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Skill? Nee yo Sonnamon! Chapter 116

Side Story The Path of Heroes is Steep and Precipitous


Hello hi. Several days have passed since we beat up the mountain bandits and escaped.
Fortunately there was a town nearby so we didn't have to walk for days. Would have been fine though since I've got food stocked up.
The issue is...

"Neora, don't you think that clothing store over there has a nice vibe to it? Let's go take a look together."

"...That's a store for women."

"You're gonna do just fine, Neora."

"What is!?"

The red braid haired girl, Levia tried to take me to a lady's fashion store.
...One thing leads to another and now I'm stuck with this girl.

She pestered me for my Job as I promised her once we escaped the hideout so I showed her my Appraisal Document.
'Eh, wha? Eeh?' her confused face looked funny and cute.

"...Hero? Eh, is that real? Seriously?"

"...Yup. Well I don't blame you for doubting me considering the state I'm in."

"Where are your companions? Did you get separated?"

"There's none. After I got summoned here, the king of this country gave me some money, an ID and a pass into restricted zones before pretty much throwing me out, like 'Take care of the demon king, good luck.'"

"Uwaah... Aren't heroes those great folk who save the world? What's up with that sloppy treatment?"

"Tell me about it."

Well, heroes get revived even if they die so those people probably think I'm gonna be just fine.
But I wish they'd at least offer me a companion...

"...Hey, don't you want a party member?"

"I do! But nobody stepped up when I asked for it at the guild. My level is too low and they probably don't wanna be stuck having to fight the demon king..."

"I see... Hey."

She meekly spoke while looking slightly bashful.
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"Can I, go, with you...?"

...Asking with those upturned eyes and meek attitude is unfair.
Wait no, don't get swept up me. I should ask her reason first before reflexively saying OK.

"...What's your reason?"

"I want to become an independent adventurer as quickly as I can. I've run away from home in defiance of my parents, but reality is hitting me hard... I can't even earn enough money to take a carriage between towns on my own. Those bandits caught me when I was wandering around on foot."

This girl is a simpleton, or maybe a klutz.
I think she should stop and ask herself if she's in the right before rushing headlong.

"...You're pretty high leveled considering your age, why's that?"

"I had been stealthily leveling in a nearby magic beast territory before I ran away. I even skipped training to do that sometimes, so the people around me often got mad saying I lack motivation and all that stuff."

Didn't Menu say that fighting magic beasts without training is suicidal?

<<This girl, err, Leviaria-san was it. She's got quite the aptitude. Fighting magic beasts without proper training is a no go, but she's been managing through her sheer talent. Perhaps she has the making of an exceedingly skilled adventurer.>>

Hmm, well I don't have a proper training either. Can't exactly fault her.
But letting a runaway girl without telling her parents go with me is a bit... They must be worried sick.

<<Even if you took her home, she'd definitely oppose it and leave on her own again later. It would likely end up with her getting kidnapped by bandits again or at worst, dying by magic beasts, you know?>>

Eeh, do I have no other choice here?
I mean, the road ahead is full of dangers, is she gonna be fine.

<<On the contrary it should be safer, Levia-san will receive the grace of revival once she is registered as Neora-san's party member.>>

Ah, right, the revive function works on hero's companions too.

<<Well, it only works up to four companions, mind. Otherwise, you could just register like say 1000 members and create an immortal army that never dies.>>

What the heck that's scary.
...Well fine, guess I can let her join then.
We worked pretty well together in combat against those bandits after all.

<<Isn't this for the best? I think she's more than satisfactory as the first member of your harem... Ah, wait, I guess that baldie old man is your first?>>

Not that old man! There's no room for man in my harem!

"Can I go with you? Or, can't I...?"

"Aah, well I do need to defeat the demon king so if you don't mind helping me, sure."

"Defeating the demon king eh... If we managed to accomplish that, that should shut up anybody who'd try to blame me for leaving home, fufufu..."

She's blurting out some wicked calculation...
It's up to her parents to decide whether that's enough to even out her action.
...Heck, I can only imagine them yelling at her when she came back home after defeating the demon king.

"That's fine, all I need to do is beat up this demon king guy or whatever and save the world, right?"

"I'm telling you it won't be easy. You generally don't have any freedom and you'll get revived every time you die until the task is done."

"...Ah, I remember reading that legend, are you saying that's real?"

"Yup. You can't die even if you want to once you've become my party member, make sure you're prepared."

"Scary... But looking at it from another angle, you're guaranteed to come out of it alive."

Well, I guess it does make you feel safe.

"Let's get along well then, Neo Raifu."

"Just call me Neora, can I call you Levia?"

After such and such, here we are now.

"H-how about this frilly dress next...!?"

"No, this boyish style one is hard to beat...!"

...Why am I being made into a dress up doll in this woman clothing line!
The clerks have been going out of control making me wear all sort of clothes. Please stop, seriously.
And you Levia, stop picking my clothes and choose yours!

"...But, I'm a man..."

""All the better!!""

"Hell no!!"

I wanna go home! Back to the inn and sulk myself to bed!
The path of heroes is steep and precipitous they say!? No, this can't be it!
I'm already regretting making this girl a party member... No more of this.





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