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Skill? Nee yo Sonnamon! Chapter 130

Hunting Fest (7) End of Mortal Combat



The chicken retreated back when it saw the thing I fetched from Item Screen.
Judging from the distance and speed, that must have been Quick Step. It doesn't have enough stamina left to keep using Ground Shrink recklessly, it's not even activating Qi Clad.

I took a pair of steel gauntlets out.
They're moving around on their own, fingers and all, like they're alive.

The trick behind it is me simply moving it with remote mana control.
I may have given the gauntlets some life force to avoid the remote mana dispersing, but there's not even a sliver of energy added to them so the precision and output suffers the farther they go from me, heck even when they're close, they're only as strong as my bare hands.
But it's better than nothing. Even if they're only good for petty tricks, it's better than nothing. Gotta say it's twice because it's important etc.

Now then, here I come! Closing in with Ground Shrink!


I tried to drive another High Powered Pile Bunker, but the platinum chicken was ready to block it with Extended Mana Claw.
All while maintaining an exquisite distance using Quick Step that allows its attacks to reach me while simultaneously evading mine. This chicken is truly battle hardened.

CLINK a sound of clashing metal resounded.
The gauntlets under my control got blocked by Extended Mana Claw.
I tried to catch and bring the chicken closer, but it undid Extended Mana Claw and came for me while swinging its spur!
A mana blade created by [Prepost Mana Claw] went for my chest before its actual claw reached me but I blocked it with the gauntlets.

The pair of steel gauntlets broke down with a loud thud.
They got destroyed by [Counter Mana Claw] when Prepost Mana Claw hit them.
You're telling me Sharp Claw Arts can be used together with Claw Arts? Guess they're treated as two different Skills even though one is a derivative Skill.


The chicken cried out like saying, 'I got you' as it swung Extended Mana Claw with all its might.
I have no gauntlets to block it and there's no way to dodge. It got me!

You think?

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The spur stopped just before it reached me.
No, not just the spur. The entire chicken who had jumped off the ground has stopped midair.

Hook line and sinker.

I'm done preparing High Powered Pile Bunker.
Then I drive it at the chicken who's put on a 'what's going on' look on its face.

The chicken's body got blown away several meter back along with an explosion.
One of its legs has been torn off, spraying blood.
It's bruised all over its body, blood is seeping out of its mouth, it looks pitiful.
However, that didn't finish it off. Its body is intact and most importantly, flames of life haven't left its eyes.
...To think it had the reflex to immediately use Counter Mana Claw with its broken leg in that situation.

The chicken stopped midair because I caught it in between remote controlled hardened mana.
It was quite heavy for a chicken, but still far lighter than a person so the strategy worked.
It could have gotten out of the bind by kicking its legs on the ground if it wasn't midair.
I believe it could have gotten away with Air Step but it seemed the chicken was too caught up in the moment.

The reason I made the gauntlets move around was to trick it into believing that I had no shields left when I lost them and made it go in for the kill even though I could control invisible mana remotely.
Even if it didn't jump off and just made a big move, I could still anticipate it. Smaller moves are hard to read.

Despite losing one leg and having its internal organs wrecked, the chicken kept glaring at me.
You still wanna go? I won't chase you if you flee now.
But I won't show any mercy if you're coming. No letting my guard down till I've dealt the finishing blow.
I glare back at it as I slowly walk up to it. Come at me anytime.
...Why am I stuck having a face off against a chicken anyway...

Ten steps between us.
This chicken can use Mana Claw Farslash yet it chooses not to. Wonder if it can't use it well with just one leg.

Nine steps.
Menu screen opened on its own as I took another step.

<<Warning: Through Platinum Cock's Master Skill [Revenge Claw], its lost HP has been added to its Sharp Claw Arts offensive power. There is a high likelihood of Kajikawa Hikaru losing all his HP if he takes a hit.>>

So getting hit by that Skill can mean instant death huh, scary.

As I read the screen, three more steps between us.
The chicken is still unmoving.

Two steps left. Still not moving.

One step. Nope.

Just as I took a stance to finish it,

A blast erupted with the chicken as the focal point.

What, just happened

<<Martial Arts Skill Lv10 Ability [Qi Active Blast] Consume stamina to generate a blowing blast around user. User is unaffected by the blast.>>

...It was hiding this trump card.
The chicken used Ground Shrink to zeroed in on me who had been blown away and swung its spur.
Remote controlled mana can't stop it. The blast earlier blew away all the mana I had floated around me.
With me down on my knee and losing balance, I can't move my arms to block it either.

Well times like this is precisely why I trained myself to be able to drive Pile Bunker from anywhere on my body.
It's kind of a one trick phony, but hey so long as it works. I'm gonna keep blocking these attacks.
I drove away the claw aimed at me from the side instead of frontally.

S-so heavy...! It's like taking a hit from an automobile moving at full speed.
My pile would have been easily dispersed had I took it head-on.
This chicken would have likely swung its other leg had it been intact.

But, I got through it.
With its attack parried away, the chicken lost its balance.
I focused all the energy I had left into my right arm and activated Mana Blade Rev.
I made it move like a chainsaw and boosted its speed as well as sharpness with energy control. This should cut through this chicken no matter how high its Attributes are.
I swung Mana Blade Rev down the chicken.
The chicken twisted its body, intending to block me with its spur. It managed to recover from that huh, this chicken is truly persistent till the end.

But, it's no use.
With so much energy concentrated into it, my Mana Blade Rev's ATK has likely exceeded four digits.
As a proof, it cut through the spur and dug deep into its body.

Now then, you have no more weapon left. Still wanna go?
With both its legs gone, no more means to attack, and it suffering from a fatal hit, the chicken is


That's not a face of resignation. It's looking triumphant even, staring straight at me--

STAB, I felt something pierced through my head along with the mask.
Deja vu, reminded me of that time with the bandits.

A blade of mana extended from the chicken's beak, piercing through my head. Splitting my mask, and revealing my face.
Extended Mana Claw, no this thing's also got Fang Arts, didn't it. Extended Mana Fang huh.
Trump card after trump card. Its true final attack huh.
...Well done.

It would have been your victory had my HP not worked as a buffer to my body.
I grabbed the chicken's neck, pulled out its beak and stared at its face.

Mana Blade Rev lopped its head off.

The head fluttered in the air before hitting the ground.

Its eyes had a look of shock for a brief moment before peacefully closing.

Finally, the end.

"Phew, phew, pheeeeeew....!"

I fell to my knees while groaning.
My whole body is shaking, I can't breathe in or out well.
Oh crap, oh crap, oh crap, my vocabulary suffered after that threat of death.

How many times I almost died in this fight.
The last blow especially. I would have definitely died if not for HP buffer.
Fear of death dominated my mind over joy of victory. I don't wanna fight anything this strong ever againnn...


Something lightly hit my leg as I regained my breathing while half-crying.
...Mwu? A white ball fell out of the chicken's rear... An egg?
Did its buttock loosened up from dying, wait this chicken was a female...
I was wondering how the meat taste, maybe the egg would taste good too.
Gotta take this back home and check out--


Noticing that weird noise, I looked at the egg and saw a crack forming as it moved.

No way

<<The egg, was hatching.>>

Tell me about it sooner!? Didn't it just come out of the butt!?
Is this because it's an egg of a high level magic beast? But I can't eat it now.
Wait no, this is gonna end up with a new magic beast being born, isn't it!? What do I do, Menu-san!

<<Level has reached a certain threshold. Updating Menu Functions.>>

Of all time, now!?
Postpone that for now, tell me what to do about this egg, aaaaah! It's hatched already!






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