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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 389

389 Road to Commercial City


I'm growing more and more uneasy as we're about to depart with nothing happening at all.
Currently we're in front of the kingdom's gate connecting to a common route that goes to the commercial city.
From here, there will be one town and one village along the way.
The route is a bit roundabout however, it's guaranteed safe and many merchants use it so you can stock up on them along the way if you forgot something, making it a popular route.
Commonly used roads like this are well maintained and routinely patrolled.

"Well then, I bid you farewell. I pray for your safe travel."

The guide saw us off to the stagecoach.
He was already waiting for us outside our inn when we were leaving this morning.
He had yet another carriage prepared and took us to this gate.
He gave a rundown about the route during our time on the carriage and by the time we arrived at the gate, our stagecoach was just about to depart.
They must have it prepared as well. Why you ask? Because we didn't have to do a thing, not looking for the stagecoach, not checking with the gatekeeper, everything was already a done deal.
Moreover, we don't have to pay the fee nor are there other passengers besides us. It's so obviously not normal.
The kingdom is paying for all the expenses.

(I told them straight yesterday, didn't I? We shouldn't interfere with one another. Yet they keep pushing this on me.)

Might as well take it. I just don't have to listen if they demand compensation back. I have absolutely no hands in them doing this on their own.
I'm gonna be defiant. I declined their inn offer yesterday and yet they still did this. The next time I'm here, I'm sure they're not gonna listen to me again and keep trying to use me through money.

(Should have accepted their inn offer yesterday... Oh well. No point crying over spilled milk.)

Our rickety stagecoach passed through the gate. The coachman has this macho look with an obviously battle hardened body for some reason.
Must be my 'watchdog', I thought as I blankly watched the scenery.
The ladies never uttered a word all the way here. No, I guess we greeted in the morning at least.
Naturally the underling is also keeping to himself so he won't blurt anything out, I'm the only who talks at all here.
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"We're gonna stay overnight at a village along the way. We should get there in the evening, taking a nap now is a good idea. Make yourselves comfortable."

There's only five of us in the stagecoach, so there's plenty of room available.
Normally it would have been much more cramped, we might as well relax.
You can converse your stamina simply by laying down. These ladies must have never taken this kind of trip, they should try to save energy.
However, my concern was crushed by a group of people ahead of us.
Yep, a bandit gang. How many time would this be? I can't even be bothered to count their number.
Apparently the default for me is running into bandits or thugs whenever no other event is available. The encounter rate is so high I seriously think that, not even joking.
Why am under such a fate? I want to veto that out. Reject it outright.

"Halt you lot. Heeheehee. Gotta pay up the toll y'see? This road is our turf. Ya know what ya gotta do if ya value yer' life... Oh? Ain't those some fine females! Shoulda fetch a pretty price with a lil' makeup. Oy men, change of plan. Grab the women. Make a mincemeat outta the rest!"






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