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Skill? Nee yo Sonnamon! Chapter 122

Discard Your Worldly Desires


The day following Alma's leveling.
Reina's making her debut at the pea green area today.
But first, I'm making her train on Mana Control before we get to the real thing.
She seemed to have grasped the knack during the chicken fight the other day, but it's not quite at a level sufficient for real combat yet so she's trialing by sparring with Alma now.
Only Alma can lecture her on Mana Control-based Skill Rearrangement after all.

"Mwu, I get that powering up 'Mana Blade' sharpens it, but it doesn't look that different to me, I dunno if I'm doing it right..."

"Then try out 'Extended Mana Blade'. The difference in using Mana Control or not is obvious with that... Just like this."

Alma cast Extended Mana Blade.
It's an ability to extend your sword's reach in the shape of a blade, but Mana Control allows you to freely change this shape.
It's a good Skill ability for practice since it requires a delicate control of mana, and not merely just boosting its power.

"Oh, the extended blade changed shape!"

"Start by sensing the flow of mana during Skill usage first thing first. That's the fundamental of Skill Rearrangement."

"The flow of mana? I-I can't really imagine how to feel that..."

"...If you find it hard to tell the flow of mana that's outside your body, try focusing your inner mana in your head. That should lets you perceive flows and sizes of mana existing externally."

"G-gotcha... Nnn... Ooh?! What is this! I can sense mana even though I can't see them with my eyes or touch them!"

Looks like she managed to learn Mana Perception. Naturally seeing as she can already control her inner mana.

"Ooh, the world looks different, no, it feels different! ...But is it just me, or the inside of my head is getting hotter...?"

"That heat will turn into pain if you keep that up for long. According to Hikaru, if you go beyond your limit with this technique, you might even become a cripple at worst so make sure you stop on the first onset of pain."

"C-cripple...!? That's way scary...!"

Reina turned pale as she was warned on the danger of Mana Perception while being drunk on the sense of omnipotence the technique brought her.
By the way, the cripple part is neither a threat or an exaggeration. Obtaining a new extrasensory part comes with an unexpectedly huge risk.
According to Menu, you might even die as your brain gets literally fried while raising smoke like in manga.
Apparently you can lessen the burden by shutting out your other senses such as sight or hearing, yet a prolonged usage is still dangerous.
I gotta be careful not to deploy Mana Search when I'm out of HP. I'm not into inedible delicacy like a lost brain.

While Reina is sparring, I take it upon myself to remove all approaching magic beasts while gathering fruits and ingredients.
There's a lot of fruits you can eat as is around these parts, like pear-like fruit (Rafa fruit), or muscat-like fruit (Grigure fruit), it's like a harvest moon.
Wish there were some melons around though. Gununu.

Naturally magic beasts who eat those fruits are attacking me.
If they were green area magic beasts, I'd have lost exactly zero HP, but that's not applicable in this area.
If they go for it, I'll simply react (attack) accordingly.

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Whoa, speak of the devil, a Bronze Cock showed up threatening me like saying, 'The hell ya bastard pullin' in my turf!'
I just wanna pick some fruits, I'm not going to disturb your feeding time.
But well, I say bring it on if you're coming at me.
...This thing's materials (meat in particular) seem of pretty high quality. Karaage teriyaki oyakodon.

『Go-gogya!? Gogeeeeeeee!!』

...It ran off as I was pondering what to make for dinner tonight. Deja vu, remind me of the rabbits back then...
How do I look to these magic beasts when I see them with meals in mind anyway.
Maybe like that kobold I bumped into the first night I arrived in this world? That'd be scary for sure.

『Gyui! Giii!』

Oh, this time a Twin Horn Rabbit is approaching me. It comes looking for a fight as well.
I make an effort to abandon my worldly desires (menu tonight) while suppressing my bloodlust.
It's okay, it's okay, I'm not scary not scary not scary.


...It ran away like a literal startled hare. Even used several Skills as it did.
Hueh? Why'd it run when I had gone out of my way to repress my bloodlust. Maybe I still got some wordly desires left.

<<...Your abandonment of worldly desires and bloodlust suppression turned into pure malice and killing intent, amplifying the terror instead.>>

...Man hunting is a hard work. Wouldn't look like this against higher level enemies though.
Hunting for meat and mats in this area is gonna be a pain if they keep running away on first sight.
It's no sweat if I go at it seriously like when I abduct them for Reina's leveling though.

"...What's Kajikawa-san been doing all this time I wonder?"

"It looks like he's intimidating any magic beast coming close while gathering fruits...?"

"More like those magic beasts tried to pick a fight with him and fled in terror instead. I guess the beasts in this area are nothing when you're as strong as Kajikawa-san."

Nay nay, they started it themselves and then ran away themselves.
It ultimately helps them focus on training though so all OK.

Surely, those beasts wouldn't see me as quite the menace if I just focused on what desserts to make instead.
Maybe I should try that, what cold menu is best for the incoming heat-packed days.
Gonna try my hands on making sherbets or maybe fruit jelly. If I find a substitute for gelatin.
Maybe I could even open a food stall during the Hunting Fest if it went well. Like as palate cleansers.
No, I'm sure other people also have the same idea, it'd be tough. Unless my menu is that unique.
Hunting Fest huh, I'm looking forward to the eating around part more than the main part.
I just hope the hunting part of the event ends peacefully without any disturbance, but that's likely a pipe dream... My intuition (ghost) who hasn't had a spotlight lately is reassuring me that.






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