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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 431

431 Probing


"Welcome. I shall be your guide. Your escorts may go to that room over there."

"Fumu, you're out here chaperoning yourself? What are you scheming Eltros."

"Oho, are you familiar with me, Chairman? That makes thing simple then. Oh, I assure you I'm not scheming anything. As stated in the letter, my objective is an opportunity for a talk, nothing more. With you that is."

Bonuts glared at Eltros dubiously. His two guards scowled at Eltros but then they followed the instruction into their room when Bonuts waved his hand.

"Ours is right there. If you may."

Eltros, the owner of this mansion opened the door for a guest himself.
Something unthinkable. No matter what kind of 'negotiation' is going to take place, this act of lowering himself below the other party is going to put him at a disadvantage.
Yet, Bonuts is unperturbed. Eltros's self-deprecating action right now won't be the deciding factor.
The issue of 'rank' isn't settled through the push and pull before the real thing begins.

The two are fully aware of that and keep their guard up.
The battle only begins once they're inside the room. Eltros offered the Chairman his seat before taking his own and poured tea for both.

"What is all this? As far as I'm aware, you are the head of this 'organization', are you not? The top. Although the only other thing we have uncovered is the fact that there was a huge upheaval. Will you tell me what happened?"

"Yes well... I suppose divulging this piece of information to you is fine. It will 'profit' the organization. But only if you are willing to respond positively in this negotiation, that is."

The two each started with strong pushes. With a hint of sarcasms in their voices.

"Hmph, show me what you've got first. My time does not come cheap, I'll have you know. Disappoint me and that's a tell tale sign of your small caliber."

"Oh but haven't you seen the item we enclosed in the letter? That's precisely why you're here this early in the morning. Despite the danger such actions pose, no? Seeing as you're aware about me, you normally wouldn't have come near this mansion. Yet, you made the decision to. The same decision that gave you the confidence to sip the tea I prepared."
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A brief silence ruled before Chairman Bonuts broke it.

"You decide the value of your time huh... Then let us not waste it anymore on this worthless charade. Get it out. Money is not an issue. What are you selling me?"

"Allow me to have your word first. You won't probe nor will you publicize the person who hunted these materials. As well as this organization. I will share a little bit of what took place in this organization. As such, I wish to hear your commitment straight out of your mouth."

What's important is to build trust between the two of them. The only people in this room are these two and me.
Yes, I'm hiding here. Listening in curiously to their conversation.

Breaking the agreement means the relationship between the organization and the merchant association has ruptured. They are the top men from each sides after all.
It's nothing more than a verbal promise. A secret agreement if you may. Each of them will have to shoulder that burden. Such is how trust is built over time.
Knowing that all too well, Chairman Bonuts gave his affirmation.

"Fine. I swear to keep it to myself. Good enough for you? I care not who that hunter is, let's see if they have anything that could surprise me. Now, let me see them."

With that said, Eltros put on gloves and carefully fetched the items that had been prepared inside an item bag one by one.





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