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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 383

383 Width of World


Chimera dexterously coiled Underling with its tail and put him on his back.
The guy shrieked 'Hiiyii!' at the snake tail but he was too frozen up to even struggle.
Next up were the ladies. Linda went first. Followed by the two ladies.

"Hieeeee!" "Nooooooo!" "...Ha, ha, ha, ha."

The last one sounded like a broken doll, but I shouldn't concern myself.

"Ah, figured it'd develop into this. Not like I didn't expect it, guess I'm gonna have to rely on you Chimera as our means of transportation."

Conveniently obtaining a transport when you're at your wits' end is a rather cliched development.
And that is being Chimera's back this time around.

"Well, Chimera, it's all yours now. I mean, you really understand what I'm saying huh. Clever fella you are."

Chimera must have done this because it heard me talking to myself earlier.
I came close to its leg and petted its fur. Chimera Lion Mode is huge, its back has more than enough room to easily accommodate five people.
The snake tail coiled and put me on the back.

"Alrighty, can you get us to the Kingdom, Chimera? You know the way right? Time to depart."

I didn't really think it through at this point of time. Not about how having such a gigantic beast coming close to the kingdom will obviously causes a huge uproar.
My mind was full of trying to get away from this place, even neglecting the ladies behind me. Who cares about underling.

"Guoooooooooo", Chimera roared grandly.

"Oy oy, are you kidding me? We're gonna fly just like that? Eh? ...Ah, so it's more magical than law of nature-like."

Chimera floated up just above the forest trees. It was done without its bat wings even flapping once.
It must be magically performed. I mean, Chimera even started running in the air without any footholds. Literally running with its legs kicking.

I warned the ladies behind to hang onto the fur so they don't get blown away.
Chimera's back is spacious. Roomy. But you can still get flung off if you flail around.

"Hang on tight! We're not going too fast but any rapid change in movement might get you to fall off."

To me it's not going that fast. It's really nothing much.
However, in reality the speed far surpasses even Grudos's, frightening the other four besides me here. Apparently, the populace of this world aren't used to this level of speed.
At the current civilization level, flying especially on the back of a magic beast is probably the first ever. In all kinds of ways.

All this resulted in Linda blanking out.
As I turned around while enjoying the scenery, I saw her looking dead in the face.
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(We really overdid it huh. But I don't regret this. Heck, regretting over every little stuff is suffocating.)

I've been sticking my neck in so many mess so far, but that's almost never because I want to. Most of them was in the form of me getting dragged in.
I do worry about others, but only to an extent. I value myself above all else.
I don't have the capacity to look out for someone else down to the minute details. I'm already nearing my maximum capacity myself.

"All because everything is done haphazardly. I hold no power over those."

If I were a protagonist of a story, I would have done things more smartly.
Planning ahead, cooperating with friends, resolving problems or gathering evidences to hand down punishments upon evils.

But I'm no 'protagonist'. I'm just your extremely average peasant.
I may have a 'power' but I don't plan to thoughtlessly wield it. Don't expect me to resolve anything.
I can't plan out ahead or calmly think up something, in fact, there's nothing that obliges me to be the one stuck having to resolve mess.
As someone below commoner who just stumbles his way out of these random events, even this flying on Chimera's back happening is actually stressing me out.
I may look calm outwardly, but that's only because my understanding starts and stops at 'this stuff happens'. In short, I'm just familiar with all these templates.
The ladies were short-circuiting. I just look calm in a direct comparison with them. I'm screaming internally.

('Guess this stuff happens~?' yeah right! Try actually living it, there's simply no word!)

Thus our quiet air trip came to a close as the kingdom drew near.





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