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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 432

432 Liquidation


All kinds of magic beast materials are lined up. So many of them, there's no more room to step on the floor.
There's meat and specific parts from all kinds of magic beasts. Eltros carefully put them down one by one on the floor.

"What? What is this? This amount! And not a single one is damaged?! You mean there was no fight... but how, with the size of these parts? You can immediately tell how gigantic these magic beasts were... How did that hunter obtain all these? Not even a group of veteran mercenaries could possibly fetch this many fresh mats."

The chairman couldn't stop talking in excitement. At the same time, his eyes calmly make an assessment of each and every item.
As expected of a merchant. Looks like he's making a high speed calculation on the purchasing and selling prices.
I'm poking my head out in the open to watch them from my hiding place, yet he's too focused to notice me.
Eltros hasn't actually revealed the main attraction. I don't know his reason but I'm gonna leave it to him.

"Oy, the meat will spoil like that. Do you mind if I put them in my magic bag? I'll give you good prices. The freshness warrants that. I'd like to sell them at our store right this instance. I'll pay you the meat first here and now, they must stay fresh. Is that fine?"

"Gladly. However, I still have another kind of meat. I shall fetch it now. Here it is."

Bonuts wouldn't compromise and quickly put the meat into his personal magic bag.
Freshness is key, that's only common sense. Him being a chairman isn't just for show I see.

But then he started acting flustered when he saw the meat that was shown next. The block of meat has scales attached to it, proof of it originally being a wyvern.

"...Oy! What's the meaning of this!? Did they hunt a wyvern!? Who is this hunter? I want an exclusive contract! Introduce me will you!?"

This must be what it looks like when someone loses composure. Bonuts dropped his magic bag on the table and pressed on Eltors.
His reaction is more exaggerated than Eltros last night. I'm a bit taken aback.
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"This discussion is strictly a business talk, will you buy or not?"

Eltros calmly refused him. He's already seen the same reaction yesterday.

"Ugugugugu... 'Course I'm buying! Are the scales included with the price? Then... dammit! Didn't calculate this!"

"Oh no, these scales only serve as a proof, you do not have to include them in the price. I am but a negotiator. For free."

Eltros told me that even a single scale of wyvern fetches for a lot of money. I'm not too fussed on that so I told him to just give out the scales as proof.

"Sorry give me time! I must get the meat to... Eei! The Empire! Or maybe the Kingdom! Which one...! Eei!"

Bonuts is losing his mind, it must be rare for him to handle wyvern meat or maybe this is first.
Watching him, I thought to myself I made the right choice.

(Even a bigwig like him got a big panic. Would have been impossible for lesser merchants then. Eltros is right, only the chairman could afford this.)

I almost brought these mats to Aryl. She'd likely pass out from panicking so much.
It's evident how unusual that is from the chairman's reaction.

"...Please wait a bit. You are free to of course. I'd like you to purchase this one as well."

Eltros took another block of wyvern meat and put it on the table.
Bonuts was dumbfounded at this. I didn't overlook how his eyes were darting around too.

"...I get it. Aye, I get it. Why you barred me from probing the person who hunted this..."

Bonuts squeezed that word before putting the block of meat in his magic bag with vacant eyes.

"Paying with cash for all these items will prove difficult. As such, I must ask you to agree with a slightly unconventional means."

Eltros gave his OK. I wasn't so sure but I did ask Eltros to handle everything after all.

"Forgive me but could we continue in the afternoon. Do excuse me. I wish to process them right away. I will return in the afternoon. Until then..."

"Yes, I understand. No other merchants could handle those materials after all. However, do prepare yourself afternoon. Haha, I could have never imagined I would come to sympathize with you on this."

Eltros saw Bonuts off outside the mansion while half joking and half threatening.
Bonuts muttered with furrowed brows at that.

"I have no idea what you mean... All I know is that it will be hysterical..."

As I got the room to myself, I thought.

(If wyvern meat got him to fly off the handle like that, what'd his reaction gonna be like to intact wing membrane.)

I've still got plenty of wyvern materials left in my magic bag. I cannot say if not unleashing them all here is good or bad.
I'm getting a bit scared but it's not like carrying them around with me is gonna do me any good.






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