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Skill? Nee yo Sonnamon! Chapter 115

FISH! (Nobody Said It's Angling)


"...! It's pulling...!"

"Ooh! Alma-san, pull, pull back!"

Hello. The two girls next to me sure are getting heated up.
We're fishing at the beach right now.
Normally we'd just buy ingredients from grocery stores, but I thought it'd make for a nice change of pace.
It's one of the very few recreational activities in another world, let's take it easy... I haven't got a single fish though.

"Kajikawa-san, you haven't caught anything. Are you not good with fishing?"

"...I'm pretty much inexperienced save for one or two times when I was a kid. Didn't have a hobby so I never focused much on one thing."

"You mean you didn't have anything you liked to do?"

"Pretty much, yeah."

At best, I liked reading manga or playing games.
Those were the only things I could afford to engage in my super short free time full of overtimes.
I was so busy with work, I even lost touch with my college day friends, just trying to keep on keeping on.
Looking back now, what was so fun about that way of life? I didn't have any reason to keep going but neither was I wanting to die, so I just went on with it.

"Well, now that I'm trying this fishing thing out, it's surprisingly fun. Might be nice to spend my free times fishing while we're in this port town."

"Is it still fun when you don't get a fish?"

"Oh shaddup. I'm doing this to put food on our table tonight."

"Oh, that'll guarantee its freshness alright. Only if you catch a fish though."

"By the way, if nobody fishes up something, we're having saute of that boot Alma caught."

"You can't eat boots!"

"...Caught a kettle."

The tally presently, I got zero fish. Not even garbage.
Reina caught several fish, but all of them were on the small side. Should work well for tempura though.
Alma, a boot and a kettle... Her highlight-less eyes are staring blankly at the sunlight-reflecting kettle.
It's been an hour since we started but the outlook doesn't look good. Guess waiting is the fun in fishing.
But we'll be left with nothing to eat tonight at this rate... I'll make use of this chance to train.

Sending my mana with Mana Control through the line... Hmm the mana dispersed right away.
I link my life force along with my mana flowing through the line to prevent dispersion as well as my energy to bolster its output and precision.
Then I make the fishing line to move around like it's alive to attract the fish.
It probably won't work that well either, but it makes for a good training of Remote Mana Control.

"Oh, I caught another one! ...A finger-sized small fishie."

"...Caught a cup."

Man you girls never change do you.
I'm amazed Alma managed to dexterously hook that cup up.
Speaking of never changing, the same goes for me... Mana Control has changed nothing.

Just when I was entertaining the idea of buying ingredients in the marketplace instead, my rod caught something.


"Oh, it's finally your time to shine, Kajikawa-san!"

Unlike the reels on earth, reels in this world don't roll up well. Mine broke down as I was fighting.
Oh crap, it's gonna take off at this rate! ...No choice, I'll use mana control to grab the fish directly!
Eh, unfair? Can't hear you! Torya!

SPLASH, a flashy pillar of water sprouted as my catch leaped out.
It's an, octopus. A common red octopus you often see on earth.
It landed right on Alma's belly. Oh…

Oh no
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Alma let out a silent scream as she tearfully struggled to peel the octopus.
The sight of the octopus's legs entangling Alma is a bit... No comment.

"A-Alma-san, calm down!"

"!! !?!?! !!!"

She seemingly couldn't hear Reina's voice as she yelped without a word.
Menu-san! What's the best way to peel off an octopus!

<<Stabbing the area between its eyes with a fish-killing pick will turn its body white, enabling an easy neutralization.>>

I don't got something like that on me!
Ah wait, I can just make a needle shaped mana on my finger with Mana Control!

I thrust the mana needle on the ero-octo's forehead as it entangled Alma harder and then it turned white before listlessly peeled itself.

"Hafuu! ...Fuu...!! ...Fuu...!"

Alma attempted to regain her breathing with a flush face.
...I shouldn't stare, feels immoral somehow.

"...My bad, was careless with my aim when I pulled it..."

"I-it's, o, kay... But, please be careful, next time..."

"...The way Alma-san was entwined by that octopus looked kinda, you know..."

Reina, you stop right there.
We resumed our fishing after a short break.
...I should consider where to land the fish next time.

Several hours since we started.
Gotta get ready to head back now that it's almost dark out.
By the way, the final tally wasn't too bad in the end.

Reina only caught small fry like sillago and smelt, but makes it up with the sheer quantity.
Gonna either tempura or dry them up.
...Alma had a big haul in a sense. Absolutely nothing fit for consumption, but there were some useful-looking items among all the junk she fished up.
Or rather, she's the winner in terms of total values. Fishing magic tools should be a talent... The girl herself looked dissatisfied by the fact there wasn't a single fish.
As for me, it was mostly delicacies and unusual foodstuff... What even is fishing.
Octopus, squids, urchins and there were even mantis shrimp-like animals. Shrimps spoil easily so I put them away in Item Screen.
I was looking forward at the kind of sea organisms in another world but they're pretty much the same ones you see on earth.
...Fine by me though, might hesitate eating them if they look too alien.

We normally spend our days hunting magic beasts, but enjoying our breaks like this makes me have an understanding.
I usually spent my breaks in Japan sleeping all day, it wasn't particularly fun.
I feel like the trick is to spend your holidays with someone.

"Let's head back. Fishing makes for a nice change of pace every once in a while, doesn't it."

"...I couldn't catch anything edible..."

"B-but there were like, some amazing looking accessories and stuff in there, cheer up, Alma-san."

"...Thank you."

...Reina was probably trying to encourage Alma, but it kinda sounds like she's ridiculing her.
We should think more carefully about the bait and things like that next time. The paste fishing bait Alma used proved unpopular with fish.
Now then, gotta salt the shrimp, fry the octopi, and make tempura out of Reina's small fry once we get back home.
Everything fried, only the urchins are eatable raw. Processing them's gonna be a pain...






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