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Skill? Nee yo Sonnamon! Chapter 113

Won't Overwork (Never Said Won't Be Rash)


"...Are you trying to overwork yourselves as well because you don't want to look bad making only that girl do?"

The substitute receptionist sounded galled as she glared and appraised us.
Don't make that scary face. We've got enough of scary face with Scarymast cough cough.

"That's not what we're..."

"Then what is up with this Kill Log. 17 Mad Wolf High Runners, 1 Bloody Fang, 3 Jet Boars, 22 Tri Horn Rabbits, and 5 Twin Horn Rabbits... Culling so many in a single day, what are you going to do if you collapse in exhaustion along the way?"

Twin Horn and Tri Horn Rabbits are rabbits with two and three horns respectively, the upgraded version of Reina's usual prey.
Those rabbits get more horn as they evolve, their meat also gets tastier and their horns are used in many tools and decorations.

"Oh not at all, we've still got plenty of energy left."

"Yet your knees are about to give out. You look completely worn out although I don't see any injury."

Anybody would end up like this after that manual labor. Not gonna mention it though.
We could have gone for tens more beasts even, but well it's our first day leveling, no need to overdo it.

"You even found time to gather herbs. Don't you know our Appraiser Naima is still in bed because you brought in too many the last time?"

"I'm not gonna bring in that many herbs again of course."

"...Yet there were 32 pieces of them. Appraising so many was quite tiring for me."

Receptionist lady muttered in a bad mood while massaging her eyelids.
...Come to think of it, how many herbs do people usually bring in anyway.

<<Those with Appraisal Skill brings around 10-20 pieces on average depending on their stamina. Those without bring back around 5-10 Hiruka Herbs and 1-2 Cuara Herbs as they have no definite way to reliably distinguish between those herbs and weed. Gathering at random with weed mixed in will depreciate their assessment therefore it's not recommended.>>

Fumu fumu, I see... Eh, then all those herbs I brought with Menu's help is considered a huge amount?

<<It is an abnormally huge amount for someone without Appraisal Skill indeed.>>

Well I mean, bringing 200 pieces was a bit much sure, but you're blowing this out of proportion.

<<This is regarding the 30-40 herbs case.>>

O-oh really... Menu-san are you mad? Is it just me?

"The total for magc beast culling comes to 125000 en and for the herbs, 16000 en... If the two of you can earn this much, is there even a need to make that little girl fight magic beasts?"

Bufuo!? This is more profitable than I thought! We finally crossed six digits in a day!
Wonder where the guild even gets the money from. One of many mysteries about this organization.

"Cash is important of course, but our goal is more the leveling itself. Things have been getting dangerous as of late. Would be best if she learned how to defend herself."

"I have heard about demons becoming more active invading and destroying human inhabitants after the birth of demon king yes, but you're clearly rushing too much. That blond girl in particular, she's just come of age hasn't she? What if she got hurt badly because you pushed her."

"...You're exactly right. We should keep her leveling in moderation from now on."

"Of course you should. I know it's not my place to, but that applies to you two, okay."

She reprimanded us with a slightly harsh tone. Yet I don't feel mad about it, weirdly.
Probably because I know this person is mad for Reina's as well as our sake.
Even Alma isn't pouting like the time with Naima.
Whoops, I almost wished this lady is our handler instead, sorry about that Naima-san. As an apology, I'll bring less herbs (etc).

Once we were done with the report and delivering the herbs, we made our way to our inn and saw Reina standing outside.
...She shouldn't have.
She trotted in our direction when she saw us. This girl's too cute.

"Welcome back~!"

"O-ou, here we are."
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I'm happy for the lively welcome, but the high tension is a bit too much when I'm this dead tired.

"We're back, Reina."

"You two look super tired. Are you hurt anywhere?"

"Naw, we're just tired, no injury. It's not even as bad as you yesterday."

"What about you Reina, still tired?"

"I'm okay now after sleeping till noon, eating Kajikawa-san's handmade lunch and sleeping again until just now."

That's excessive. Sure you can sleep tonight?

"Sorry, but mind settling with premade ones for today's dinner? Don't think I have the energy left to cook..."

"That's fine by me, but what kind of beasts were you two fighting anyway? ...Or maybe you were bothered by me collapsing yesterday so you too..."

"Nope. It's cause we agreed to help another party carrying their luggage."

"O-oh okay..."

She looked apologetic for a moment but once she heard the real reason her expression turned into a mix of relief and a bit of dissatisfaction. Err, uh, sorry.

"That party was simply incredible, let's talk it over meal."

"Un, it would be nice if we could reach their level."

"Ooh, what kind of people are they to get Kajikawa-san and Alma-san praise them so much."

That hot uncle's party... What was the name again... Right, 'Bridge of Dream', almost forgot.
They're nothing like that Dasomething guy, keep it together me.
Story about that party should serve well as a souvenir in today's dinner. Wish Reina was there to see them.

I talked about our future plan over dinner inside the inn.
Which is to keep leveling the whole day every time but to stop short of getting too fatigued.
No keeping fighting until total exhaustion. Muster up the courage when it's getting tough for you... Well, okay maybe not that exaggerated.
Second day is a rest day. This was always the plan, I just reconfirmed it.
I can't decide on my own just because I'm the leader, I've got to hear their opinions as well... Pretty simple stuff.
Well what do you expect from two people who have just come of age and a dumdum like me...

The following day. It's Reina's leveling day.
She's clearly moving much better than the first day.
Thanks to her Attributes and Skills increasing, but I believe it's also because she's getting used to handling magic beasts.

"Hnn, I feel like the hunt's gotten much easier than ever. So this is the benefit of leveling up~."

"Power leveling by killing weakened magic beasts wouldn't have given you this result. True strength is obtained by actually taking part in combat."

"Sure is~ I can easily deal with magic beasts around these parts now. Fufun."

"Oh do you now, guess I'm gonna bring two or more magic beasts from now on."

"O-oh no! Should have kept my mouth shut!"

Well, going up against multiple enemies should be doable to Reina now.
Might be too much if she only relied on her raw Stats, but she's got Energy Control as her trump card after all.
By the way, she's been slowly getting the knack of Mana Control. She can emit a bit of mana now.
Unlike Alma who emitted too much mana at first and lacked precise control, Reina is having a hard time emitting much instead. Guess there are differences between people in this stuff too.
Makes it harder for her to dry up her mana though, so it's not all bad.

"Found me some unusual chicken-looking beasts, so I brought you several~."


Ooh, they're nicely energetic. Looks fit as sparring partners.

"Niyaaaaa!? There's way too many of 'em!! I never dealt with these beasts before too!!"

"OK, first get used to taking on multiple magic beasts at once! Try out stuff like taking some distance and kiting them, shadow diving and ambushing, and subduing them one by one."

"B-but these chickens move so quick I can't get away! They're almost as fast as me!"

"Then Shadow Dive it is! Make use of the environment and jump into their shadows with Energy Control!"

I said that but can she even jump into those chickens' small shadows? Oh she could. Safe safe.
She let out only her arms out of the shadows and reaped the bewildered chickens' heads one by one. So scary.
She keeps most of her body inside shadow so she can unilaterally attack without fearing retaliation. She's gotten pretty good with Ninjutsu, I see.

"Ka-ji-ka-wa-san!! What were you saying about overworking again!!"

"I mean, wasn't it a piece of cake to you anyway. A little advice and you took care of them easily."

"By chance! They'd have ganged up on me if I made one wrong move!"

"Ah, yup, my bad. I'll bring just two from now on."

"No, please keep it to one!"

That's not efficient, and just one won't make for a good practice.
Well, I won't overwork her though, let's take it down a notch.
At this rate, she'll get her Job Change in half a month time. What a high pace, really.

Alma and Reina got Job Changes, marking a huge step forward for them, while I'm stuck with no real improvement.
I'll probably get another Menu update at Level 30 but that's Menu growing up, not me.
Best I could do right now is look around tool stores in the town and come up with something.
Oh, found me more chickens. Wonder if the type of magic beasts that spawn differ by day or something in this prairie.






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