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Skill? Nee yo Sonnamon! Chapter 111

Hot People Party's Strength


"I'm Kajikawa Hikaru. Leader of party, 'Tomorrow of Hope'... We're rank D beginners that's just started out two months ago though. I wasn't even a party leader until a few days ago hahaha."

"...Member of Hikaru's party, Almatina. Nice to meet you."

We introduced ourselves as well following theirs.
Man's it's nerve wracking doing so to a party that's so far above yours.

"Rank D? I believe yellow grass areas are mainly inhabited by Rank C magic beasts, are you guys doing okay?"

"Well, it's not easy I admit, but it's nothing we can't handle as long as we're careful we don't surrounded by a pack of them."

"Yeah, but higher ranked magic beasts occasionally find their way in lower level areas, so you should veer on the safe side. Magic beasts over Rank B would be tough with just two of you."

"You're absolutely right. We'll be careful."

...That boss wolf was probably around Rank B. I mean its status was on par with High Cave Bears.
It was also leading a pack though that wasn't an issue thanks to Alma's Spirit Magic.
Well there's no need to needlessly expose our strength, I'm just gonna say yes here.

"This giant lizard looks really strong. I shudder at the thought of getting chased by this thing."

"Well, even our party would have a hard time if we had to face it head-on. First we crafted an elaborate plan, then we made sure to lead the lizard somewhere that gave us the advantages."

"Yep yep. So the plan worked cause the thing was cold-blooded y'see. First we slowed it down by barraging it with ice magic, then we toppled it over with earth magic scrolls to lay its belly bare and then we finished it off. Preparing allll the tools to make that happen was an ordeal in itself I tell you."

Umu, I see.
You don't just rely on levels and stats, you pay attention to tools, environments, magic beasts' traits and use them to your advantages.
I also used things like Spark Wolf's horns or Fire Frog oil when I was low leveled.
I've been relying so much on mana and energy controls lately, I've forgotten about that.
Raising your level, developing new moves to expand your tactics, all that is important of course, but I do think there's room for improvement.
I've gotta use anything at my disposal, might want to take a peek at the tool stores in the port town later.

"Got stuck doing this manual labor thanks to a dumbass who forgot the key Item Bag cause her mind was stuck on those tools."

"Oh shaddup you, be a man and quit dragging out the past!"

"Leader, this girl's absolutely unrepentant. Let's get her pull the entire thing."

"Ah hey, what are you on about now!?"

"Indeed, I can feel my back and waist aching from all that hard work. I suppose we can let her handle the rest."

"Fighto, Raina."

"I-I'm sorry! Forgive me, anything but that!"

...I've gotta take care not to make this kinda mistake. Learn by example and all that stuff.
Watching this exchange really drives home that even veteran adventurer parties are humans too.

"Seeing as you guys had it planned out beforehand, did you take a commission to kill this thing?"

"No well, we did take a culling commission in magic beast areas, but not for this one in particular. It was about time for Daina and Raina to renew their equipment and we figured using high quality mats from a magic beast we felled ourselves would be cheaper."

"This thing's scales are stupidly tough your average weapons just ain't gonna cut it but that also what makes them ideal as protector's mats."

"The rest of the mats fetch for really good prices too, we're easily in the black even after deducting all the expenses... It took us a whole week just to find this lizard."

"In fact, all the materials we procured from the magic beasts we culled during our search might have been more profitable."

Figured magic beasts dwelling in the depths are highly valued for their mats.
But they're way out of our league, gotta hold myself back.


"...? Hikaru, what's wrong?"

"Uh, it feels like something is coming our way from above..."

"Eh? I don't see or hear anything tho'?"

"...No, there is indeed a flapping sound."

The blond beauty didn't seem to notice, but the hot uncle activated 'Fair Wind Ear' and sensed it.
...It's moving pretty fast. And this reading, it must be a magic beast that comes from the 'depths' of this prairie.
In other word, it's at least a rank B or more.

"...A bird-type magic beast, quite huge at that. I think it's a 'Cyclone Wing'."

"Uwaa, here comes another pain in the rear. Is it aiming for this giant lizard's meat?"

"Cyclone... What?"

"Cyclone Wing. Not only can they wield powerful wind magic, those bird magic beasts stay in the sky as they assault their prey, only ranged attacks can reach them. They're tricky beasts to fight due to that."

"Average magic beasts don't really pose an issue even if they're flying but these things have pretty high stats to support them, they might be more troublesome than this big lizard."

A bird beast that manipulates wind magic huh, wonder if it's an evolved form of Blade Wing.
I might be able to knock it down with Mana Flight like I did Blade Wing, but I can't do that in front of these people, what to do.

"But it's nothing to worry about with our leader here."


"For sure."

Mwu, is this hot uncle that strong?
Well okay, I'll bear witness to the strength of a Lv51.

"Guys c'mon, taking that on by myself is too much to ask, give me a hand."

"Okay okay, we got your back... It's here."

The silhouette of this bird magic beast gradually grew bigger as it got closer.
...It's gigantic. Its whole body is as big as this giant lizard. How'd it even manage to fly.

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Magic Beast: Cyclone Wing

Level 46

State: Hungry

HP (Health): 796/796
MP (Magic): 778/778
SP (Stamina): 138/550

STR (Strength): 676
ATK (Attack): 676
DEF (Defense): 397
AGI (Agility): 512
INT (Intelligence): 724
DEX (Dexterity): 398
PER (Perception): 442
RES (Resistance): 254
LUK (Luck): 102

Magic Beast Level 5
Martial Arts Level 5
Claw Arts Level 5
Offensive Magic Level 10
High Offensive Magic Level 1
Support Magic Level 6

​[Master Skills]
Magi Mitigation

This thing's strong...! The strongest magic beast I've ever seen yet excluding that sealed Gluttony Slime.
Its Attributes are pretty even and its Skills are all high levels. It's even got an unfamiliar 'High Offensive Magic' Skill, what's that?

<<'High Offensive Magic' an advanced Skill obtainable after reaching Offensive Magic Lv10. Consumes much more MP than Offensive Magic, however it has the firepower to match.>>

Fumu fumu, Alma's Offensive Magic Skill is at Lv8, she's gonna get it soon.
...This cheeky thing's even got a Master Skill, what's its effects?

<<Master Skill [Magi Mitigation] one of Master Skills obtainable after reaching Offensive Skill Lv10. An always active Passive Skill that reduces Offensive Skill MP consumption by half.>>

Uwaah, that sounds so handy. It may look simple at first, but getting way more gas mileage is some real good stuff.
Enemies with this kind of Skill are gonna be a pain to deal. All the more with one so strong like this.

<<For your information, learnable Master Skills can vary by individuals. There exist Master Skills that raise offensive power instead.>>

Heeh, can't wait to see what kinds of Skills Alma's gonna get.

Wait this isn't the time for that! The bird's gotten close enough to have us within its range!

"Sisti, Flash! Raina, follow up with magic! I'll knock it down once it connects. Daina you deliver the finishing blow! You two, stay close and hide behind the lizard's body, use it as a shield!"

The hot uncle gave his commands.
He even spared the time to look out for us. Guy's super cool.

"Flash Bang!"

The silver-haired sister, Sisti-san cast her magic.
An intense flash of light got emitted from her wand, it wasn't as strong as Spark Wolf but it was enough to blind Cyclone Wing for a moment.

"Flame Rifle!"

The blond slapdash beauty, Raina-san shot an offensive spell meanwhile.
High speed flaming bullets. The bullets never slowed down despite the range as they landed one after another on the bird's body.


But the enemy refused to eat all those attacks standing down either.
Cyclone Wing... Too long, let's just call it Weird Bird. It unleashed several tornadoes around us you'd think there was a small cataclysm going down.
Wait, wait wait, what in the hell, birdie! You think you're fighting a giant kaijuu or something!? This stupidly powerful magic ain't something you used on some puny humans dangit!

<<High Offensive Magic Skill Lv1 'Quadruple Cyclone'. An advanced wind magic that produces four tornadoes using mana to mince up and blow away all foes in the vicinity.>>

Hiie, it's simple yet nasty.
Alma and I clung on the giant lizard for our dear lives while these veteran adventurers stood around like it was a breeze.
These people are way amazing. They look so unfazed as if getting hit by this kind of magic is an everyday thing to them.

Huh what? Where'd the hot uncle leader go? ...Did he get blown away!?


I turned my eyes at the direction of the scream in the sky and saw the hot uncle leader chopping up one of the weird bird's wing.
...Hwat? Eh, how'd he get that high up? Wait, is he floating? Could it be Mana Flight... Can't be.

<<He is using Ultimate Martial Arts Skill Lv5 'Sky Step' to run in the air and attack.>>

So that's the famed Sky Step! What grace... No wait, looking closer, he keeps kicking the air to stay afloat. How surreal.
Looking is one thing, actually doing that looks like hard work...

"You're dead meat!!"

The brown haired young man, Daina swung down his club real hard at the fallen weird bird's head.
As a result... The weird bird's head got splattered in three directions. Grotesque.
Well its DEF was rather low after all, guess the issue was hitting it. Getting to that point is an ordeal though.

"Phew, looks like you're all safe and sound. And I'm glad to see you two unharmed."

"...That was amazing."

Alma muttered with a dumbfounded look.
Well, I get her, there's no way to explain what's amazing. Every single thing was.
...Wonder how long till we reached their level.
It really drives home just how inexperienced we are, just how long the road ahead is.

"By the way leader, what should we do about this bird. Leaving it here is such a waste..."

"We cannot possibly carry it back with us, it will be our present to the magic beasts here. Shame as it may be."

"Uu~... If only I remembered that Item Bag~."

"And now you're regretting!?"

We have no choice but to leave these high class materials behind if there's no way to carry them.
I'd have loved to put them away in Item Screen, but I don't want to divulge the existence of Menu to other people... What a waste.
I could pretend some random bag I have as an Item Bag but then they'd question why I didn't mention that with the lizard.
...They'd suspect me of trying to swindle them of these mats.
So now we're stuck with this muscle training death march. How far away is the town...





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