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Skill? Nee yo Sonnamon! Chapter 109

High Paladin


Around a dozen or so wolves all came charging at us.
Their stats are only slightly lower than us, but while a one-on-one fight is nothing to worry about, a direct clash against many altogether would be a toughie.

"Alma, don't try to take on multiple of them! Change the terrain with Spirit Magic and force them to engage one by one!"

"Got it!"

Walls created by Spirit Magic rose up all around me and Alma.
Save for one direction... I see, with this.
The wolves came in through the cramped entrance, but only one could fit each time.

『Guruaaaaaaa!! ...Gyahii!?』

They make for easy targets. We just gotta shoot Stone Bullets and Mana Stone Throw at the entrance.
Easier to hit than sitting ducks. OK, next one please, it's OK it's only gonna hurt a bit at first.


...What are they, lemmings? I'm lying if I say I don't feel conflicted at this.
But showing mercy might end up with us on the receiving end instead. We've got no choice.
In time, the wolves seemed to have wised up as well, they stopped getting in.
Well then, what now... Ooh?


Well dang, they vaulted over the walls in a surprise attack.
They must have combined High Jump and Air Step to achieve that height. These wolves are pretty ingenious with Skills.
Another wolf came in from the entrance at the same time. It's clear they're highly adept at hunting as a group.

"Hikaru! Please take care of the entrance--"


Before Alma could finish, I grabbed the entrance wolf with Remote Controlled mana and,



And swung the grabbed wolf with my Energy Control enhanced strength at another wolf coming from above, colliding them.
Got two wolves with one stone! Fuhaha!


"Alma, keep your focus, here comes another one!"


I warned the twitching Alma to intercept another attack.
Come at us! I'll let you have a taste of this Wolf Sword (temp name)!

"Haa, haaa!"


Alma dealt with the wolves despite her bewilderment.
She really can easily handle enemies around her level without breaking a sweat.

"Oraaa! Hmph! Toryaa!"

『G-gafu! Guruu!? Gyain!!』

Not losing to her, I swung around my new Wolf Hammer (KO'ed).
Seemingly shocked by their friends being used against them as a weapon, the wolves flinched every time I did.

"This strategy is super effective! Lots of folk must be adopting this--"

"Absolutely not."
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Oh ok.
But, this stuff is pretty legit you know?
I mean look, all those wolves are now reduced to only four, five left.


Oh, the boss is finally making his move.
Well, it's not like he hadn't done anything so far.
He kept howling to instruct the other wolves or supported them with buffing Skills, but it looked like he finally figured that wasn't enough.
I could sense it's charging straight ahead along with its subordinate wolves, but they're not aiming for the entrance or above. They're ramming straight toward the Spirit Magic-created wall.
...No way.



The thing just went and broke down the wall with Roaring Rush!
How bullish.


To top it off, he sent off flying slashes from his glittering fangs and claws.
Is this the fang and claw version of 'Mana Blade - Farslash'? Looks like they're gonna hurt a lot if they hit.
Alma bolstered her sword with 'Mana Blade Draw', an ability to reduce the blade's sharpness by coating it with mana, and used it as a mana shield.
I got through it as well, had my Wolf Shield (last one) to thank. My shield is done for now though. Good work, Wolf Weapon (?).



The boss wolf closed the gap while we were busy dealing with the flying slashes and attacked with its claws and fangs at tremendous speed.
It seems to use his Skill Ability at the moment of attack, allowing him to rival Alma's 'Mana Blade Gale' speed. I enhanced my senses with Energy Control, and blocked the attack with Mana Armor-clad limbs, but man this thing is pretty good at hand-to-hand combat.
Well, it still can't match Alma's speed when she uses Storm Sword and Qi Clad though.
Wait, this wolf just used Qi Clad at an interval, oh crap!


BITE! Boss wolf bit my right hand hard.
Even with Mana Armor, I would have suffered a serious injury if not for my HP buffer.
Then I'd be hemorrhaging massively, and likely dying in the process. The boss wolf would have likely won if it wasn't me he was up against.

But this is the end of the line. For you.


Activating Pile Bunker from inside the mouth.
Not even this wolf could withstand a direct hit from the insides as half of its head got splattered into pieces, instant death.
...I really can't let up against magic beasts over Lv30. Never would have thought it'd go for a bite.

"Are you all right, Hikaru?"

"I'm not. My clothes got a new hole torn open..."

"You're not hurt, that's good."

It's not. I don't have many changes of clothes.
I really have let all the level ups get to my head and act sloppy. Gotta pull myself together.
Wait, the remaining wolves came in from the entrance and started ramming at Alma at once.

"Alma! Behind you!"

"I'll be fine."

Alma readied her sword without turning around.

Splash splash splash SLASH

'Water' overflowed out of that sword and moved on its own as it reaped the wolves' necks altogether.
Eh, what did she just do?

"...W-what was that?"

"A new magic sword. I learned it with the Job Change just now. Looks like I've got more new Skills too."

A new magic sword!? Since when!

<<Magic Sword Lv3 Ability 'Oceans Blade' An ability that allows user to control a huge quantity of water around their sword, enabling area of effect attacks. Highly versatile for both offense and defense, each drop of water can be fashioned as a Mana Blade.>>

She must have leveled up from beating those wolves earlier!
Time to check her Stats out. Lemme see.

Name: Almatina

Level: 25

Age: 16

Race: Human

Job: High Paladin

State: Normal


HP (Health Points): 450/450
MP (Magic Points): 350/362
SP (Stamina Points): 98/222

STR (Strength): 245
ATK (Attack): 245 (+250)
DEF (Defense): 231 (+100) (+15)
AGI (Agility): 232 (+30)
INT (Intelligence): 250 (+100)
DEX (Dexterity): 184
PER (Perception): 259
RES (Resistance): 200
LUK (Luck): 138

Swordsmanship Level 7
Martial Arts Level 7
Throwing Level 3
Magic Sword Level 4
Offensive Magic Level 8
Spirit Magic Level 1
Support Magic Level 1
Kempo Level 1


Level 1 - Demon-Eater Shark Fang Sword
ATK +250
INT +100

Bear Leather Chestplate
DEF +100

Gale Boots
DEF +15
AGI +30

Uhyaa, her stats got some crazy boosts.
Not only her Attributes, her Skill growth is also pretty wild. The heck is Offensive Magic Lv8.
She's even got new Support Magic and Kempo Skills. Support Magic I get, but Kempo?

<<...Her Kempo proficiency saw an increase after the act of self defense from last time, thus the proficiency bonus conferred by this Job Change raised it enough for Almatina to learn the Skill.>>

Oh that. That really did a number huh, it was only a matter of time until she learned Kempo Skill...
My HP buffer would likely go puff if he used that vital kick boosted by Kempo Skill on me. Scaryyy.

Let's keep hunting for a bit more to check out her Skills.
...I'm happy for Alma, but I'm also feeling like I'm getting left behind with my lack of new moves.
The girls around me are all so strong, I might really turn into a sponge at the rate this is going...






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