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Skill? Nee yo Sonnamon! Chapter 124

Hunting Fest (1) Happening During the First Tens of Minutes


Participants and staff members have started making their way to Monster Prairie.
As I'm in charge of Yellow and Orange Areas unlike other staff, I've decided to fly there and watch the situation below.
Can't believe how hard they're making me work just because I can get around, wish it was just Orange area.

The hunt is already on in Green Area. The participant icons on my Map are moving around all over the place.
Guess it starts early since it's closer. At this rate, the hunt in Yellow Area should start in around 30 minutes.

Reina is hunting in Pea Green Area.
I was hoping she'd take on the safer Green Area instead, but she was planning to use this chance as a test for her ability as well, so she wasn't receptive of the idea. Just don't overdo it.
Eh, am I one to talk when I usually work her hard? You're exactly right, sorry.

Alma has chosen to play it safe and is hunting in Yellow Area.
That area is recommended for those over Lv30 but she should be fine considering how her fight with boss wolf the other day went down.
She should be able to easily handle magic beasts invading from Orange Area even.

...What'd be more troublesome is if beasts from Red Area invaded Orange Area.
Red Area magic beasts are at least Lv40, some may be over Lv50 even.
There's no way I can deal with one such beasts alone... Well I guess I can probably manage if I go at it like my life's on the line, but it's too much.
I'm gonna get the hell out if things look dicey, or ask for Alma's help.

Oh, Pea Green Area's started, faster than anticipated.
I see Reina and the green haired boy among all the icons on my Map. Their levels are both on the lower side compared to other participants, do your best you two.
Reina is steadily but surely making her way toward where the magic beasts are while conserving her energy.
Her Icon changed to 'State: Shadow Diving' when she got close to a magic beast.
Not long after, the beast's Icon turned to 'State: Dead' before disappearing.
...She's already killed one in just a few minutes. Reina might very well take the top spot in Pea Green Area.

Participants can store bodies of defeated magic beasts in the item bag the guild provided.
The guild will purchase all the collected mats but apparently you can also choose to keep what you want later.
By the way, you're gonna have to reimburse a hefty sum if the Item Bag gets damaged or lost... Reina handle it with care, seriously.

Now then, the hunt in Yellow Area is about to begin as well.
Mwu? ...Someone's getting awfully close to Alma, wait, it's that Willclause blue guy.
What, is he accusing her of something again? Give it a rest already. I'm worried Alma might snap and hit him hard. Who cares about Blue though.
The hunt there kicked off with a signal while I was lost in thought. Immediately after, Alma moved at an incredible pace toward where the magic beasts were.
Looks like she's using Quick Step powered up to Ground Shrink level, just be careful on the fuel consumption now. I've given her some lunch boxes so she can replenish her energy midway though.
Left behind, Blue kept standing where he was, seemingly agape. Get to it, you.

People have gathered in Orange Area as well.
There are three people running solo, and four parties of four people each, 19 people in total. Not a lot of them.
It's even fewer in Red Area, only that hot uncle's party of four and two other parties, 12 in total.
There's so few of them, you can get the prizes simply by participating in Red Area.

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...Hm? Menu-san, what's up?

<<Magic beast invading from Yellow Area confirmed near Reinamiure.>>

Seriously?! Right off the bat!?
...Any nearby staff?

<<...They have confirmed the use of Signal Bead and are on the way to the site, however it will take several minutes to cover the distance.>>

That's bad, should I head there. But what if something happened here while I was away...!
But, Reina is in danger, this is no time to--

<<Daggerist [Radiasta] confirmed near Reinamiure. They are working together fending off the magic beast.>>

Radiasta... It's that green haired boy! Good job!
...But can just those two manage? Yellow area beasts are at least Lv20 right?

<<...Radiasta inflicted a grave wound on the magic beast through an ambush, Reinamiure dealt the finishing blow. Present crisis averted.>>

I-I see, thank goodness.
...Green haired boy, good job seriously. Nice work, nice work!
I'll treat him to a meal next time... I'm gonna bring him to some high class restaurant if he declines my handmade food.

<<...Magic beast from Orange Area closing in on Almatina confirmed.>>

Again?! Alma this time!?
Why the heck are they going straight for my companions, don't screw with me!
Yellow is my area, I can go there no problem. Alright, let's take a look just in case--

<<The magic beast has been confirmed dead by Almatina. She's unharmed with minimal MP and SP loss.>>

So quick!? A-Alma-san, aren't you way fired up? It hadn't even been ten seconds or so after encounter?
...She prolly could have handled Orange Area easily.

O,oooh... It just started and two magic beasts already broke through their areas. Both went after my companions at that.
My mental state is already chipped down and it's only been a few tens of minutes.
The whiplash of emotion from worry to watching those two easily dealt with it only serves to tire me out more.
Rather than constantly stressing over Alma and Reina getting attacked by high level magic beasts... Maybe I should've participated with them.
But there's no way I can muster up the courage to refuse Scarymast's request. She's scary.
Besides, there must be a meaning to her calling out to me when she's got so many other capable options.
Or maybe it's just because my Flight ability lets me rescue people easily.
Man, this is gonna be more hectic than I thought, make it end quick please...





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