in myself for falling to that and get my shoulder gouged out. It might turn out differently if only I stayed calm.

"Well, we have you Alma, their constant shapeshifting won't change a thing. Oh yeah, mind hearing me out?"


"Can you use Spirit Magic to raise the ground we're on as high as you can?"

"...Got it. But I don't have much mana left, I don't know how high I can go..."

"I'll refill yours, no worries. So yeah, spirits, fight-o."

<Ugh, not another annoying job.>

<One time you had us dig a hole, this time it's hill raising. I'm tired boss.>

<Guys guys, he's gonna threaten us again if you keep grumbling! Get to it!>

"...Man it's like I'm a superior ordering corporate slaves around in an exploitative company."

Hikaru murmured while smiling wryly at the complaining spirits.
Corporate slaves? What is an exploitative company?
He'd say those weird things from time to time, but I never get what they mean.
The other day I asked him 'What's a thin book?' and he averted his eyes as he replied 'You don't need to know...' looking awkward. Those are probably questionable words again.
...Wonder what kind of world is this 'Japan'. I just can't imagine.

The spirits swiftly raised the ground we're on to around ten meter tall despite incessant yelling.

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The incoming golden wolf ran up the hill unimpeded.
The silver wolf went with long ranged attacks such as Mana Claw and Mana Fang Farslash.
These wolves wouldn't relent even after the terrain changed shape.

"Alma, please defend against the long range attacks."


Per his instruction, I activated [Ocean Blade] Magic Sword and stopped the incoming mana slashes with blades of water.
This ability can cover over a wide range, but its offensive power and speed lack behind.
Against powerful adversaries in a close quarter combat, I have to use Storm Sword if I want to catch up.
And that's why I'm incapable of dealing with the wall running golden wolf.


The golden wolf used Air Step to lunge at us.
It looks like it has [Roaring Rush] active as well, its speed is extraordinary.

"Welp, bagged one moron."


"Could have done better if you just stop and think, what an impatient pup."

The wolf rapidly decelerated before entirely stopping mid air.
It fell into a panic and started flailing around.
Hikaru has deployed a thick wall of mana cushion to block and envelop this wolf.
...So he can do something like this now.

"Once used, Air Step is unusable until after you've landed. Meaning you're utterly helpless now."

『Gaaa!! ...Gu! Guruaa...!!?』

"Try as you might flailing your legs and fangs, it's useless. Your attributes are nothing compared to this guy's parent, restraining you is a cinch."

『Pi pi.』

...Wonder what kind of monster was that parent anyway.

"...I get that you didn't hurt Alma out of malice. To live is to eat after all."

Hikaru tenderly spoke to the wolf with a gentle expression.
...But you can see the veins bulging on his forehead, and there's no hiding the wrath and bloodlust in his words. It's far scarier than him getting angry like normal.

"But that's a separate matter entirely. Now then, it's time for your punishment, welcome to hell."

『K-kyain! Kyain!!』

Lost to the sheer pressure, the golden wolf yelped in despair.
...Why am I feeling pity for this wolf instead of anger for gouging my shoulder...






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