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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 380

380 Falling Behind


I had the underling talk while we made our way through the forest.
Apparently Linda is a tomboy who frequently visits the downtown. Making advantages of this, they took their time solidifying the plan and had an agent planted in Lolengus House bribed Linda's attendants under the table.
Once the feat was done, all they needed to do was to kidnap her out of public gaze. Irdis reported that the young lady went off somewhere when he took his eyes off her for a bit. Her attendants matched his story.
Then they simply brought her to a cave deep in a forest of the kingdom's old road that nobody uses. Extremely simple with no waste.

As for how Irdis got to this place. The underling was ordered to directly report to the House of Lolengus.
Yet only Irdis showed up. This needs an explanation.

"I went straight to Irdis at the mansion. I was free once I spoke the password then. Your order was so vague, the enslaved was free to interpret it as I did. Once I uttered the password and asked him to report to her father, my order was complete."

"Can you tell me what's going on at my house right now? They can't have not even sent a search party, can they?"

"Irdis only told Lolengus that he'd go fetch you before departing yesterday. They must have taken it as you playing around in the town. They prob only just started forming a search party last night or so."

Underling finished his explanation. In short House of Lolengus must be in an uproar now after our overnight camp. Even if they believe it's because their young lady spent a night fooling around, that in itself would be a huge issue.
There's also two ladies from different houses asides from Linda here. I asked the underling how that came to be.
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"Those two are daughters of Kanedor's oppositions. We matched the operation day. Heard some real stuff went down. The fact that the search party hasn't found this place is proof how good a hiding spot it is. Kanedor musta controlled flow of information to sow chaos too."

And now it's clear the underling lied through his teeth yesterday. He's always been Kanedor's subordinate.
All the stuff about revolutionary army and corrupt politicians are just smokescreens, a decided upon lie.
The setting they'd say if they ever get caught.
So the connection between Kanedor and revolutionary army would stay hazy. This revolutionary army is nothing more than his tool to shoot down his oppositions.

With guys like that throwing his weight around, the federation's fate is sealed, isn't it? My image of the country collapsed.

"Father will never yield to that complete coward. Not even if my life is on the line. He's sure to work something out."

Linda voiced out her trust in her father. I brought her back to reality.

"It's good to hold on to hopes. It's your prerogative to have expectations as well. To believe in someone is beautiful. But that won't do us any good right now. At least not until we've gotten through this forest. We still far from the exit?"

You can't expect a young lady to swiftly traverse through a forest. There's even three of them.
We already had to take two breaks while maintaining a snail pace. It's only normal for common people to quickly lose stamina walking in this great nature and all its uneven footings. Hence we're not making a good progress.






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