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Skill? Nee yo Sonnamon! Chapter 118

Chancy Little Girl


"...Whao, Job Change in just half a month since you started~."

Adventurer guild's receptionist, Naima-san sounded amazed.
Though there's a hint of sarcasm behind her wry smile.

"Your Skills and Attributes are growing nicely as well, doesn't look like you're power-leveling. Just how are you doing this..."

"It's simple, I just beat up lots and lots of magic beasts. I worked really really hard."

"Do you have any idea how ludicrous that is? Normally an adventurer flying solo only culls ten percent of magic beasts you did on average, no one goes on hunting so many day in day out. There's even a Lv19 magic beasts in there, you're really chancy cough cough... you're amazing."

"...Did you just call me chancy?"

That chancy Reina's Status post-Job Change is as such:

Name: Reinamiure


Age: 15

Race: Human

Job: Ninja

State: Normal

HP (Health Points): 184/195
MP (Magic Points): 39/117
SP (Stamina Points): 27/88

STR (Strength): 91
ATK (Attack): 91 (+80)
DEF (Defense): 86 (+80) (+10)
AGI (Agility): 135 (+24)
INT (Intelligence): 81
DEX (Dexterity): 124
PER (Perception): 132
RES (Resistance): 74
LUK (Luck): 87

Dagger Arts Level 4
Martial Arts Level 4
Stealth Level 4
Ninjutsu Level 2
Throwing Level 1


Bear Claw Dagger
ATK +80

Bear Leather Black Clothes
DEF +80

Wind-Cutting Tabi
DEF +10
AGI +24

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...Chancy. What is you ask, it's the growth of those Attributes.
Her STR and defensive attributes are below average, but her PER and AGI are stupidly high compared to Alma back when she was Lv10.
Heck, Attributes besides RES and LUK can be manipulated with Energy Control so she virtually has no pitfalls. Chancy, so chancy.
Her Status is quite specialized, but bury those gaps and she's quite a force to be reckoned. In fact, she did defeat a magic beast much stronger than her with relative ease.

The growth of her Skill List is also pretty nasty.
All of her Skills leveled up by 1-2, and she even learned Throwing Skill.
It must be a prerequisite Skill for throwing stuff like shurikens or kunais... Dunno how we'd even get our hands on those things though.

"There's the chancy Reina-chan, and then there's those even chancier two behind her. I can't anymore with this party, I'm scared."

"You just said it!"

"I mean, you are chancy."

"Reina, chancy?"

"Um, Alma-san, what are you talking about..."

Alma does tend to get on the joke randomly.
Or maybe she's actually asking that for real, no way right... Or is it?

I'm not particularly mad at Naima-san for saying this stuff.
Or rather, my and Alma's Kill Logs are admittedly quite unusual.

Fighting magic beasts that are on the same level as you is akin to a match to death between two parties of equal strength.
Naturally thanks to having knowledge on the traits of particular magic beasts and the ability to use tools, equipment and items, humans have the advantage.
But most people simply don't make such deathmatches into part of their daily routine. If there were, they'd be either battle junkies or simply dumbasses.
Therefore, it's a common sense to fight as a party so you have numerical superiority. Strength in numbers, aniki.
Only after that you start hunting magic beasts your level. Considering the cost of potions to restore MP, SP, and health, on average people around Level 20s only cull 5-10 beasts per session.

Yet we usually hunted 30-50. That may sound like I'm boasting, but those numbers are objectively abnormal.
Despite of that, our Levels barely rose, a far cry from our Lv10s days. If Lv20s are like this, I can't imagine what it's like at even higher level brackets, must be a path of carnage...
I can see how most people stop just before hitting Lv50 like guildmast said. Once you've gotten to that point, you can just safely hunt for magic beasts below your level and earn a stable income anyway.

"Here you go, your reward. Earning 25000 en solo, I'm past looking forward to your future, I'm just afraid now..."

"Thanksies. Now that I've Job Changed, I'm gonna earn a whole lot more fufufu."

Is it just me or do Reina's eyes have en symbols on them... Wonder if this world uses '¥' too for en.

"That's the spirit, tomorrow we can go to the pea green grass area and--"
"Knock it off already!!"

A voice resounded inside the guild, interrupting me.
I turned around toward the voice's owner and saw a blue haired young man glaring hard at me.
Eh, what, what did I do? Who's this guy anyway.

"...Err, can I help you?"

"I heard you've been forcing that little girl to kill monsters for you and nab the reward. I see now that it's true. Have you no shame?!"


Is this, that? This person heard the bad rumors about me and came to check on it, then he witnessed our conversation earlier and deemed that it must be true?
I can see how somebody could get the wrong impression from our chat earlier, but I dunno, I don't think there's enough evidence yet to go off like he did...
Heck, guy's pretty courageous to shout that out of the blue. Aren't you ashamed yourself?

"Poor girl, look at how worn-out she is. You must have never given her enough rest either! Are you that desperate for money!? Why don't you do it yourself!"

That was only on the first day. Well, I'm not making that an excuse though.
I mean the norm is to take a 2-3 day break after every session, but she's been having an off day every other day at least...

"No, rather than money, the goal is to level her up."

"Then why don't you give her all the reward money she deserves!?"

"No uh, I'm taking portions of it to cover the cost of stuff like our inn, and meals."

"Ha!? Can't you pay that much! Scrimping on beds at your age, you're the lowest of men!"

You're getting there yourself making all those false accusations without any basis.
...Ah, crap. I can sense the waves of impending Ashura (Alma) and Acala (Reina) behind me...!
You'd better quit while you're ahead young man, forget me, these two are gonna snap!

Then suddenly, the young man moved to speak to Reina.

"You should let it out. There's no need for you to beat yourself up earning money for a guy like this. You can speak up if you have issues."

"I can just speak up, can't I?"

"Yes you can, all the money you earn is yours to take. Let it all out to this guy who snatches it from you."

She breathed out a sigh and then,

"Do I now, I can let it all out huh? ....Are you stupid?"


Reina spoke expressionlessly, with eyes like she's looking at garbage directed at the young man.

"What do you know? Just what do you even know about Kajikawa-san and Alma-san? Acting like you're an ally of justice just because you heard some rumors. It doesn't concern you."

"W-what are you."

"What am I saying, right? That's my line. Do you think you're so cool accusing people bad from rumors alone, all while being blissfully unaware of our circumstances? You sicken me."

O, ooou. Didn't know Reina could make that face.
A face that's so obviously repulsed of someone. It's a different expression from that time with her drunk dad.

"These two saved me when I was about to get eaten by a High Cave Bear in a cave. They gave someone with no home like me a place, they let me eat good food to my heart's content, they gave me a new choice for my Job, they prepared my equipment, they lent me power to go against that shitty dad, and they trained me when I wished for strength. You don't know about any of that, do you? So what gave you the right to preach us? Tell me."

She spoke quickly yet firmly while being on the offensive.
The young man flinched but he mustered enough to snap back at Reina.

"I-I'm just thinking of you!"

"You don't have to. I get that you have a strong sense of justice, but how about giving it some thought before you mouth people off? You're behaving like a pushy salesman on kindness, you don't think about how that's troubling the other party."

"...I see, I get it now."

Oho? That's surprisingly obedient of him.
Being able to admit your fault is a good quality to have, yup.

"You've been feeding this girl tall tales for when someone confronts you! Such a cunning ploy! Can you really call yourself a man!!"

Ah, nope. This guy won't admit he's in the wrong ever.
What a pain... Can I go home?





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