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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 404

404 Peace of Mind


I told Chimera that it could eat the ape beast meat now.
The reason why I only took its back hide is simply because I don't want to stand out. Of course, I can imagine even this hide alone would cause a huge uproar. Hence I plan to sell it through a go-between. In order to keep my existence anonymous. As such I won't just bring it to some random store.
I would have to tan this leather though, might have to work that out.
No point in worrying over that now, so I'm emptying my mind while gazing at the scenery from within the stagecoach while thinking about the next city.

(Ah, the air is so fresh. What a nice calming weather...)

Of course I'm just escaping from reality. Due to all the events we came across so far, this trip is now running behind schedule.
I'm praying there won't be any more event but I'm fully aware this prayer will have no effect whatsoever.

(Just let me off today. Tomorrow too. Heck, isn't this enough already? I can still go on physically, but my mental state is nearly at a breaking point...)

Looking back, it's abnormal. Bumping into so many events one after another like this.
Three in quick succession are just too much. Even if this is the remuneration I have to pay to this 'something' in exchange for my 'power'.
I can't agree to any more encounter. If there were, I'd frankly just brute force through them. Without caring about the circumstances or anything.
No wait, there was never any time things concluded with just discussions anyway.
I tried my best to soothe my mind as I gazed at the clouds in the sky. One needs time to heal a disrupted mind.

It's quiet inside the stagecoach. The coachman has vacant eyes as he's muttering to himself due to Chimera's existence, despite all that he's driving the stagecoach well.
Underling is holding his knees while shrinking in the corner, and the ladies are not moving a muscle with their eyes locked to a certain being.
Yes, Chimera is currently riding on this stagecoach. In Cat Mode of course. It's twitching around while enjoying an afternoon siesta on my lap.

Thus our quiet journey continued on until evening.
We slowed down and stopped on the roadside with a flat ground.
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"Let us camp here tonight... Err, umm, that magic beast is absolutely definitely safe, isn't it?"

"Yeah, nothing to worry about. Chimera can understand our words. It won't do anything to you provided you don't harm it."

I fetched the usual camping set from my magic bag while replying to the anxious coachman. Then I went on to prepare dinner like usual.
The coachman opened his eyes wide at this. I paid him no heed and cut up the meat from today's magic beast.
I'm making steak. The most direct way to heal your tired minds is good food.
It's from a bear magic beast said to be a high class ingredient that fetches for a lot of money.
The taste is said to match its high price and I'm planning to share it with everyone here.
It's clear from their faces that the ladies, underling and coachman are all fatigued.
Can't have them break down due to mental load. It's still a long ways off to the commercial city. So I've decided to tend to their weary minds.

"I've never been someone who cares so much about other people though. Guess my hands are tied this time."

I've made the promise to protect those ladies, this is part of the package.
Had no idea I was the type who lets myself be bound by a promise I make.
My previous life would have never felt this way, another facet of my personality must have surfaced when my world changed.

Meanwhile the iron plate got heated enough, so I put the first slice of meat on it.
It sizzled and wafted a nice aroma of grilled meat in the surroundings.
I rubbed salt and spice on one side and flipped it.
Once it was done, I put it on a plate.

"Go ahead and eat. I'll throw more as they're ready. Whoops, the pot's--."

I'm also making soup. I plan to look for edible wild plants while it's boiling. It's currently being turned into stock with the bones of the bear magic beast.

The stock soup complete with edible plant was done by the time I grilled enough steak for all of us, then I put it into bowls and gave them to everybody here.

"It's delicious... I cannot believe you made food this good outside like this..."

Coachman gave that impression as he sipped his soup.
I didn't think I did anything special, it was just normal cooking.
I think this coachman is exaggerating. But now that I'm aware how bad the food during camping normally, I suppose this is a luxury.
In truth this is simply because the meat used was high grade. However, compared to the Chateaubriand I had in my past life, it's far inferior.
Hence, I wasn't that impressed. I dunno if this is due to my poor cooking skill or because of my insatiable appetite as an earthling.
The limited time steak I ate back in the kingdom was delicious. So I'm trying to figure out what makes this steak I cooked different.

(There's no way to know, not like I'm that curious anyway, no need to overthink this stuff.)

After meal time, it's time to prepare for bed time. I'm sure I can leave Chimera to keep watch.
I should stop fretting over trivial stuff for the sake of a better quality rest.
I gave Chimera steak and soup and asked it to watch over the night before setting up our tents.





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