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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 381

381 Simple, Positive


"Just a bit more till the old road. Quit edging on me."

Underling didn't stop his legs despite looking jittery by my question.
And we eventually got out of the forest, into a narrow road that looked more like an animal trail.

"Finally out. So, which way's to the kingdom? ...Hm? Is that..."

I was asking underling where to go next when I noticed Chimera inside the forest.
The ladies were crouching down, seemingly hitting their limit.

"That way... Oy oy oy oy oy! Wha! Wha! W-w-w-what the hell is that thing!? It's coming here!"

Underling noticed too. In the meantime, Chimera started dashing toward us.
Linda looked in the direction the underling was fussing over.

"What is that!? W-what should we do! W-we have to run!? B-but where to!?"

Chimera only ran because it noticed me but everybody else took it quite differently it seemed.
Thinking back, everyone who saw Chimera had the same terrified reactions.

"Ah, don't worry about it, not like you'd believe me though. Well whatever. Just gonna leave them be... Oof!?"

I couldn't be bothered to calm Linda down as she stood up in a panic trying to run away, so I left her be.
Chimera closed in and jumped into my face during that brief moment I looked away.

'Meow' as it meowed like usual, I grabbed it by its scruff and held it in my arms.

"Oy, I don't mind you doing this in Cat Mode, but watch out when you're in Tiger Mode or you're gonna tear open a new one on my belly. Mind your momentum, and surprise jumps from now on, you hear me?"

'Meow', Chimera meowed again dunno if it even got it. It relaxed itself and started purring.

"I-is that magic beast truly safe!? It's a mass of mana no matter how you look at it!? ...Why is such a ludicrously powerful magic beast attached to you?"
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Linda calmed down and questioned the situation.

"W-w-what!? What the hell are you... Dammit... Why'd I gotta go through this..."

Underling cursed his fate after going over capacity, but he's just been dealt with bad hands.
You can't tell if your choice in life is right or wrong the moment you take it. Even if that choice is best at the time, you can never know if it's gonna bring you down later on.
Anybody can roll these absurdities.

(And how this 'probability' being so high for me with no way to alter it is my endless source of sorrow.)

I might be able to if I changed my mind set.
But this isn't a world where that can be easily achieved.
Or else I wouldn't have been in constant conundrums like this.

"Yup, no point in getting down over this. Let's go positive thinking. I ain't gonna last otherwise."

I can't help but wish I had a plot convenient power.
Chimera is still purring in a good mood on my chest.

"Man, how I envy you. Wish my life was as simple..."

I sighed my largest yet when I saw Chimera. Watching that, Chimera looked at me wonderingly before letting out a single 'Meow'.





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