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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 388

388 What is the Correct Answer?


I sprawled myself on my bed once the guide left.

"Aah, good thing he gave up... Thought he was plotting something up to get me to the castle or pestered me until I agreed... Turned out he relented right away..."

There's been so many stupidly high ranking people I've come across to by this point.
At first it was just a novice merchant, then the merchant association president of commercial city, a GM of an underworld syndicate, a daughter of the emperor, a kingdom's princess, a kingdom's PM, and lastly the federation chairman's daughter.
A full line up of personages whom common people would have never even dreamed up of getting acquainted with.

(Oh right, almost forgot, didn't a mercenary guildmaster try to pick a fight with me too?)

I recalled that one time a mercenary blocked the path while I was on my way out of the commercial city.
He mentioned something about the guildmaster inviting me, I just knew it would have led to yet another mess if I went with him.
At the time, I just lightly shook the mercenary off, but now that I'm going back there, I can't help but worry it's gonna turn into a spark to an even bigger fire.

(I was prioritizing going out of the city rather than giving them a stern warning back then. The mercenary guild there might still have it out for me...)

I can't predict the future but how probable is that? My head hurts from worrying over that.
All without realizing that having this thought alone may have raised the flag as I stayed in bed past dinner time.

Everything went without a hitch afterward. We ate dinner together, and asked for water to wipe our body before retiring to bed. The day ended peacefully with no more happening.
But I just know. This is a calm before the storm.

(Troubles tend to miss me whenever I shut myself in a room though.)

I spent a full week of true peace when I locked myself for one week while waiting for my katana back then.
I get that it's a form of escapism.

"My end goal might surprisingly be the 'correct answer'."

I muttered to myself. However, I've got to clear several conditions first before it can materialize.
Place, money, environment, and miscellaneous stuff, which differs depending on where I end up settling in the future.
I gotta learn the sense of value in this world.

(It's such a longshot... But there's no need to hurry...)

I gradually parted with my consciousness in bed.

The morning after started uneventful. Yet my mind was cloudy.

(Are we gonna be okay on the way there? Won't there be a flood of events in every stops?)

After a good night rest in a fluffy bed, my mind cleared up, expelling drowsiness.
And yet there's no use worrying over it now since I'm helpless against it. It's not possible to plan ahead against the 'something' inside me.
There's just no way I can come up with a good countermeasure no matter how hard I mull over it. After all, this 'something' is utterly unknown, I don't have even the slightest clue about it.

As I started getting gloomy at the prospect of repeating this hopeful and resignation cycle over and over again in the future, I got out of my bed.
I sighed once before leaving my room to have breakfast.






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