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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 425

425 Same Old


We have to burn away this pile of bodies.
Leaving them here would invite carnivorous beasts to this camping ground.
That's the one thing we can't let happen.
After I was done stripping off their belongings, I was about to ask the coachman to help with it.

"Hey, you still got that oil? The one to light... Huh? What's wrong Chimera?"

Chimera suddenly transformed into Lion Mode. Its face turned toward the bodies I had re-piled up.

"...Hold it! Chimera! Hold up!"

I had a guess what it was about to do and stopped it.
Chimera turned to look at me with a tilted head.
Doing that with a lion face carried an impact but I dunno if I could call it cute. I kept that to myself as I made a request to Chimera.

"From there our stuff might catch on fire, so do it from over there instead... Yep, there that's the spot, do it."

Chimera followed my signal and changed its position.
Then it breathed flame out of its mouth.

"Ooh, it's burning nicely... Yup, it's scary alright."

The quickness in which the bodies were burned down sent a chill down my spine. It didn't take long at all for the pile to turn into charcoals.
The coachman who was witnessing it all next to me turned deadly pale. He fell off on his rear, seemingly fearing for his life.
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Fortunately, nobody else had woken up yet. If other travelers were around, this would have turned into a huge uproar, heck rumors would likely spread.
Needlessly causing a commotion in the world. In other word, this incident could have ended up coming back to me.
I'm not about to clean after such a roundabout mess. Also, I just know it'd come at me long after I had forgotten about it. Spare me from that crap.

Probably too late with the empire though.

Chimera must have deemed that it was a job well done. It snuggled on my feet in Cat Mode before I realized.

"Oh, good boy, thanks. That saved us a lot of trouble. Here's your reward."

I gently stroked Chimera and fetched a lump of meat from magic bag.

"Let's get some grubs... Can you stand?"

I offered my hands to the still fallen coachman and led him to a chair.
Afterward, I fetched my cooking utensils and started making breakfast like usual.
First, I took some random meat from magic bag and sliced it thin.
I added salt along with some vegetables before stir frying them. Then I put it all on a large platter for a free take all.
Making soup would take too long so I'm not doing it. We're arriving at the commercial city today. We should not waste our time here to minimize the chance of encountering another trouble along the way.

The ladies got up just as I was about done making the last batch of stir fried meat and vegetables.

"Good morning. We're forever grateful for always imposing on you..."

Linda sounded apologetic as she greeted me. But her face was completely flat as the pile of charcoals got reflected in her eyes.

"Ah, morning. Aren't you ladies preoccupied with mulling over what you want to do? Don't worry about this."

Underling woke up at this point of time and stopped moving altogether in shock when he saw the pile of charcoal.

"Come now, let's eat. Once we're done resting, we'll depart right away, onto the commercial city."

I urged them all to have breakfast.





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