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Skill? Nee yo Sonnamon! Chapter 110

Helping One Another in Time of Trouble


We took a break for lunch before resuming the hunt.
Facing off against another packs of beasts would be a bit too much so we purposely avoided spots where magic beasts concentrated and went for mostly solo running ones.
Though 10 or even 20 Lv20s magic beasts are still not enough to raise our current levels.
Alma got hers earlier thanks to piled up exp from defeating a demon last time.
I just had a level up before arriving at the port town, so I need a lot of exp for my next one.
We should go in deeper to hunt for more lucrative beasts but we've just begun our leveling journey in this Monster Prairie. Trying to rush might land us in hot water, we shouldn't act rashly.

Hmm, guess we hunted 30-40 beasts in total between the two us.
We should have amassed quite a lot of exp from so many beasts over Lv20s, yet it's not enough.
It might be faster if we go solo like with Reina, but there's no reason to rush headlong like that, and taking that many alone is a pain.
...Alma can probably solo that many magic beasts with her Spirit Magic if she really wants to though. Maybe she's holding back for my sake.

<<Users who carry out large-scale Spirit Magic incur a huge burden along with the Spirits they deploy, incapacitating them for a time, exposing them to attacks in the meantime. Long term, it's inefficient and carry a high risk, she must have taken that into consideration.>>

I see, thanks for assuaging me.
Can't believe Menu-san would encourage me when I'm feeling down from overthinking, what a stud.

I've harvested quite a lot of herbs too aside from beasts.
Apparently 'Kyuara Herbs' used as an ingredient for mid-grade recovery potions grow a lot in this area and each piece is valued at 500 en, so I've been gathering aplenty.
They're pretty rare since they look way more like invasive weed than even Hiruka Herbs, only professional Appraisers can reliably pick them apart. They really do look like random weed.

...Hmu, I sense multiple readings of people from deeper inside the prairie.
Considering the number and strength, could they be the party from yesterday? ...Yup, four strong readings, probably the same party.
Hmu, what do. I don't think it's good to keep going back to town in a huff just to avoid encountering another party, and this stranger danger behavior is not healthy.
Let's take a break here until they get close and greet them if they approach us.

"Alma, it looks like there's another party coming back from the prairie. Let's greet them if we bump into them."

"Un... Hunting deep in this prairie, they must be really strong."

"For sure. Might be a party full of Rank A adventurers even."

Their life force and mana responses are pretty high indeed.
Even the weakest member has about the same reading as the boss wolf earlier. In short, they're at least over Level 30.
...And now I'm getting nervous. Calm down me, we're just gonna greet them. No cylinder firing or anything involved. Take a deep breath, *breathe in* *breathe out*... This is an old joke.
As I did a light stand up comedy in my mind, the other party came into view.
...Hm, aren't they dragging something? Dead body of a magic beast?

Whoa, it's huge. What that, a dragon or something? ...No, a giant lizard.

≪[Mad Lizard Crimson Scale] a gigantic lizard-type magic beast. Extremely dangerous magic beast whose total length reaches 8 meter, capable of attacking with dragon breaths as well as sheer physical prowess using its gigantic body. Adventurer Guild deems them as a Rank A magic beast. All parts of its body such as claws, fangs, meat and bones are usable as superior quality materials, thus even one is highly valuable.>>

Dragons? That thing a dragon? But it's got no wings, and looks more like a lizard. I mean the name's one.

<<Some magic beasts may acquire Skills and traits unique to Dragons after many stages of evolution, this is one such cases.>>

I see, so some of them obtain the power of dragons by evolving. So like Dragon subspecies?
And four people are dragging this giant lizard, must be a pain.
Why didn't they bring an Item Bag. Wait, I guess it won't fit something that big. Not even the bag's opening.

<<It is possible as long as the Item Bag has the capacity to. However, the object must be lift-able to a degree otherwise it cannot be stored.>>

It can!? How'd that even work... Heck where'd the items go to inside the thing.
Well I guess you could say the same about my Item Screen.

Oh, they noticed us. I should bow back for now.
Hope they keep going now.

"Say! Excuse me! You black haired pair over there, could we trouble you for a bit!? This lizard is way too heavy for us alone!"
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One of the party members, a blond haired woman yelled loudly asking for our help.
...Eeh. You mean, helping dragging that thing? But that's gonna be a huge pain in the rear. I don't wanna if I could help it.

"Hey, what are you on about. Why are you shamelessly asking strangers for help. Like anybody wanna lug this huge thing around."

"I mean, you know how far away the town still. It's gonna be next day before we got there!"

"Yeah and it's all thanks to a certain somebody forgetting to bring our Item Bag with her! Do you know the despair I felt when I found that out after we beat this thing?!"

"I super do! I'm gritting my teeth in despair while dragging this!"

"Then less complaining and more pulling!"

The blond woman started quarreling with a man in the party while dragging the lizard half in tears.
So she's the reason they had to do this without an Item Bag... Don't mind.
As I was thinking that, a silver short haired man in his 40s called out to us while smiling wryly.

"Ah, pardon for the commotion. Please don't worry about us and be on your way."

"Ah hey leader! This stupidly heavy lizard is just too much, who cares about saving faces!? Let's get them to help!"

"I understand, but that's a no. They have their own circumstances, we have no right to infringe upon it for our selfish reason. You get that too, don't you?"


The silver haired man is the party's leader huh.
He gently admonished the blond woman who kept pestering us. This hot uncle is too cool.
How do I put it, his looks and demeanor just scream a mix of dandy and gentleness, like a 'Perfect Human'.
It's only my intuition speaking since we've just met but I feel like I can see his 'good man aura' from the short exchange just now and his way of speaking.
...Well, you can't judge a book by its cover though. I've got too little information to draw a conclusion.

"...Hikaru, they look really troubled. I'm not against helping them..."

Alma suggested we helped while looking a bit apologetic.
I just know she's gonna do it on her own if I refuse... No choice then.

"Umm, we're just about heading back to the port town as well. We don't mind lending a hand."

"Eh, for real!? Score!"

"O-oy, I know it's weird coming from me, but dragging this lizard is some super grueling stuff. Ya sure 'bout it?"

"Yes, it will serve nicely as a muscle training. Allow us to help."

"...Sorry, honestly that'd be great. But do be careful not to strain yourselves okay. I don't want you two to get hurt because of this."

"Nn, I'll do my best."

"We'll let you know if we hit our limit, please don't worry."

Thus starts a death march that doubles as a muscle training.
There's around 10 km left until the town, wonder if my stamina will last...?

Tens of minutes of dragging later. It is heavy for sure.
I thought my Attributes had gone up a lot, yet carrying a magic beast this big still proved challenging.

"Oh right, we haven't introduced ourselves yet. We are a party of adventurers that goes by the name 'Bridge of Dreams'. I serve as the leader, Kyoukuharuto. Pleased to make your acquaintances."

"I'm Rainanshi. Thousand thanks for your help. You'll get your reward later of course. From Daina."

"Oy, the hell you're spouting... You guys better not swallow anything this idiot says whole. Well, it's true we ain't gonna make you work for free though. The name's Dainaruga, nice to meetcha."

"My name is Sistinaka. I am eternally grateful for your willingness to aid us... Uu, I'm getting lightheaded..."

The silver haired hot uncle, a blond slapdash beauty, a brown haired straight man in a comedy routine, and a silver haired weak-hearted looking sister-like woman.
...Each of them has a really strong individuality, and yet the party looks like it's got a perfectly harmonious balance to it.
I feel a bit bad for prying but checking just their levels, the leader is amazingly, Lv51 while the other members are around 35-45, they're all veterans.
Every one of them is probably pretty strong by themselves, yet I'm sure they're staggeringly even more so together as a team. Truly the picture of an ideal party.

...Wonder if our party is gonna be this amazing one day.
Well, becoming good adventurers is ultimately just a means to an end.
Our true goal is childish in comparison... The means look more noble than the goal.
There's no need to rush but I'd be lying if I don't get motivated to become like them quick. For that we gotta diligently keep at our training.
...Ah, I'm getting tired. N-no, this is part of training too, gotta bear with it... Nope, still tiring.






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