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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 390

390 Unrestrained Use


An instant later, the dregs of society lost their heads. All of them had theirs fallen on the ground.
I did it. I don't think I went overboard. No regret either.
Blood sprays out everywhere in the area. Their hearts were still pumping blood in the bodies because it was done instantaneously. I've situated myself pretty far away to avoid getting splashed.
I don't even bother looking at the falling bodies. Blood gradually spreads out, creating pools that permeate the ground.
Once it was over, I went around taking money off the now useless sacks of meat while being careful not to soil my hands. I put away their swords into my magic bag as well.
I've really gotten used to this stuff.

"Come now, the clock is ticking. Let's pick up the pace a bit. Or else it'd be dark out before we arrived at the village."

It actually didn't take long. Around five minutes at most. I didn't want to waste time with these thugs, so I made it quick.
But apparently, we can't just leave them be in the middle of the road.

"...Left alone, these bodies will draw animals and monsters to this place. We need to dispose of them."

The coachman, aka my 'watchdog' got off the stagecoach after he said that. It's obvious he's trying his hardest to hide his shock. He's walking awkwardly.
Also, he must have tried to sound composed but his voice was shaking.

We're out in a sprawling open field. The road extends as far as eyes can see to the horizon beyond.
Wild carnivorous animals might be lurking out here. Would have been definite if this was a forest.
It's gonna trouble other people taking this road if we don't do something about these bodies indeed.

"I see, guess that's reasonable. So, do we burn them? Or bury?"

If burying them is all that's need to be done, then I can just do it. With Acceleration, it will be over in the blink of an eye to the world.
Although the time it takes to dig a hole and bury all the bodies will be normal to me. Think there's around 20 of them?
Even under Acceleration the passage of time my body experiences stays the same. Meaning I'm stuck doing all the manual labor alone. There's nobody to complain to though, none can join me in the Accelerated world after all.

"We have to round up and burn them in this case. We don't have time to dig and bury a large enough hole. However, doing so would necessitate seeing the process through to the end. It would be bad if a fire breaks out in this plain, it could flare up into a conflagration."

"Go ahead and light them on then. Ah, have you got oil? A type that burns well or it's gonna take ages, yeah?"
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The coachman popped his eyes wide open in surprise.
I pretended to overlook that and waited for his reply.
The reason why he was surprised is the usual. The bodies had all been piled up together.
I made that heap under Acceleration. Doing it the normal way is a waste of time. We would never arrive at the village by evening.
Thus, I opted to use my power unrestrained. No matter what the ladies, the underling and this 'watchdog' coachman are gonna take it.
I care about the time I spend in this world more than what these people think about me.
I'll use all the power I have in my disposal to achieve that.

"...I-I-I do have oil on me. R-right, let's make this quick."

The coachman fetched a large fist-sized pot from his chest pocket and sprinkled its content all over the bodies.

"Is that enough oil? Hm, or is that some sort of specialty stuff?"

I don't imagine that little is enough to burn all these corpses. But I recalled 'everything is possible thanks to magic' from the other day and asked the coachman.

"This oil has been enchanted with mana amplifying effect. This is the only use case it's good for though."

I would have never thought you could enchant oil of all thing. Anything goes huh? The coachman produced a little flame on his fingertip with magic and ignited the heap.
At first only a small flame popped up on the clothes but then it grew into a huge pillar of blaze extending high into the sky before long.

(This heat rivals that of salamander spirit magic Serena showed me once.)

The heap of bodies turned into ashes as the flame grew fiercer.
The flame raged on for around ten of minutes before gradually shrinking and then it vanished on its own.






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