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Skill? Nee yo Sonnamon! Chapter 114

Port Town Stroll


Several days since our first encounter with the chicken magic beasts.
Reina's leveling is going swimmingly, she should reach Lv10 in the next one.
She's gotten pretty good at dealing with multiple enemies too. She can now easily beat up to two without relying on Skill unharmed. Energy Control is indispensable though.

As for Alma and me, you could say it's going well too but our levels have only increased by 1 since then.
Apparently, once you get to these numbers, levels won't raise as easily.

Our adventurer ranks went up as well, Reina to F while Alma and I to C.
These rank ups don't really boost our strength or anything but it's nice to have a concrete proof of our hard work.

"No uh, you guys should have ranked up even earlier. Killing so many High Cave Bears and even demons, what even is that. Are you really Level 20s?"

Naima-san looked a bit tired as she handled our rank up documents.
I mean, we don't wanna stand out needlessly, there's no point in boasting that anyway.

"Done, you're officially higher ranked now. We hope your continued efforts from now on."

"Thank you. Okay then, can you handle these herbs, I've got around a hundred of--"

"Nooooo!! I'm sorry, I'll behave from now on, just no more~!"

Naima-san entreated while yelling sorrowfully. Haha I'm just joking, today is our rest day anyway.
Next one is only gonna be 50 pieces, fret not. Eh, still too many? Can't hear you.

Wonder what should I do during this off day.
Lazing around in the inn sounds nice, but I dunno how other people around gonna take that.
We're at a port town and all, might as well sea gazing while shopping around.

"I'm going out on a stroll to look around for stuff, what about you two?"

"If you don't mind, I'd like to go with you, Hikaru."

"I wanna go with you two. I want to sample yummy food."

"Then, I'll let you two hang on to your allowances. Don't waste it okay."

I'm usually in charge of our finance.
No worries on getting stolen when the money is inside Item Screen, and Menu keep proper records like a balance sheet.
They get allowances everyday in case something bad befall me though.

Shared party expenses like inn, food and stuff are managed by me, while Alma and Reina have their own pocket money.
Reward from culling is partly docked toward party fund, while the remaining cash is split for individual use.
By the way, the money isn't split randomly. It's properly divided by how many and what kind of magic beasts each of us beat. So we get plenty of cash we're free to use. Naturally.
Reina's income isn't quite as high as me and Alma's since she's just started out and mainly culling weak magic beasts, albeit a lot of them. Well, earning 100-200k en a day is amazing though.
Only mid level adventurers and above get that much I'm sure. What an impressive little girl...

I loiter around the town accompanied by the scent of salt.
Lots of stores are selling handicrafts and accessories made from shells and such. Pretty much a mainstay for towns near the seas.
They look quite popular with the ladies, but ours seem disinterested... Can't you girls act a bit least interested.

Oh, these earrings, are these beads, pearls?

<<They are pearls taken from oyster-type magic beasts 'Magipearl'. These pearls are receptive to mana, as such they are used for magic tools as well.>>

Hm, 20,000 for one of these earrings is pretty pricey... No, I guess it's hella cheap considering the pearls. Menu tells me they're of high quality too.
Maybe this world sees pearls as nothing more than pretty stones you can take from oysters. My sense of value is in disarray.
These things might be usable for making magic tools in the future, let's buy a piece.
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"Oh? Kajikawa-san, did you buy an earring?"

"Yeah. Apparently this thing can be used for magic tools, so why not."

"Ah but, sorry to say, I don't think earrings would look good on you Kajikawa-san..."

"...You got that right."

I've just noticed after buying. Stupid me.
...Might just let Alma wear them after they've been enchanted or something.

Next up is equipment stores.
...Going there on an off day may sound weird, but we never had the time or energy left to go in the night after a full day of leveling.

Today's goal is mainly my equipment. Alma's equipment is still sufficient, Reina's even overspecced a tad. The bear fang dagger is still off limit though.
First my armor, my last one had been transformed into a pile of junk after I got hit by the fireballs that sealed stupidly huge slime shot.
I ended up resorting to equipping spare equipment, Red Boar Chest Protector, but I wanna have something more defensive.

The materials from that giant lizard from a few days ago would have made for an ideal equipment, but nope.
The hot uncle party contacted us after the carving was done, encouraging us to take maybe the scales, leather, or claws they'd gladly give but after thinking it through, we opted for a bit of meat instead.
Eh, what's that, am I dumb for wasting their generosity? You're exactly right.
I'm scared using too strong an equipment would make me over reliant on it...

...By the way, the meat was super tasty. I only lightly salted and grilled it and yet it tasted like a heavenly mix of oil, umami, lean meat and wild game-like flavor. Even tastier than the cured meat of High Cave Bear.
Alma and Reina were even in tears. I don't think choosing the meat was a mistake... Let's get back on track.
So now I'm thinking of having Bloody Fang's leather made into my protector.
It will be done in one week, just gotta bear with Red Boar's until then.

And now onto the main subject.
I want a weapon that fits me.
I mean, you know? I do have that Steel Sword I got in the dungeon back then, but ATK+45 is as good as zero for me now.
Heck, bare handed is better for mana control... It's honestly just a hindrance, only good as a self-defense for when I run out of mana. Physical the best.
Would be nice if I could get my hands on a sword as strong as the one Alma received, but you don't stumble upon something that incredible every day.
Even if I did, it would probably a waste to someone with no weapon-related Skills like me. Like pearls before swine.
Can neither have half-assed or too strong a weapon. The heck.

In conclusion, what I need isn't a weapon with high attributes, but a weapon that makes it easier to use Mana and Energy Control.
Buying Spark Wolf Horns would be more useful than a weapon I can barely wield.
I looked around in the store with that in mind and bought something that caught my eyes
...Is this gonna come in handy? Well it'd at least expand our options I guess.
In the end, I didn't find anything that could work as my main weapon. Is there even a weapon that fits my style?

Next up, material store, wait the heck, it's same old same old.
How'd we end up here after going all the way to a port town...

Looking inside, I saw stuff that were unlike Daijel's one.
Lots of marine products such as seaweed extract as a hemostatic agent, or crustacean shells that can be used for armor.
There's also a lot of land-based materials due to this town's close proximity to Monster Prairie. Oh, they've got that giant lizard's mats too. Was it from that hot uncle's party.
Wait what the heck's up with this price!? A coin sized scale is worth 5000 en apiece!? Just how much is that gigantic lizard valued then...!?
Several million, no probably more in the tens of million? ...How much is that block of meat we received I wonder.

Hmm, they don't have Spark Wolf Horns or Fire Frog Oil. Those stuff makes for a good trump card against stronger foes though.
Hmu, what's this Explosive Coral thingy?

<<A species of marine organism. Unlike normal coral, they reproduce through cell divisions, propagating by way of monogenetic reproduction. Drying them inland turns them into a firecracker-like object that ruptures upon impact.>>

So kinda like Exploding Mushroom?

<<They do not produce as loud a sound as Exploding Mushroom, however the impact this coral produces is slightly stronger. Yet, its firepower is still practically nil. They are mostly used as booby traps, seen as luxury goods.>>

Hm, interesting, let's buy some.
Should be good as a feint if I remote mana control it to explode from a distance. Like thunder crash bomb.
I also bought other interesting stuff, would be testing them out later.
...Mwu, Alma and Reina also bought some stuff. Nice to see they experiment too.

Next up... Where to I wonder.
Foodstuff? ...That's gonna be the same as ever. At best there'll be more seafood than usual.
Wait, seafood? ...Menu, is there somewhere nearby that fits what I have in mind?

<<Predicting a match can be found in the nearby coastland easily.>>

I see, let's take a short break and go look for it.





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