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Skill? Nee yo Sonnamon! Chapter 158

Dessert and Discussion About the Future


"Who knew stir-fried vegetables were this good...! Rivaling the taste of meat thanks to the sauce!"

"There's minced meat inside this rolled up vegetable thing too!"

"Mumu, I have yet to sample that meat. I shall have one myself."

"Uh Director, aren't you eating too much. You're still recovering, are you gonna be alright?"

"Umumu, indeed. I've only had six full meal worth but I suppose I should restrain myself."

"Six meal worth, you mean you can still have more after that much...?"

"Haven't had a spoon in three days, I can fit in as much as I wanna ssu."

I made meat dishes that mix well with vegetables like stir fried vegetables and cabbage rolls with yakiniku sauce-like condiment, or meat skewers with veggies such as Rock Onion in between. Those dishes seem to get great receptions.
Well considering their usual frugal eating habit, I suppose they'd welcome most dishes anyway.
Also, Director how many portions are you gonna eat.
Apparently she usually shares her portions to the smaller children, I guess this is how much she'd have usually eaten if it weren't for their circumstance...

Once all the plates have been mostly cleaned up, this dinner is nearing its end.
The children are looking half satisfied by the food and half reluctant to part with this feast.

"I'm full~."

"Ah, it's over... Guess it's back to bread crust, potatoes and tomatoes life again starting tomorrow..."

"No complaining now. We must be thankful we can have a feast like this today."

Karla counseled the children who were muttering at the empty plates.
Yup, she's not wrong. In fact, expressing gratitude without being selfish is a mature take.
But is that truly what she feels. Is she really satisfied going back to their frugal diet.

"Ah, excuse me, may I have your attention guys."

I clapped my hands, calling the children.
They all turned their gazes at me with puzzled looks.

"It's now the time to bring in the dessert with most food gone."

"Dessert! Dessert!"

"No kidding?! Today's meal is way grand!"

Sorry for setting in the expectation but it's nothing grand really.
Heck, it's something you kids usually eat.

"Have a go then."

"Hoi houi."

Rina brought in a large platter full of the dessert.
It's some sort of brown fried sticks smeared with white powder.
The children were looking confused and kinda let down. Figured.

"That's, the dessert...?"

"T-they look kinda burned... Huh, but there's this nice aroma in the air..."

"Well, just think of me playing a trick with you and give it a try."

The children timidly took the sticks and bit on them.
As they kept chewing, their worried expressions gradually turned into that of delight.

"What is this stuff! It's so sweet and crunchy!"

"Is this white powder, sugar? Isn't sugar really really expensive, can we have this much!?"

"It's fine, it's fine, the main ingredient itself costs practically nothing anyway."

"Hmm, the texture feels similar to the wrapping of that tonkatsu we had earlier. I never ate anything like this, yet it tastes really familiar to me."

"Oh, Faram-niisan you're sharp."


Rina clapped at Farannam-kun who gave his impression on the food as he ate. Oh yeah, it should taste familiar alright.

"Hikaru, what is this dish?"

"Hm, Faram is right, it does feel familiar ssu."

"Hmm, I feel like I know this flavor, it's the one whenever I'm running short of money... Ah, could this be bread crust!?"
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Bingo, Radia-kun!
The identity of this mysterious dessert it none other than fried bread crust sprinkled with sugar, a super simple snack.
The kids' eyes popped open in surprise when they heard that.

"Bread crust!? Really!?"

"It's nothing like the bread crust I know! I mean it's filling but bread crust is usually all dry and crumbly and hard!"

"Fufufu, even bread crust turns into a delicacy by Master Chef's touch."

"Master Chef's way awesome!"

Like I said I'm not, I've only been in the kitchen here twice.
...I hope no weird Title gets affixed on my Status because they keep calling me that.

"Fuhaafu! Hamaiffu!"

"Director, swallow first before you speak! We can't understand what you're saying!"

...Director, I'm not sure about stuffing five of those at once.
She should be full already yet she kept grabbing the sticks one after another as she stuffed herself.
Sweets got another room huh. It rather looks like she hungers for sweets instead.

The fried bread crust sticks were all gone in the blink of an eye.
...Some of the children are licking the sugared platter, but let's resume the discussion for now.

"Now then, guys, what do you think about today's dinner."

"It was so good!"

"I never had a feast like that!"

"But, it's all gone..."

"I see, I'm glad to hear it's to your liking. Let me ask you a question now. Are you fine with barely subsisting by munching on bread crust like you've always done from tomorrow on, or do you rather have two-three kinds of dishes that were in this dinner as your meal everyday?"

I feel bad to the children in charge of cooking in this orphanage saying that, but this question is necessary. Forgive me.

"...I want like dinner today!"

"I won't ask for a feast like that everyday, but I wanna have three of those dishes at least."

"If I'm to be honest, I agree, but that is me being selfish."

Being able to eat without getting hungry is better than starving.
I'm sure they're well aware of that, but anybody would want to eat good food.

"But we can't... We don't have money."

"Yeah, I'm told your main source of income is Director's sewing job and occasional donations, but that barely covers the expense needed to run this orphanage. Director has been managing to the very best she could, yet there's simply no room to improve your food situation."

"...Ah, I get it! If bread crust can tastes that good, then even potatoes and tomatoes can too!"

"Yup, you got that correct, partly. But there's only so many dishes you can make with three types of ingredients. Replicating the taste of meat and fish with potatoes and bread crust would be a tall order."

"Uu... You're right."

You can make at best 5-10 types of dishes using these ingredients.
The flavor wouldn't change much, they'd get bored of it quickly.

"Wait, you said partly. You mean the bit about using the ingredients isn't wrong?"

"Yup. We're gonna need to prepare a lot of things, and there's no guarantee it'll go well but I believe it's worth trying. Hear me out if you're interested. You're also free to leave if you think it's a ridiculous idea, what do you kids say?"

The children looked at each other and deliberated for a moment before immediately turning their line of sight at me, waiting for my next word.
Looks like they've got the enthusiasm at least. Now then, time to get down to the plan.
...Just gonna hope it won't betray their expectations. Hope it works out okay.







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