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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 435

435 Small Probability and Its Huge Influence


"Guess money circles the nation huh? But well, this makes things easy for sure. Just gotta remember to keep small changes with me."

"You're right. This card is indeed highly convenient and yet there may be places where it's not applicable. Just like how money circles the nation."

I felt something amiss with Eltros's reaction and stopped in the middle of the hallway to my room.

"Hey, do you know what that means? 'Money circles the nation'. How come you're familiar with that phrase anyway?"

That's it. It's a phrase that comes from Japan, it's not of this world.
The fact that Eltros knows it means something is at work. And that is.

"I came across a merchant peddling unusual wares once. That man caught my interest and I struck a conversation with him. During which he mentioned 'Money circles the nation'. It oddly left an impression on me."

There's no doubt about it. A Japanese person is connected to it. I'm convinced now. There are people other than me who have been reincarnated in this world.

"How was he like? What's his hair color? Eyes? Weren't they black?"

"No, he was a blond blue eyed man you can find anywhere. Is there something wrong?"

I believe humans who received blessings from the god of this world are all blond and blue eyed. They've also gotten their memories and personalities reset through the 'Purification'.
But with so many, perhaps some of them were reincarnated while carrying a part of their memories and knowledge intact?
There's also the existence of 'Hinomoto' country beyond the sea. A country shrouded in mystery with little known information regarding it.
'Katanas' exist there. This cinches it.
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(This western fantasy world's got 'Japanese Culture' mixed in... getting more and more fantasy-like...)

The more standarized the setting looks to be the bigger headache I'm getting.

"Ah... Then that means... I'm gonna get involved with it one of these days..."

Nothing I could do now that I know. I'm sure I'll get dragged into a mess surrounding it in a not so distant future.
I've just raised the event flag. Giving up is the only choice here.

"What seems to be the matter? You don't look so well..."

Eltros peered at my face, I told him 'nevermind'.

"You're free to go now, Eltros. Sorry for taking up your time. Go back to your work. I'll just make myself at home now."

I went back to my room and started groaning on my bed.

"This power means nothing if I can't stop all these incoming events. What's the point even, I'm powerless..."

As I sighed deeply, someone knocked on the door. It's Linda.

"May I have a bit of your time? I would like to give you the letter for my father."

I recalled how I promised her to deliver her letter to the federation and jumped out of my bed.

"These will be all from three of us. We would be grateful if you could deliver them. Um? When will you be departing?"

Staying here too long would make things awkward whenever I bump into these ladies.
Hence, I might as well say it.

"I'm leaving tomorrow. I'll make sure to get these letters to their recipients asap... They might drive me out due to my appearance though, you'll have to give up if that happens."

Thus I joked at my expense while reassuring Linda.






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