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Skill? Nee yo Sonnamon! Chapter 121

Boss VS Boss


Hello, good morning.
The day after Scarymast's unreasonable request, I went to the yellow area with Alma to cull magic beasts doubling as leveling.

We had been working together as a team but since we're planning to run solo during Hunting Fest, we're trying to readjust.
Now that both me and Alma are used to fighting magic beasts, each of us can easily go up against swats of them.
Alma especially, thanks to her Job Change, her Skill repertoire has expanded a lot, she's been experimenting.

She's currently rearranging her Offensive Magic.

Lv1 [Fire Ball] Shoot out a fist-sized fire ball. She can do a lot of things with this spell probably cause she's used it a lot. Shooting a barrage of smaller sized fireballs like a machine gun, or enlarging its size for one big explosion... Or keeping the size while increasing its power to lull her opponent into a false sense of security.

Lv2 [Air Blade] Shoot out wind capable of cutting. It's hard to dodge since it's invisible. Blade Wing used this magic I think, sure takes me back.

Lv3 [Water Bullet] Shoot out a ball of water. Even the normal version feels like you're hit by a sledgehammer, don't underestimate water. I taught her a bit on the principle behind water cutter and then... It cut a rock 2 meter in diameter in half. Scary. Even Alma looked agape.

Lv4 [Spark Bullet] Shoot out lightning. There's almost no time lag between casting and hitting, but it arcs so it's not very accurate. It has a chance to paralyze the target if hit. Looks like she can only raises its output even with mana control.

Lv5 [Stone Bullet] Shoot out stone. This helped us out during the boar war. I have no particular comment since she's done rearranging this magic.

Lv6 [Dark Whip] A spell that lets its wearer manipulate dark elemental whips. Those hit by the whips or grab them gradually get disintegrated by the dark element flowing into them. Scary. Unmodified, the spell can disintegrate objects as dense as rocks, but boosted by Mana Control, even steel turns into dust... Most things would be dead the moment this hits them.

Lv7 [Shine Ball] Shoot out a ball of light element. Power-wise it's not much better than other offensive spells, but it can be manipulated like Dark Whip affording easy hit. Rearranging makes it emit a flash of blinding light akin to Spark Wolf upon hitting. It's like a powered up version of that blinding light magic the sister in that hot uncle party used.

Lv8 [Icicle Bullet] Shoot out icicles. It freezes the area where the icicle lands, quite a troublesome magic to defend against it. Rearranging it freezes the target in no time at all. Nasty.

When you look at this, she's got a whole slew of options now.
And miraculously there's no overlapping elements either. Is it that? Did she get a perk that allows her to master all elements when she chose Paladin as her Job?

<<There are no such specifications. This is simply due to Almatina's own excellent disposition.>>

...Had she chosen Mage instead of Paladin and never learned Mana Control, she'd have become the extreme of a Jill of all trades, master of nothing.
With Mana Control, the more varied your elements the more versatile you become though.

Alma looks like she's having a lot of fun when she's trial and error-ing magic rearrangements with Mana Control.
It's hard to tell since her expression barely shifts, but I can tell she's excited. Just hope she won't run her MP dry again.

Meanwhile, I sensed a group of around ten wolves coming our way.
They've even got a boss wolf, what, come back for a revenge? No wait, the last pack died out, these guys are unrelated.

I was preparing to deal with them together, but then Alma asked to let her do it alone.
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"Are you gonna be okay? You'd better not force yourself..."

"It's all right, I have a plan. I'll ask for help if it gets dangerous, so please let me have a go. If I failed, I'd give up taking on this area at the Fest."

Oh okay.
...Personally I'd rather she prioritize safety over winning prizes during the fest and challenge the green and pea green areas instead.
But well, I'm not gonna discourage her when she's this enthusiastic, it should be okay letting her rise up to the challenge if she can take care of these wolves easily.
So now, I'm standing by in the sky. Watching over her, ready to spring into action anytime.

Those wolves are right in front of you now, why aren't you making a Spirit Magic wall or something? Is this really gonna be all right?
Ah hey, you seriously gonna fight multiple at once? That's too much even for...


Four wolves rushed at Alma with that howl signal. She's in a bind right off the bat!

『Gugaaaaaaaaa!! Gafuu.....!!?』

There were times when I thought that.
The attacking wolves collapsed while spraying blood everywhere.
Her new magic sword, 'Ocean Blade'. A wide area magic sword attack that produces controllable water made of mana around the blade that can be used to slash her enemies.
This move alone lets her take care of multiple foes. Easily at that.
After watching their friends died all at once, the remaining wolves including the boss carefully circled Alma while looking for a blind spot.

Alma rained down sprays of magic water upon those wolves.
Each of those droplets is a slashing attack thus the wolves accumulate damage even if it doesn't kill them outright.


Unable to bear the pain any longer, the wolves rushed in to attack in defiance of the water curtain.
The blades of water assault them in all directions like octopus legs, easily mincing them up... Speaking of octopus reminds me of that time we went fishing.
Staying back gets your HP gradually reduced, while going in for the kill gets you killed instantly. Now then, what are you gonna do, wolves?


Oh, the boss wolf shot a barrage of Mana Blade Farslash like the last one did at Alma.
She used her magic sword to stop the attack but that meant her attack on the wolves also paused.
They're not dumb enough to miss that chance. The remaining wolves went lunging at Alma altogether.

But...! Not good enough...!
The magic sword isn't the only area of effect attack Alma has.
She casts 'Dark Whip' simultaneously, producing multiple whips of darkness to deal with the wolves.
Oh, the whips succeeded coiling those wolves. Is she gonna disintegrate them now? Wait a minute, what's she doing?



...She used the captured wolves to shield against the boss wolf's attacks.
The same thing I did back then, but man this is a pretty nasty stuff when you're a spectator.

Alma tried to capture the flinching boss wolf but it managed to dodge her attempt.
Guess it's still a leader of the pack no matter how inept. It won't go down easily.

『Gu...! Guruu....! Hmph!』

Just when I thought that, it turned tail and made a dash for it.
Looks like it deemed that it stood no chance with the pack decimated.
Well, I'd do that if I were in its shoes too yeah. I mean Alma is pretty much a boss character now.

But even running away demands a certain level of competence.
Or else there is no escaping boss units... Let's stop talking about Alma like she's a great demon lord, I'm afraid of the consequences.
Alma isn't going to let the boss wolf go, she deploys Energy Control-boosted Quick Step to go after it.
You're dead meat if she catches you, break a leg boss wolf! ...Why am I rooting for the wolfie again?

Ah, she grabbed it with Dark Whip and cut its neck with her sword. RIP.
She really went and decimated the entire pack alone... Huh? Am I even needed for real?
I descended down next to Alma.

"Good work, seems like you'd do just fine at the fest."

"Un. But that took a lot of mana and energy out of me. I want to come up with a way to conserve them."

"Well, it's unavoidable when you're up against that many. I hope you put your safety first over getting more points during the fest though."

"Un. I won't go overboard with Hikaru watching. Tell me right away if you need assistance."

"Yeah, I'll be counting on you. Now then, time to go collect these mats."

Seems like Alma's training will make it in time for the Hunting Fest.
...Heck, she's probably gonna do just fine in the next area with her current strength.
That's probably a bad idea but yellow area is just no longer enough for our level up or training.
Okay maybe we can go to the next orange area after leveling up once or twice.
Also, gotta accompany Reina's leveling and practice on her new Skills. Ah, so busy.

...Wonder what should I do.
The stuff I bought at the weapon store is only good as a distraction, I'm kinda apprehensive about my lack of main weapon.
I guess fighting bare handed is still gonna be my best bet...






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