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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 382

382 What is This Development?


Now then, I'm not sure what to do. The ladies and their legs are at their limit.
They've been lying on the bare earth since a while ago, no signs of standing up. Linda did once when she saw Chimera but she's back on the ground now.
Underling's fatigue seems to caught up to him after Chimera's surprise as well, he's leaning on a tree now.
The only lively ones here are me and Chimera.

"Hmm, what should we do? Keep marching on to the kingdom... doesn't look feasible. But there's no way to pick apart people who've been bought out like Irdis at the federation. That place is definitely more dangerous."

I suspect the federation is nearly under Kanedor's complete control. Meaning not even Linda and her noble house would be safe. Can't just ask them to shelter us when it likely has been compromised.
Correction. I can get them back. Easily. With my 'power'. But it's what comes after. If I did that and then heard about their death later on, I'd definitely regret it.
I want to absolutely avoid ending up with those unpleasant feelings.

From what Linda told me, the federation adopts a parliamentary system.
There is a king. However he's more symbolic and the 'parliament' holds the actual executive power.
Pretty much Japan-like. However, the system here is not as mature, considering the existence of shady politicians such as Kanedor.

"Kanedor's underlings won't find us if we seek refuge at the commercial city, actually he should be in the dark about our present situation. Meaning, we'd better get out of this place asap."

As I kept ruminating my thought, Chimera suddenly jumped off my arms.
It looked at me and 'meow'-ed once like usual. It really sounded like the same meow like Chimera usually does, but a moment later, I took three step back.

Why you ask? That's because Chimera grew bigger.
Chimera has transformed itself into its Lion Mode.
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"Oy, what's wrong Chimera? Sizing yourself up all of a sudden. Hmm? ...No way, do you mean to?"

I wasn't particularly alarmed by Chimera's Lion Mode. But the same can't be said to the others here.
Of course not when such a small being suddenly turned into a completely different beast.
Not to mention its gigantic size. All the trees around Chimera got mowed down during the transformation process. We're inside the forest. Naturally the sound loudly reverberated far and wide, causing all manners of small animals and birds nearby to scatter in terror.
Contrasting to the loud chaotic scream-like sounds those animals produced, the ladies didn't make a sound as they fainted where they were.
Underling is still hanging on but with his mouth is gaping open like his soul has escaped with a pale white face.

"What will... become of us? I just don't know anymore..."

Linda gazes at Chimera like she's given up on everything.





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